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part 3

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The next time Patrick wakes up he is strapped to an examining table,his vision blurry even with his glasses."Glad to see that you are with us once again Patrick,sleep well?" Benzedrine asks this somewhere on his far right,his voice followed by a series of clicks and beeps."Uhh,yeah? It was nice I guess.But,may I ask you why I am like this? I don't bite you know." I chuckle nervously as beads of sweat form around my hairline.My vision gets clearer and I see him frown at whatever he's doing,research ,my mind reminds me,that's what he was going to do when he left you in there.

He looks up at me and smiles,creepily,again. He wheels his rolling chair towards me leasing with some of the wires hooked up to me."That's good.I made sure that Sandman gave you pleasant dreams,so you would not wake up screaming like you usually do.And to answer your question I am running several tests,and trust me,I know that you don't bite." He looks at me pointedly and rolls back over to where he was,writing something down and humming under his breath.I see him grab a syringe and flick it a few times,my eyes widen as I see him come near me with it."Uhm what..what exactly are these tests for?"

I manage to ask as he positions the needle at my vein in the junction of my elbow and forearm."Oh,just testing out some new formulas that I have recently created.This one with the correct amount of dowager should rid you of all phsyical pain,wont that be nice?" He then injects the serum,pains courses through my body like liquid fire,my back arches up as my face is pulled back in a inaudible scream.He smiles as he pulls the needle free,going back to that counter to record this."Soon your fingers and toes should start to numb,you'll need about five more doses I think before it will take full effect.So one every week along with the others,but I plan to finish this before I start tthe others,those are far more painful." He gives me a less creepy and more sympathetic smile as he gets up to put some things away."So wait,I'm basically your guinea pig? Does Sandman know about you doing this?" I look at him with a crazed expression on my face.He sits back down and frowns,his brows creasing."Well,I don't plan on treating you like an animal,and yes he does know he helps me.He brings innocent human beings like you to me and I turn them into monsters,like us." His predatory smile is back,great."Wait,so what you're telling me is that you guys aren't human? What are you?" Benzedrine looks at me again as I ask this,his face serious now."As I said,monsters,but a special kind.Like Sandman,he controls sleep,I'm nothing really but a psychotic doctor/scientist,but him and I fit perfectly together,almost like puzzle pieces." His faces faulters for a second but then he's smiling again.Why is he always so damn happy? I think to myself,well he definitely wasn't wrong about him being psychotic,now was he?
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