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Zianna walked into school, mid-conversation with Frank when suddenly Jamia ran over to the two of them “Frankie, can I talk to you about something please?”
“Umm, we were kinda talking.” Zianna pointed out.
Jamia simply rolled her eyes, grabbed Frank’s wrist and dragged him away from his best friend. Zianna felt a ping of jealousy and mentally slapped herself. She hated feeling jealous whenever Jamia was around but she couldn’t help it. Jamia and Frank had been dating for as long as she could remember. Zianna never used to mind but just recently Jamia had gotten extremely clingy! It felt like the only time she saw Frank was right before school or during lessons.
The bell rang and Zianna started walking to her form room. Suddenly someone tapped her on the shoulder. Zianna turned around and grinned. Behind her was her second best friend Mikey. Mikey hugged her and asked “Where’s Frankie?”
“Where do you think?” Zianna replied, raising her eye-brows.
Mikey simply laughed and the two of them continued walking to form “Are you okay? You always seem to get mad when Frank’s with Jamia.”
“Because I don’t like her, not anymore.” Zianna muttered, going a little red “She’s annoying. And so clingy!”
“You have a crush on Frankie!” Mikey teased in a sing-song voice “You have a crush on Frankie!”
“I do not!” Zianna snapped, shoving him “He’s my best friend. I don’t like him like that.”
“Ooh someone’s getting defensive!” Mikey laughed “Just admit it Zia. You totally have a crush on him.”
“Whatever Mikey, just whatever.” They both walked into their form room, expecting Frank to already be there. But he was nowhere to be found.
It didn’t really bother them though and they started up a new conversation about Batman. Both of them expected Frank to walk in late. They’d tease him for spending so much time with Jamia, all laugh about it and then they’d carry on with their conversation.
But Frank didn’t show up to Form at all. “We’ll probably see him in first lesson.” Mikey re-assured her “No need to worry about it.”
“Who says I’m worried? He probably just spent ages talking to Jamia.”
“I can see it all over your face. You’re worried about him because you fancy him!” Mikey giggled then ran off to his lesson before Zianna could hit him.
Zianna sighed. She usually spent first lesson on a Wednesday morning with Frank in triple History. It was no surprise to her that when she walked in, Frank wasn’t there. She took her usual seat at the front and stared into space.
Her History teacher babbled on, as usual, about nothing to do with the subject they were studying for the first half-an-hour of the lesson. Then he suddenly seemed to remember what his job was and started telling them all sorts of facts about Elizabeth the First.
Suddenly, after the first hour of the lesson had gone by, Frank walked into the room. He was looking down at the ground but Zianna could tell he’d been crying. He sat down next to Zianna and looked at the teacher. “Perhaps next time you could try and be on time for my lesson, right Mr.Iero?” Their History Teacher said gently but then didn’t say anything else about it.
Once they were set some work to do, Zianna looked at Frank and felt a little awkward “Hey Frankie, what’s happened?” Zianna asked.
Frank looked at her, took a deep breath and then said “Jamia just broke up with me.”
“What? Why?”
“I don’t know!” Frank cried, starting to sob again “She didn’t say why. Everything seemed fine last night. Did I do something wrong?”
“It’s not your fault, it’s hers.” Zianna told him “I never liked her anyway. She was really annoying and you should be glad to be rid of her Frank.”
“I can’t help it if I’m in love with her!”
“Frankie, you’re my best friend and I love you to bits and everything… But you don’t even know what being in love means yet. You’re only fifteen years old.”
Frank sniffed then smiled at her through her tears “How come you always know what to say to make me feel better?”
“Because I’m your best friend and I know you better than anybody.”
“Well that’s true.” Frank grinned “Anyway, tell me what we’ve gotta do.”
Zianna explained the work to him and they started straight away.

At lunch, they all sat in a small square in the dinner hall. Frank, Zianna, Mikey and Alicia. “You can’t sit there and be depressed all day.” Mikey told Frank.
Frank glared at him “I feel like being depressed all day. I feel like I’ll never laugh again.”
Suddenly there was a loud beeping noise coming from Zianna’s school bag “Umm… What’s that noise?” Alicia asked.
Zianna went bright red “Oh shit… That’s my rape alarm.”
“Your… Your what?” Mikey spluttered.
Zianna went even redder “It’s an alarm you carry round with a pin in it. If someone like goes to rape you, you pull out the pin and it starts beeping really loudly.” Zianna started digging around in her bag “I don’t understand why it’s going off now!”
“Oh my god, everyone’s staring at us!” Alicia giggled, going a little pink.
Zianna was now the colour of a strawberry. She’d found the actual rape alarm but not the pin that goes inside of it. She scrambled around in her bag but couldn’t find it anywhere. By now the entire hall was staring at them and the rape alarm was going off extremely loudly. Finally Zianna found the pin and shoved it inside the rape alarm, instantly shutting it up.
Their head teacher stopped at their table “Umm… Is everything okay?”
Zianna nodded, unable to say anything. Everyone around her was laughing. “Oh my god, thank you so much!” Frank managed to say.
Zianna looked at him “For what?”
“F-For m-making me… L-Laugh!” Frank managed to say, practically wetting himself with laughter.
Zianna simply smiled, still bright red in the face “You’re welcome!”

After school, Zianna went back to Frank’s house for the first time in ages. His parents were out so they had the entire house to themselves. “I’m glad you’re okay now.” Zianna told him “And I’m glad we’re finally hanging out.”
“It’s not like we’re doing anything special.” Frank reminded her “We’re only studying.”
“Well perhaps we could do something tomorrow night? We could go to the cinema or something.”
“I think I’m busy tomorrow night. How about Friday night? Friday’s are way better for hanging out and stuff.”
“Okay. We’ll decide on a film on the night.”
Frank nodded and the two went into his living room, falling back onto the sofa “So, what do you wanna study?”
“Well we have a Maths exam coming up soon.” Zianna said “Perhaps we’d better start there?”
Frank nodded and pulled out his revision book. Zianna pulled out hers too, wondering if she dared tell Frank what was on her mind. “Uhh Frankie… Could I possibly tell you something please?”
“Of course you can.” Frank smiled at her sweetly “You can tell me anything.”
“This is kinda… Well… It’s not exactly embarrassing… I just… You…” Zianna didn’t know how to put it so she just spat it out “The reason I got jealous of Jamia spending so much time with you was because I fancy you and I’ve fancied you for as long as I can remember but I always felt like I didn’t have the time for a relationship so I never acted on it but now I can’t really hide it any longer!”
There was silence. Zianna had spat out her words extremely fast and Frank sat back trying to process them all. “You have a crush on me?” Zianna nodded “Seriously? I thought you weren’t interested… That’s why I went off with Jamia.”
“B-But…” Zianna stared at him “If you like me and not her… Why were you so depressed when she dumped you?”
“Because I guess I kinda had feelings for her. My feelings for you are stronger though.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Like I said, I thought you weren’t interested.”
“But I am.”
“Well, I know that now.”
“So is it okay if I do this?” Zianna asked, leaning over and kissing him gently.
When they broke apart, Frank laughed “I’ve always wanted you to do that.”
Zianna giggled. Frank lay back on the sofa and Zianna leaned over him “I guess we’re not gonna get a lot of studying done.”
Frank smirked “Good.” He kissed her again.

[A/N] - I HAD to include the rape alarm part XD It actually happened to my friend yesterday, I nearly peed myself :')
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