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As time changes people change

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They were just confused and surprised by this handsome boy`s behaviour.

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“I hate you guys so fucking much right now, you know that right?” the short yet somehow still intimidating front man glares up at his band mates, the people who Frank had always believed to be his closest friends.
“Frank…” The blackish blue haired girl sighs, running a hand through her shoulder length spiky locks. “We have been through this a hundred times. We are only doing this for your own good Frank.”
“Yeah, for once Benji is right.” Asher says, ignoring the bassist`s raised eyebrow at the “for once” part. “You are out of control man, all this drinking and drugs and shit ain`t good for you. And you constant partying and general asshole attitude is just gonna end up coming back to bite you in the ass.”
Ross nods, agreeing with the fair skinned, brown haired guitarist. “And it isn`t just about you anymore Frank, it is going to affect all of us, the while band. And we have all worked too hard to let ourselves fail now.”
“Whatever.” The black and red haired boy shrugs his shoulders, reaching for an already three quarter’s empty bottle of cheep booze, only to have it roughly snatched away from him. “
“Stop it, Frank. Can`t you see what you are doing to yourself, doing to all of us?!”
He raises one perfectly sculpted dark eyebrow, and shakes his head. “There ain`t nothing wrong with me guys, nothing. I`m a fucking rock star for fucks sake, if I wanna have a good time, then I`m gonna have a fucking amazing time!” he pushes past his three frustrated, concerned band mates, and storms out of the tour bus door, out into the muddy, grassy fields it was parked rather badly in.
“Camp Aftermath.” Frank reads the hand drawn, brightly coloured sign in a bored, uncaring tone. He glances bitterly around the fields, briefly looking at the sparkling lake in the distance, the wooden cabins and the trees that were just visible in the distance.
“More like Hell on Earth.”He mumbles to himself angrily, sighing deeply before reaching into the back pocket of his tighter than tight red jeans, searching for a cigarette needing something to help him calm down and compose himself.
“Frankie, I know you really don`t want to be here, but please just try and make some kind of effort, alright?” Benji, the band tee wearing, sole girl of the band asks him quietly.
Frank narrows his chocolate eyes that were outlined with smudged red eyeliner dangerously.
“Who knows, you might even end up liking it here.” She says, fiddling with her lip ring, knowing that she was really only kidding herself.
He snorts once, and fumbles with his black and red skull lighter, sighing with relief as he raises the lit cancer stick to his pouty mouth.
“Yeah right.” He say, exhaling the smoke into her slightly tanned, but most definitely not orange face.
“So we are going to go to our cabins now Frank, okay?” Ross tells Frank once he had finished his cigarette and the four had made their way away from the parked tour bus and into the main, empty part of the camp. The blazing fire from earlier had been extinguished and there was no one about, the loud sound of familiar rock songs blasting out of several brightly lit cabins that stood everywhere.
“Whatever.” He shrugs, taking out another cancer stick and fumbling with his favourite lighter once again.
“You are going to go to you cousin’s cabin now, right?” Benji raises one dark, plucked eyebrow at him, not sure whether to go with him or to trust him.
“Sure, sure.” Frank takes a long drag on the toxic cigarette. “Just go.”
Sharing similar looks of concern the other three young musicians’ wave goodbye to their troubled friend and make their way to their assigned cabin that they would be sharing, Black Flag.
Sighing moodily Frank stomps on the cigarette and slowly makes his way over to the largest, brightly lit cabin, the logos of many bands, both past and present swinging on flags hung from it.
He knocks on the blood coloured door sharply and waits, crossing his bare, tattooed arms as he waits for his cousin to answer.
“Hey Frank.” Apollonia smiles warmly at her younger cousin, and ushers him inside the messy, yet somehow homely and pleasant cabin. Posters covered the walls, including Black Veil Brides, Misfits, Green Day and Sum 41. A large glass and wooden table stood in the centre of the main living room, a slightly ajar door that Frank guessed either led into the bathroom or bedroom was on the far right, another on the left.
“Did you have a nice journey here?” She asks out of politeness, not liking the tense, uneasy silence.
The pale skinned, talented boy shrugs, and sits down, placing his converse clad feet up on the table, on top of old Kerrang! Magazines.
“It has been so long since we`ve seen each other. How are mum and dad?” Apollonia questions. She had always felt closer to her younger cousin’s parents than her own, homophobic ones and she had referred to them as “mum” and “dad” since she was a young, teenager.
“Dunno. Don`t talk to `em much.” He states bluntly, beginning to slowly chip away at the faded black polish on his bitten nails out of boredom.
“Oh. Well it is nice to see you again Frankie. If you need anything then please don`t hesitate to ask.” She forces a smile onto her red painted lips, though it goes to waste on the black and red haired singer.
“Shall I show you where you will be sleeping?”
He shakes his head. “I`ll stay on the bus thanks. I ain`t sharing a cabin with some bratty kids.”
Apollonia narrows her sapphire coloured, black rimmed eyes at him, growing a little irritated by his attitude. Where had her joyful, kind younger cousin gone? Who was this cold, rude tattooed boy in his place?
“Well you are welcome to stay with me in my cabin, I have an extra bed or we do have a spare bed in the-“
“No. I want to stay on the bus.”
She sighs, removing her black leather jacket, revealing a black Godfather vest top. “I am afraid that isn`t possible, it is to be taken away tomorrow for some repair work and cleaning.”
Frank glares up at the pale skinned girl who ran the camp and nods once reluctantly.
“I will stay here in you cabin then.” He states ungratefully, getting to his feet and dragging his large bags into the spare room which Apollonia was pointing to with one pale hand.
He pauses outside of the poster covered door, before turning to face the young woman again. “And erm…Thank you.” He mumbles, barely audible from across the spacious cabin.
The door slams shut behind him, leaving a confused, slightly surprised girl alone with her thoughts.

“I`m Skylar, that`s Aven and Aqua and Linnea.” The long black haired girl tells the raven haired, frowning boy, pointing at each of the girl campers in turn.
“Hi.” The three equally talented young people, all slightly different ages smile up at the newcomer welcomingly, but he ignores it and throws his tired, aching body down onto the spare bed, chucking his bag down on the wooden floor beside it, not bothering to say hello or unpack.
“Wow. Friendly or what?” the first girl says sarcastically to the other three, who nod and giggle quietly, but not unkindly. They were just confused and surprised by this handsome boy`s behaviour.
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