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“Get out of my way you freak!” Jasmine snapped, shoving a year seven out of the way.
Gerard watched her as she walked away. His best friend Frank punched him on the arm playfully “You’ve gotta stop liking her so much. She’s never gonna like you back.”
“Thanks for those words of encouragement Frank.” Gerard replied sarcastically, walking in the direction of the dinner hall.
Frank followed him “I’m just saying! I’m guessing that if you tell her you like her then she’ll punch you in the face.”
“She pretty much leaves us alone.” Gerard pointed out “She’s never specified whether she likes or hates us. So perhaps I have a chance-“
“No.” Frank interrupted “We are at the bottom of the food chain Gerard. Jasmine is up at the top with the popular kids. Do you ever see a lion falling in love with a sheep?”
“I’m pretty sure that’s what the book Twilight is based on…”
“And that’s one of the shittiest books of all time.” Frank pointed out as they took a seat next to their friends Bob, Ray and Gerard’s little brother Mikey.
Ray looked at Frank “What are you two on about?”
“Twilight.” Gerard said quickly, going a little red. He’d only told Frank that he liked Jasmine and Frank’s re-action had been bad enough. He was in no hurry to see his friend’s re-actions.
His friends simply shrugged and continued eating their lunch, talking to each other about computer games.
Across the hall, Jasmine kept glancing over at them. Her best friend Kitty looked at her and laughed “What are you doing?”
“I’m thinking about talking to him.” Jasmine replied “Do you think I should?”
Kitty shrugged then said “Well… He’s a bit of a loser, isn’t he? He might bring down your reputation.”
“I’m not worried about my reputation.” Jasmine told her “If anyone starts messing with me, I’ll knock their teeth out. But I do really like him you know.”
“I think it’s a bad idea.” Kitty started turning away from her “But it’s your choice.” She turned around and started talking to her boyfriend Dylan.
Jasmine sighed heavily. Kitty may be her best friend but most of the time she was pretty useless. She just didn’t understand.
The bell for next lesson went and Jasmine grabbed her bag and went to Science. The only lesson she had with Gerard.
Both of them walked down the corridor at the same pace, standing right next to each other. Jasmine didn’t say a word and neither did Gerard. Not until one of Jasmine’s friends walked between them, shoved Gerard to the floor and ran off laughing.
Jasmine rolled her eyes and looked at Gerard who was avoiding having to look at her. She held out her hand to him. Gerard stared at her for a moment or two before deciding to take her hand. Jasmine helped him up and then said “I’m sorry he shoved you over.”
“Oh no, it’s fine, I’m used to it.” Gerard stammered, going bright red “Thanks though.”
“It’s no problem. I’ve actually been hoping to talk to you.” Jasmine went on smoothly “You’re really good at Science, aren’t you? Well I’m not doing so well and I was wondering if you could tutor me?”
“Oh… Uhh… Yeah, sure… If you wanted…” Gerard managed to say “What about today after school? You could come back to my place.”
“That sounds awesome.” Jasmine smiled “I’ll meet you at the back gates straight after school, okay?”
They’d reached their Science room. Gerard nodded then Jasmine added “But please don’t tell anyone. Nobody knows I’m failing science and I don’t want anyone thinking I’m stupid.”
“Don’t worry about it.” Gerard said as they walked in then he said quietly “My little brother Mikey will be there but he won’t tell anybody. Don’t worry.”
Jasmine smiled at him again, suddenly a little shy. She turned away and went to her seat at the back of the room. Gerard took his seat at the front of the room, not taking his mind off the fact that Jasmine was going to be at his house tonight.

“I don’t understand why you wanted me to tutor you.” Gerard admitted, looking through the work him and Jasmine had just done “You seem to know all of this stuff already.”
“Oh, you’re just a brilliant teacher!” Jasmine said, cursing at herself on the inside “Can we move onto something else?”
“Of course we can.” Gerard looked at her “Let’s move onto this. Why’d you really wanna come over to my house tonight?”
“For you to tutor me!”
“Jasmine, you’re doing brilliantly in Science.” Gerard said, looking down at the work in his hands “It’s clear from all of this that you are. You’re possibly better than I am. Why’d you come over?” A sudden thought hit him “You came over here just to make fun of me, didn’t you?”
“What do you mean?”
“I bet you go back to school and do nothing but bitch about me!” Gerard was suddenly furious “Bitch about the fact I have a bedroom in the basement, about how my Mom doesn’t work and she calls me ‘Gee Bear’ and all sorts of stuff! How could you do that to me?”
“I didn’t!” Jasmine yelled.
Gerard glared at her “Well no, not yet you haven’t. And I really thought that maybe you were a decent person unlike your stupid friends.”
“You wanna know why I came over?” Jasmine snapped “I came over because I have a huge crush on you but I didn’t know how to tell you! All my friends were saying I was stupid for liking you and I guess they were right. Because you and me are two different people.”
“No we’re not.” Gerard’s voice was suddenly softer “You’re just pretending we’re two different people.”
“Well so what if I am?” Jasmine asked, her voice wobbling “I can’t just tell the entire school I’m in love with a freak.”
“Oh, well, thank you.”
“You know what I mean!” Jasmine suddenly burst into tears and sat down on Gerard’s bed “Please don’t tell anyone I said all that stuff Gee.”
Gerard took a seat next to her “I won’t tell you if you won’t.”
“What do you-“ Gerard cut her off by planting a gentle kiss on her lips. It only lasted about three seconds but Jasmine loved every moment of it “Why did you do that?”
“Because I have a crush on you too.” Gerard admitted “I just didn’t know how to tell you because I didn’t think you thought I existed. And also, I told my friend I liked you and he told me that you’d punch me in the face…”
Jasmine laughed “So… What do you wanna do?”
“I really wanna be your boyfriend.” Gerard admitted “If you’re not ready for the school to find out then that’s fine with me. You could hang out with me after school and at the weekend.”
“That’s a nice offer.” Jasmine smiled sweetly at him “But I don’t want to hide you from my friends. If they don’t like it then that’s their problem.”
Gerard grinned “I love you Jasmine.”
“You… You what?”
“I love you.”
“Nobody’s ever said that to me before.” Jasmine told him “Apart from my family obviously but…”
“Well, I do love you.”
“I love you too.” Jasmine smiled at him.
They both smiled at each other for a long moment before Mikey walked downstairs. “Why are you guys grinning at each other like that?”
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