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Chapter 36

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Bit of gossip between Frank and Phin. Bit of a filler - sorry!

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Hello people! Sorry this is kinda short. I was majorly stressed from revising and needed to write something. Bit of drabble really, but I enjoyed writing it so...! Hope you enjoy reading it!

And to LePanicFan - I love what you said about Bob being a crazy stalker! Really made me laugh!


>Frank's POV<

I woke up in the morning (feeling like P Diddy. Sorry. Don't even ask) aching slightly, but feeling perfectly calm and incredibly happy. My limbs were still tangled around Gerard, who was curled up next to me, his dark hair spilling over his face. He was sleeping with his lips open slightly, and was breathing deeply, his dark lashes settled on his cheeks. I smiled to myself; he just looked so cute like that, and I was happy to lay by his side in this state of bliss forever.

As I became more concious however, that thought soon changed. My stomach was rumbling slightly, demanding to be fed. I was also lying in a sticky pile of bodily fluids, my mouth tasted like the bottom of a bird cage and I stunk. I sighed and closed my eyes for a few more calm moments, before pulling away from Gerard and getting out of bed - careful not to wake my boyfriend in the process.

There was an ensuite bathroom (of course) and I gratefully climbed into the shower, immersing myself in steamy water. The dirt and sweat being rinsed off felt amazing. Not as good as last night admittedly, but then, that was sex - this was taking a shower. The two didn't really compare.

As I basked in the heat of the water, I thought about that. Shamefully, there had been some nights in my past when the shower had been more enjoyable than the actual deed. But then, when I was going around sleeping with anything and everything with two legs, sex for me was a way to escape from the horrors that haunted my mind. It was to prove myself almost - to prove to myself that I was stronger than the demons that ripped me apart. I enjoyed the sex too, but it had never been so much about the pleasure as the act. Even I didn't entirely know why I did it.

Last night had been comletely different though. It had all been about the pleasure - but not even mine. I'd loved every second of it, but somehow, the fact that Gerard had enjoyed it was even more important to me. It had been the gentlest, most loving sex I'd had in goodness only knows how long. And the first time I'd had a buzz the following morning in an equal amount of time. I smiled at the thought, and stepped out of the shower. There were towels in there, but my clothes were still in the bedroom.

I ran quietly across the room, grabbed them and darted back in, careful not to wake Gerard. I got dressed, wrinkling my nose slightly at the musty smell. Why did it never occur to me to bring a spare change of clothes? I'm just that intelligent, I guess. Again as quietly as possible, I crept across the bedroom and went downstairs, wondering if anyone else was up.

I couldn't hear any music as I walked down the stairs, and as it was a habit we all shared to turn something on the second we woke up, I guessed that I was the first to wake. Either that, or no one else had bothered to leave their rooms. I smirked slightly at the thought of what my friends could be doing behind wooden doors and brick walls.

When I walked into the kitchen, I was slightly surprised to see Phin perched on the table, a bowl of cereal in front of her, and a magazine that she was flickling idly through. She looked up at me when I walked in and smiled knowingly. I raised an eyebrow in response - I was willing to bet good money that she hadn't been angelic last night.

I helped myself to a cup of coffee from the machine, and grabbed some cereal from the cupboard where it lived. I poured myself a bowl then sat in front of Phin on the table.

"Grab me a cup?" She asked, glancing up at me from her magazine for a second. I grinned and shook my head, taking a bite of cereal. "Oh fuck you!" She shoved me gently, before climbing off and letting the aroma of coffee fill the air as she poured herself a mug of the bitter liquid. "So..." Phin climbed back on the table and resumed glaring at me. "You'll sleep in my house, fuck someone in one of my beds, eat my cereal and drink my coffee, but won't pour me a Goddamn cup?"

"Sounds about right!" I replied cheerfully.

Phin rolled her eyes. "Great... you know what you owe me now..." She smirked at me. I just blinked cluelessly. "You and Gerard fuck last night?"

"Well done." I said sarcastically.

"Was it Gerard's first time?" She leaned forward eagerly. Oh - she wanted 'details'. What was it with girls and having an obsession with other people's business? Especially their sex lives.

"I'm not telling unless you do." I replied. Ok, I wasn't much better. Phin bit her lip, smiling slightly. Then she leaned over to the stereo and turned it on softly, but loud enough to drown our voices out in the hallway.

I smirked slightly, then leaning forward said; "Yeah, first time with a guy." I frowned in thought, wondering what I wanted to know about Phin. "How many times d'you do it with Andy last night?"

At my question the girl flushed slightly, but answered without hesitation anyway. "Like, four."

"Only?" I smirked.

"Shut up." Phin responded, pushing me again. "We're not usually that bad, but fuck only knows what that club put in their drinks 'cos I was bloody horny last night!"

"Same actually." I mused, picking at my chin. Not that I regretted anything.

