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part 4

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My mind wanders off to Pete,how is he? I don't think that I'll ever see him again sadly."The way you talk about you and him reminds me of Pete and I,makes me depressed really." My eyes tear up,Benzedrine frowns and walks over to me,undoing the straps that had been holding me down,I sit up rubbing my wrists confusion and relief flooding my face."I was expecting you to leave me like that overnight,but thank you."

I smile up at him as I hop down,but he's too busy messing wiht something.All of a sudden the door bursts open and a (quite small) hooded figure comes walking in,assuming that it is Sandman I try to get my heart rate to go back down after I was scared half to death."Sandman!Back so soon are we?Did you find anything?" he grins as Sandman walks towards him,dropping his cape along the way.My breath catches as I look at his face,he looks just like Pete,only without all the makeup and crazy getup."Hello Benz! And sadly no,I didnt.If I had I wouldnt be back so soon now would I?" he smiles as he hugs Benzedrine,trying to steal a kiss from him but Benzedrine stops him,"Sandman have you forgotten that we have company? Or are you really that oblivious?"

Benzedrine pulls away pointing at me and Sandman whips his head around to look at me.He walks over to me smiling,normally thank god and not like Benzedrine,although he does have a lot of teeth like Benzedrine said he does."Well well well,looks like we finally get to meet properly! You most likely know about me already from Benzedrine,he likes to talk about me a lot." he looks over his shoulder at Benzedrine smirking,Benzedrine pokes his tongue out at him and laughs.He looks back at me and smiles again,"Uh yeah? He's..he's told me about you.You probabely know who I am already ?" I ask him nervously,shaking his outstretched hand."Yep! You're Patrick Stump,and what looks like Benzedrines twin! Isn't that a coincidence?"

He laughs and walks over to Benzedrine again,hugging him and sneakily kissing him only to be pushed away again.Benzedrine chuckles as Sandman pouts and walks away with his shoulders hunched,"And to think I was actually starting to like Patrick! But no,he doesnt let me have kisses.You Benzedrine are one self conscious modest bastard,but that's why I love you." He smiles as he turns a corner and disappears,Benzedrine and I left in silence."Well then,I think that it is time to sleep.Come on,I'll take you to your room." He says this as he gets up and walks down the same corridor that Sandman had just disappeared in a few minutes ago."Okay," I get up and follow him,"but why do you treat me like this? Like you arent using me as a science experiment?" He stops and looks down at me,his mouth opens as if he is going to speak but then it shuts.

"Well,I like to make people feel comfortable when I'm not torturing them,for a better wording.So I give them a nice place to sleep,food and drinks,and if you'd like you could even go outside,but you have to go with one of us." We stop infront of a room with its door wide open,I look inside and see a full reincarnation of my bedroom."Whoa,how did you guys do this?" I walk in looking around,everything is here in the same places I had left them in,my acoustic is even here in the corner sitting on its stand.I look at all of the photos Pete and I had hung up,my stomach twisting up as I get homesick.

"We have been studying you a lot Patrick,and so we had decided that we would make this like your room.With everything in itsexact place,because we know how OCD you are." He chuckles as he moves to shut the door,I go and open up my dresser,all of my clothes inside."Sleep well Patrick." With that he closes and locks the door,I can hear his foot steps fade out as he exits this hallway and turns to the left,same way Sandman went.I sigh as I pick out clean boxers and a t-shirt,climbing into bed and feel sad at how empty my bed is without Pete.Soon my eyes drift shut and I'm dreaming,but these dreams are different.They are of my old life,or is this all one big dream that I just can't find a way out of?
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