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The Summer Where It All Began

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The hell on earth that was the dreaded Camp Aftermath was even worse than Gerard could have ever imagined. Donna Way parked the dusty, mud splattered car in the middle of an even muddier patch of grass, nestled in-between two ancient looking, gnarled oak trees, keeping her distance from the other parked vehicles. In the near distance you could just about make out a deep green, lush woodland of some kind, situated on a large grassy hill just past the wooden log cabins where the campers were expected to sleep. The shimmering deep blue lake that had been visible from the road was less than a quarter of a mile away from the main camp, a glittering, blue patch of water just about visible in the dimming light.
“Come on then boys, get out.” Donna smiles cheerily at her two music loving sons, one that in Gerard`s opinion was a little too happy looking, almost false. She gets out of the car and collects the luggage from the spacious, untidy boot, hauling out Mikey`s blue and red duffel bag and Gerard`s large Misfits backpack.
Groaning, wished that he was anywhere else on earth right now, anywhere. Back at his prison like school building in the middle of one of Mr. Burns boring as hell maths lessons, or even at a hospital about to get an injection. Anywhere but here.
The pale skinned, raven haired boy reluctantly clambers out of the warm car and into the cool evening air. Mikey had already snatched his bag out of his mother’s arms by the time he had even trudged over to where the two of the traitors were standing, their mother giving her eldest son a warning look. Sighing miserably without uttering a single word to her he grabs the backpack from her cloth covered arms and slings in lazily over one shoulder, before slowly making his way towards the damned camp.
Donna Way shakes her head sadly and turns to face her youngest son, pulling the brown haired, glasses wearing teen into a tight, warm hug.
“Now Mikey, you make sure to behave at this camp, do you hear me?” She warns sternly. “It cost us a lot of money to send you here, I don`t want that money to have been wasted.”
The nerdy bassist nods one, biting on his lip to keep from laughing. It wasn’t his fault; whenever he was being told of or was watching someone else being scolded he always felt the need to laugh.
The doting mother shakes her head again, glancing over Mikey`s shoulder to look at Gerard`s steadily disappearing figure in the distance. “And keep an eye on your brother, alright? OI know that he doesn’t want to be here, but I am certain that a summer away from home will do him good. It will give him a chance to mix with other kids with similar interests.”
Mikey just nods his head, going along with his mother, not entirely sure that she was right though. Gerard was well…Gerard didn`t exactly enjoy other human beings company, he was more of a solitary creature that lived for caffeine and black eyeliner. Sending him against his will to the camp may well have been the worst, badly thought out plan of the century.
“Bye Ma.” The youngest Way boy swiftly kisses his mother on her powered cheek, before quickly hurrying off in the direction of the campsite, eager to find out where he would be staying for the entirely of the summer.

“Hello.” A black haired, extremely pale young woman grins warmly at the two boys, showing of her perfectly straight white teeth, a silver Monroe piercing gleaming in the orange glow from the fire.
She had full, pouty red lips and was dressed exclusively in black, a lit cigarette held in-between her pale, slender fingers. Her sapphire blue eyes smiled brightly at the newest arrivals, two pale skinned boys.
“I`m Apollonia Iero and I run this camp.”
“It`s really nice to meet you.” Mikey says politely, nudging Gerard in the back to do the same.
The elder boy shrugs rudely, keeping his head slightly lowered so that his raven hair created a perfect curtain between him and the rest of the world. He kept eyeing up the lit cancer stick the woman had in her hand thought, enviously, craving the nicotine in it. As soon as the old meet and greet was over Gerard decided that he was going to go on the hunt for somewhere that sold cigarettes, he was dying for a smoke.
The young camp owner giggles and reaches into the pocket of her incredibly tight leather pants, and pulls out a single cigarette and offers it to him.
“I know a fellow smoker when I see `em.” Gerard narrows his unique, intelligent hazel green eyes at her coldly, ignoring her outstretched hand. “Here. Take it.” She offers him the cancer stick but he shakes his head, not wanting to accept anything from anyone here, especially the owner of this hell.
Apollonia shrugs, and places it back, her warm and welcoming smile still on her pretty young face, clearly not put off by the teen’s obvious rudeness.
“So I`m gonna show you guys around real quick, then I`ll let you settle down in your cabins and meet your camp mates.” The black haired eyeliner loving girl explains, leading the two, one of them extremely unwilling boys away from the bright, burning fire and down a wide, muddy path to the cafeteria.
“So breakfast is at nine till ten. You normally have lunch in you cabins or in one of the classes. Sometimes we even go out into the town and eat their or have a picnic by the lake.” She points with one black leather clad arm in the direction of the lake. “And Dinner is served at six till seven.” She carries on walking past the large building on the right and points out another two, same sized, stone ones that were opposite each other. One had a large sign reading “Girls” and the other “Boys” hanging above the large double doors.
“These are the camp bathrooms and shower facilities. Don’t worry though, the water is always warm and all of the cabins do have their own toilets.”She adds in, seeing the slightly worried looks on the boys pale faces.
Mikey nods, while Gerard continues to ignore the camp’s owner, trying and failing to untangle his IPod headphones.
“So here are the cabins.” Apollonia points at the hard to miss, large wooden cabins, each with a colourful hand written sign hung over the doors with odd names on like Nirvana, FoREVer, Wentz and Urie.
“The first summer this camp opened we let the kids chose the names. They mostly named them after bands or artists that inspired them. I thought it was a great idea so they kind of just stayed.” She explains and Mikey nods, thinking that it was the best idea ever. Gerard did as well, but he stayed silent.
“Is there a cabin named after Anthrax?” He asks excitedly, his elder, sceptical brother shaking his head, a small grin forming on the corner of his pale pink lips. His brother and his obsessions.
Apollonia nods, smiling widely. “Yep. I take it you’re a fan?”
He nods eagerly, and she laughs, checking a slightly crumpled up, long list of names and cabins that was held together in place on a black clipboard. “We have one bed space left there, you wanna-“
“Yes, fuck yes!” Mikey screams happily, Gerard was a little surprised that he wasn`t jumping around like a mad toddler on crack.
“And where would you like to stay…?”
Gerard remains silent, not giving her his name, glaring down at her bitterly. He felt bad, he didn`t mean to be horrible, but he didn`t want to be here. She seemed nice enough, but he just wanted to go home.
“That miserable fucker is Gerard.” Mikey informs her, glaring at him for being so rude and childish.
“Wherever. I don`t give a fuck.” He mutters softly.
“Well alright…” she mumbles to herself for a minute or so, checking her list before triumphing looking up at the vampire lookalike smiling. “How about the Misfits cabin Gerard?” she asks, seeing the bag slung carelessly over his shoulder.
Shrugging, as though he couldn’t care less he nods.
“Great well I`ll leave you two to go and meet the others. I have some stuff to take care of back at my cabin.” She points lazily to the biggest wooden building of them all. “Which is that one if yo ever need anything from me, please don`t hesitate to knock.”
She says goodbye then leaves the two brothers to say goodbye and make their way to their own cabins.
Excitedly Mikey rushes over to the wood building, a wide smile on his face that was really starting to hurt his pale cheeks. Gerard slowly trudges over to the Misfits cabin, his feet dragging on the muddy ground, regretting each tired step.
“Hey.” A black haired, fair skinned girl smiles up at Gerard shyly, her deep brown eyes wide as she looks up at him.
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