"So did you enjoy it?" She asked leaning forward, with an annoying little grin on her face.

I looked at her, shocked. "Of course I did! What sort of question is that?"

"Ok, ok - I worded that wrong!" Phin held up her hands defensively. "What I meant was; you enjoyed it more than you did on your random one night stands?"

"Yeah... I mean obviously." I shrugged. "It sounds cheesey, but it's nice you know - when you actually love the person."

"Yeah," Phin said quietly, hugging her coffee mug close. "It is."

"It wasn't the best sex I've ever had, but I enjoyed it the most."

"What," She looked up at me through her bangs, a teasing glint in her eye. "More than with me?" I chuckled at her question. "So tell me, what it the best sex you've ever had?"

I rolled my eyes, but began filling her in on details as we chatted away about general shit for the next few hours. We hadn't really spoken like this for ages, too busy wrapped up in the drama of our own lives.

"Did you see Jared last night by the way?" She asked, a small giggle escaping her lips.

"No - what was he doing?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary," Phin smirked. "It was who he was doing it with."

"Oh just spill!" I ignored the fact that I sounded like a girl.

"I saw him dancing, and later leaving the club with Lena!"

"Lena? I thought she hated him!"

"No way - she's fancied him from day one!"

"Well, he is gorgeous I guess. I'd date him if not for the whole fact he doesn't date." I shrugged, thinking about the taller boy.

"Ditto, but I'm kinda with Andy. But then, you could be married with kids and still think Jared's gorgeous! He's just one of those types." Phin grinned. "Actually - I think he was wearing a skirt last night."

"Really?" I laughed. "He never struck as being a transvestite!"

"Niether... What do you think he's gonna do with Lena now though? I mean, she knows him well enough to realise that sleep around is all he ever does, but it could be kinda awkward - them being friends and all."

"They'll probably just deny it ever happened." I mused. "But Jared in a skirt?!" I snorted. "I really can't picture that!"

"He looked quite good in it actually!" Phin laughed.

"Really? God - I didn't realise you were attracted to the transgender sort! Mind you, you are dating Andy!"

"Shut up!" She shoved me, but was laughing at my insult, so I knew I was forgiven.

"What am I?" A deep, quiet voice came from the kitchen door, and we both turned to see Andy standing there, wearing only a pair of sweat pants and his long, dark hair.

"Transgender!" I said, before Phin could her hand over my mouth.

"Okaaaay," he said slowly. "Strange, I never even noticed!" Phin snorted as her boyfriend headed over to the coffee maker. "And by the way, why are you listening to Queen?"

Me and Phin both paused for a moment, letting a few notes of the Bohemian Rhapsody escape her speakers.

"I like Queen." She shrugged. Andy just let out a grouchy sort of moan. His girlfriend raised an eyebrow at me, I guessed that she was also wondering how much of our conversation he had heard. The guy wasn't usually this irritable.

"Why d'you come down anyway?" He questionned Phin.

"Couldn't sleep. Of all nights to suddenly become an insomniac!" She pouted in reply. Then, as Andy leaned on the table next to her, she leaned forward and whispered something in his ear that made him flush and perk up slightly. Well, more than slightly. I just watched the whole scene unfold, vaguely amused.

"So where's everyone else?" The older boy asked.

"Still asleep I'm guessing." I shrugged. "Gerard was when I left, and fuck only knows what Lissa and Bob are up to."

"How many times d'you think they fucked last night then?" Andy asked, immediately joining on mine and Phin's gossiping.

"You know what, I have no idea!" She laughed. "Lissa's not exactly the... sexiest? No - she looked fucking amazing last night... what's the word I'm looking for?"

"She doesn't have sex a lot, you mean?" Andy suggested.

"Yeah, she's not a slut, like us, or Jared or whatever - do you know what I mean? And Bob's always wrapped up in his weed." Phin said.

"But then, we've already come to the conclusion that the club put some sort of aphrodisiac in the drinks." I added.

Andy laughed. "You might be right about that. I dunno - I reckon Bob got it a few times last night! Speaking of which - you fuck Gerard last night?" He turned to me.

"What is it with people having an obsession with my sex life?" I threw my arms up in despair, making the couple laugh.

"Uhhh, Frank - we were just discussing Lissa and Bob's!" Phin put in.

"Yeah - but they're not here!" I protested.

"And that makes it better?"

"Well.. Less embarrassing!"

"You are so strange Frank." Andy told me.


There was an awkward silence, which Phin, thankfully, broke. "How many of our gang did you guys see last night by the way? We lost Amy and Lee when we went it, and I saw Jared, Lena and Ollie a bit later, but no one was really paying much attention to eachother."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Andy frowned, as though thinking hard. "I think I saw Jared too - wasn't he wearing a skirt?"

"Yep!" The girl grinned and I laughed.

"Apparently it suited him." I told Andy, who looked at his girlfriend, slightly surprised.

