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All four guys left the stage and went backstage where a few of their friends were waiting. Lyn-z, Jamia and Aven. Lyn-z and Jamia were touring with the band anyway because Lyn-z was dating the lead singer Gerard and Jamia was dating the rhythm guitarist Frank. Ray’s girlfriend Christa hadn’t been able to come. Aven was just a friend of the band and they’d been playing in her town so she’d shown up to support them.

“So, what did you think?” Mikey asked Aven while Gerard and Frank got off with their girlfriends and Ray went to phone Christa.

Aven laughed and admitted “I only watched a few songs but you were amazing. Lyn-z and Jamia got bored of watching you play since they’ve watched you nearly every night and I didn’t feel like standing there by myself…”

“Fair enough.” Mikey grinned at her “Kinda sucks though because you’re only here for the one show.”

“I know. And I barely spoke to Lyn-z and Jamia because I was so shy!”

“You’re gonna have to get over your shyness at some point Ava.”

Suddenly Lyn-z shouted “Oh my god, since Aven’s only here for one night we should play a game or something!”

“Like what?” Mikey asked.

Lyn-z grinned an evil grin “Truth or dare.”

“Are you serious?” Frank asked “How old do you think we are?”

“Shut up, it’ll be fun!” Lyn-z squealed, grabbing an empty glass bottle and sitting cross-legged on the floor “Come on, sit in a circle!”

Ray said goodbye to his girlfriend and hung up the phone. Everyone sat obediently in a small circle. Aven sat in between Mikey and Ray then went bright red. Although everyone around her was her friend, she still felt extremely shy. Except around Mikey and that was only because they’d been best friends for ages.

Lyn-z span the bottle and it landed on Ray “Truth or dare?”

Ray sighed and rolled his eyes “What’s the point in this stupid game?”

“Don’t be such a spoilsport. Truth or fuckin’ dare?”

“Fine, truth.”

“Oh my god what a baby.” Lyn-z giggled “Okay then… Out of me, Aven and Jamia who would you most like to have sex with?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Come on, just answer it!”

He thought for a second “Aven.”

“What?” Aven squeaked “Why me?”

“If I chose Jamia or Lyn-z, Gerard or Frank would punch me in the face.”

“So if my boyfriend wouldn’t punch you in the face, you’d choose me?” Lyn-z asked with a small wink.

Ray snorted but didn’t answer the question “My turn to spin the bottle I believe.” Ray grabbed the bottle and it span round the group. It landed on Frank “Truth or dare?”

This went on for a while. Frank got off with Gerard. Lyn-z kissed Jamia. Jamia admitted to having a huge crush on Gerard when they first met the band. Aven sat there feeling relieved that the bottle hadn’t landed on her yet. She was still debating in her head whether to choose truth or dare. She didn’t want to have to kiss somebody but she also didn’t want to admit to something embarrassing either.

The bottle hadn’t landed on Mikey yet either but he didn’t really care whether it did or not.

Lyn-z spinned the bottle again. This time it landed on Aven and her heart started thumping so loudly inside her chest she was convinced everyone in the room could hear it. Lyn-z smiled “Truth or dare?”

Aven bit her lip and looked at Mikey. He shrugged his shoulders. Aven sighed heavily and whispered “Dare.”

“Alright. Pick one of the guys to take out of the room to give you seven minutes in heaven.” Lyn-z smirked.

Aven went bright red. Who was she supposed to pick? Not Gerard or Frank, Jamia or Lyn-z would probably go mental! Not Ray because she barely knew him. He was rather quiet and didn’t really speak to her. That only left one person but they’d been friends forever! “Mikey.” Aven muttered.

Mikey looked at her then stood up. He held out his hand to her and she took it. Mikey helped her up and took her out of the room. He smiled at her re-assuringly “No need to look so worried. I’m not gonna make you do anything.”

“Thank you!” Aven breathed, her cheeks returning to their normal colour.

“It’s alright.” Mikey looked at her “Why’d you pick me anyway?”

Aven told him why. He went slightly red “Oh, okay.”

“What is it?”

“It-It’s nothing…”

“Come on, you can tell me anything!”

Mikey’s cheeks went even redder “Well it’s just… I think that you’re really pretty. More than pretty. Beautiful in fact.”

Aven went red too “I’m not beautiful.”

Mikey placed his hand on her cheek “Of course you’re beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.” He looked her in the eyes “I’ve always thought you were beautiful, even when we were little kids.”

Aven smiled “Really? Thank you.”

“Aven… I really like you.”

“I really like you too.”

“No, more than friends.” Aven went extremely red when he said that. Mikey took his hand away from her cheek “I know you don’t feel the same way but-“

“What makes you think I don’t feel the same way?”

“Well… You’ve never shown any interest.”

“Neither have you until tonight.”

“I was too afraid to tell you.” Mikey admitted “Because I was so scared you wouldn’t feel the same way.”

“But I do feel the same way.” Aven told him, going extremely red.

“Really?” Aven nodded. Mikey kissed her forehead “So… Would you wanna be my girlfriend?” Aven nodded again. Mikey took her hands and smiled at her before giving her a quick kiss on the lips “Anyway… Would you wanna come with us for the rest of the tour? I’d really miss you if you weren’t there.”

“I’d love to.” Aven whispered, smiling sweetly at him.

Mikey smiled then suddenly Lyn-z yelled “Guys, seven minutes is over! Stop getting off with each other and get back in here!”

Aven giggled and Mikey kissed her cheek “I guess we’d better go back in.” Aven simply nodded and the two of them went back inside.

[A/N] – Sorry that I haven’t been updating many personalised stories but I’ve had massive writers block on these for ages. So Aven sorry to keep you waiting but here’s your one-shot!
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