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I'm SO sorry I haven't been uploading your stories! I haven't had time though. I know I've been updating my Orphan Re-Write but it seems kinda different... I update that as soon as I get on the internet which takes me about an hour and then I kinda just wanna go through Tumblr after that, ya know?

ANYWAY. Usually I start writing as soon as I get in from school 'cause I have all the information yew gave me saved on my computer but recently I am OBSESSED with playing Sims 2. I recently brought the game for £20 because I lost my other one then two weeks later found my old Sims 2 game -_- How annoying.

Also on Friday there will be no update because I'm going to an All Time Low concert XD

Hopefully I'll upload at least one by Saturday night...


Love Hozzie
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