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chapter nine

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I wanted, no I needed to be important to Frank.

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Gerard`s pov
The drive to the rehearsal was slow and uneventful. With the stunningly beautiful Frank sitting next to me fiddling with the car radio every now and then, only inches away from me I was finding it more than a little difficult to concentrate on the road.
“Thanks again for picking me up today Gee. I`m sure one of the others would have or I could have just called a cab.”
I feel my abnormally white cheeks flush a light shade of pink as they often did around my so called friend and just nod. True he could have done but I wanted to be the one to help him out, I would do anything for the other man, even crawl on my bare belly over broken glass.
“It`s no problem Frankie.” I tell him, my little black heart leaping when he smiles at my use of his nickname, his stunning childlike eyes lighting up with joy. He was so cute when he smiled, not that he wasn`t always of course. The way his perfect full lips would curve upwards, the way his eyes would gleam with happiness. He was too beautiful, inside and out, body and soul.
“Hey Gee, listen!” he squeals with excitement as one of our newest songs from our latest album Danger Days comes on the radio, The only hope for me is you. While it may not seem like it, I had written the majority of the song about the short, fearless man sat next to me, who was currently singing along oblivious.
Remember me….Remember me…
I didn`t want for Frank to ever forget me, I didn`t want for me to one day just be another long lost friend that had once meant something to him. I wanted for the talented guitarist to always remember me, in the event I could never be with him. I wanted to have meant enough to him and to be worth remembering when he looked back on his life.
Can I be the only hope for you?
I wanted, no I needed to be important to Frank, I wanted to be needed, and I wanted him to want me in his life.
Because the only hope for me is you…
Because he had saved me, he had made me the person that I was today. Frank Iero had taken my once dreadful, self hating life and turned it around. He had made it worth living. I was one hundred percent certain that if the guitarist hadn’t entered my life all of those years ago, I wouldn`t still be here.

The brightly lit, busy studio car park was almost full, making it a very difficult task to park. Eventually after circling the grounds several times we had found a slightly too small parking space, as far away from the expensive looking building as you could be.
“Hey Guys!” My younger, equally pale, strange brother great us as we enter the rehearsal rooms, about ten minutes later after a long, tiring walk though the car park into the studio.
“Hey Mikes.” I smile and pull the thin, awkward man into a one armed hug, my eyes going wide when I see the pale, blonde man sat next to the `fro supporting guitarist.
“Bob!” Frank yells surprised, his pale, youthful face breaking out into a huge grin.
“It really is you!” The tall, sandy haired ex drummer smiles and nods, getting slowly to his feet.
He was dressed casually, in a pair of simple worn blue jeans and a Black Sabbath shirt that was a little big for him, his golden lip ring gleaming under the bright lights.
“Hey Gerard, Frank.” He hugs us briefly, his bright blue eyes dancing with amusement as he sees how shocked and happy we were to see him here.
“Hey, long time no see man!” Frank pats the taller man on the back, grabbing a guitar and begins to tune it, taking Bob`s seat.
“Yeah, well these two contacted me the other day and well here I am.”
“Well it`s good to see you Bobert.” I tell him meaning every word. We had all missed the ex drummer, he may have seemed serious and tough, but he was a really cool guy, with an incredibly good, warm heart.
“Anyways, I was just wondering if you would all like to go out to dinner tomorrow evening, say eightish?” Bob asks us, and we all nod happy to be spending some time with our old friend. “I`ll pay.”
I am about to protest but seeing the look in his eyes I stay silent.
“Sounds great, thanks.”
Bob smirks. “Don`t mention it Gerard. Don`t mention it.”
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