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chapter ten

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“That`s weird,"

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Frank`s pov
Shit. Hell. Fuck.
Why did I agree to go to dinner with everyone? Was I really that stupid? I sigh, probably.
I was stood shivering in my Batman boxers, searching frantically for clean clothes that were suitable. I know that it was only Mikey, Ray and Bob but I still wanted to look nice. And Gerard, I think groaning loudly as I pick up a slightly too tight tee shirt and jeans, holding them against my little body to see how it looked. Great, Gerard. My stomach flips anxiously as I tug the black material over my feet and up my pale, skinny legs, fumbling with the belt for a few seconds. I loved spending time with my crimson haired best friend and secret crush, but it was also a slow torture, being so close to him and yet not quite close enough. It was painful, excruciatingly painful.
Putting the fishing touches to my nearly shoulder length dark hair, idly wondering if I should get it cut shorter, I turn away from the full length mirror, and grab my shoes. Halfway through the epic, exhausting struggle of hopping around madly on one foot as I try to tug the left boot on, my phone rings.
“Hello?” I answer, trying to keep the slight irritation out of my voice as I hastily, messily tie the laces.
“Hey Frank. Listen I can`t make it tonight.” Ray coughs loudly. “I have this really sore throat and I don`t want any of you guys to catch it.”
“It`s cool, hope you feel better soon.” I tell him hanging up, feeling bad for my friend and fellow guitarist, though a little surprised because Ray rarely got sick. The last time had been near the end of The Black Parade tour, when we were all beginning to feel a little drained.

Gerard`s pov
“Yeah, sure Mikes.” I try to reassure my little brother that it was fine and that he needn’t worry. “Look you have to spend time with Alicia too, she`s your wife you know.”
“I know. But I just feel bad, missing the dinner and all.” He tells me sadly, which I ignore.
“Yeah but if she has this romantic evening planned for you then you`d be a fucking fool to miss out.”
I swear I can hear faint, choked laughter in the background, coming from Mikey’s end of the line but I think nothing of it, thinking it was the television or something.
“Yeah, you’re right Gee. Tell the others I`m sorry I can`t make the dinner.”
I smile, even though he can`t see it. “I will. And don`t worry, they`ll understand.”
I can hear the smile in his voice, “Oh I know they will.” He said oddly, before quickly ending the phone call without so much as a goodbye, confusing me a bit.
I glance at the clock on my phone anxiously, my stomach knotting itself even tighter as i realise that it was time to leave for the fancy, expensive restaurant Bob had booked for us. It was a big shame that Mikey couldn`t make it, he and I rarely were apart, but he had made a commitment to Alicia to be there.

Bob`s pov.
“Did you tell them?” I ask the fro supporting guitarist and the awkward bassist the second they enter the room, not giving them a chance to sit down on the leather sofa.
“Yep.” Ray nods his head, dark curls bouncing madly.
“Yeah, Gee said that you guys would understand it I couldn`t make it.” Mikey laughs and the other two men join in.
“Oh it is such a shame Mikey,” The ex drummer clutches his hand to his heart, feigning deep sorrow, “But I think our Dear Gee and Frankie would much prefer to be on their own tonight.” He giggles, causing another wild round of unstoppable laughter.

Frank`s pov
I enter the fancy building exactly on time, searching for the others in the large, busy room. I scan packed table after table, but not once do I spot a familiar face.
“Hello sir. Do you have reservations?” A young, teenage waiter asks me politely and I nod, trying to hide my confusion as to why the others were not here yet.
“Yes my friends booked a table yesterday for five, under the name Bryar.” I tell him, then remember that Ray was sick. “But one of us was unable to make it.”
He nods a faint smirk forming on the corner of his thin pierced lip. “Right this way then sir.” He leads me across the packed room and through a grand wooden door to the back room, which was empty.
“Please have a seat sir.” He directs me to a table near a window that had a lovely view of a lake where some water birds were swimming merrily.
“I am afraid that I have some bad news.” The young man begins. “Mr. Bryar is currently stuck in traffic but he assures me that he will try his very best to get here.”
He walks off and comes back a few minutes alter with a very familiar, angelic face.
“Gerard!” I smile happy to no longer be on my own, but the knot in my stomach worsens a little as I see how amazing he looks as he sits down opposite me.
“Ray can`t make it.” I tell him, and he frowns. “He is ill.” I explain to the bright haired singer. “And Bob is stuck in traffic but he says he is trying to get here.”
“That`s weird, Mikey can`t make it either.” Gerard tells me, his frown deepening as he stares at me from across the table, which was lit by a single romantic looking candle…
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