"What?!" She threw her hands up. "It did! And fuck it - I need more coffee!"

"She's crazy..." I said.

Phin obviously heard as she started going "Buzz, buzz, buzz - I'm a bumblebee!" I glanced at Andy, wide-eyed, who looked just as disturbed as I felt.

"Do you think we should call St Martin's?" That was the local mental insitute.

"It might be an idea." He nodded slowly.

"But then how will we have sex?" The girl whose sanity we were questioning asked, launching herself into Andy's lap.

"Good point." He nodded, and I rolled my eyes, laughing at their antics.

"Annnnyyywaaaaay... Who else did you see?" She asked, returning us to our earlier conversation.

I thought about. Really, I had been pretty focused on Gerard, aiming to get him just as horny as me, and show him off a little. Well, I had a cute boyfriend - I was allowed to. I grinned slightly at the memory of last night; it really had been great. But I don't remember seeing anyone there other than Gerard after the eight of us split at the entrance.

"I didn't see anyone. If I did, I don't remember." I told Phin, who nodded.

"I think I saw Ollie making out with some girl, but definitely saw Kyle. I dunno who he was with though." Andy shrugged, apparently not fussed.

"Did I tell you?" His girlasked. "I saw Jared and Lena leave together!" She informed him, happy with her tibbit of gossip.

"Really?" The boy replied apparently amazed. "I never saw them two together."

"Well, you know Jared - it was probably just a one night thing." I put in.

"True." He nodded.

"Actually guys..." We both looked at Phin, who was chewing her bottom lip. "I know I've been shooting my mouth off about it, but I don't think that we should spread the news too far. I mean - it's kinda a bitchy thing to do, and I wouldn't like it if I was either of them."

"Fair enough." I nodded. "But you're gonna ask one of them what happened?"

"Of course!" She replied in a mock outraged voice.

"And share with us?" I pressed.

"We'll see." I rolled my eyes.

The conversation continued for another half hour, the girl contributing less and less as it progressed. God - how many times can you use the syllable 'con' in a sentence? I guessed that her lack of sleep was beginning to affect her as her lids were drooping and she was spent ages just staring into nothingness. Eventually, Phin closed her eyes and rested her head on Andy's shoulder, apparently ready to sleep there and then.

"You ok, baby?" Her pillow asked, cupping her chin with one hand, and gazing down at her.

"Yeah - fine. Just tired." she replied, yawning. "I'mma go back to bed."

"Come on then." Andy stood, and gently pulled hs girlfriend off the table. It was quite funny really - they were both bare footed and Phin barely reached his shouder.

"I'm not having sex." She warned, and we both laughed.

"I didn't say we were going to." He smiled. "See ya Frank."

"'Night," I glanced at the clock. "Afternoon actually, but ya know."

Phin snorted. "See you later,"

I watched Andy lead her up the stairs, the girl apparently on the verge of collapsing. The two of them really were cute. Although from behind, if not for the height difference, it would be pretty hard to tell the two apart. Mind you - I wasn't that much taller than Phin. Probably a result of the amount of fags we smoked. And why the fuck do they call both cigarretts and gay guys that? What's the connection?

Giggling to myself, I followed them upstairs, heading to the room where I had spent last night with Gerard. Walking through the door, I discovered that he was still curled up in bed, breathing deeply and peacefully. I shed my clothes down to my boxers, and climbed under the sheets next to him, ignoring the mess I was lying in. It was all dry now, so atleast it didn't stick, but then, it still smelt of sweat pretty badly. I disregarded all of this though as I climbed in next to my boyfriend, and just lay awake staring at him, and replaying last night.

I felt kinda pervy doing so, but then I loved the guy - I was allowed to have dirty fantasies. I didn't think of anything too perverse, but that was mainly because I wanted Gerard to wake up nicely and more to the point, I really could not be bothered to jack off.

He woke up soon enough, slipping slowly back into consciousness. The first sign that he was awake was the fact that he moved to scratch his nose, before burrowing deeper into the covers. I couldn't help but smile at how innocent he looked, as he became minutely more aware of his surroundings. The smile grew when he murmured my name before his lids even fluttered.

"Fraaank?" Gerard drawled softly, hands inching forward as though searching for me.

I shuffled closer, and wrapped my arms round his shoulders. "What is it?" I whispered back.

"Nothing - just making sure you're here."

I laughed a little at that. "Where else would I be?" I asked, feeling a little guilty for leaving at all. Oh well; I'd gotten back on time.

"I dunno." His eyelids twitched a few times, before opening slowly. Those hazel eyes latched on to mine, and a crooked, sleepy smile crossed Gerard's features. I felt an almost overwhelming urge to just kiss him, and hold him, and bury myself inside him for the rest of my life.

It was probably a bit early for that though - especially with last night being his first time - so I settled for leaning forward and pressing our lips together. They locked and we spent the next few minutes silently twisting them round eachother's.

"Morning," I finally said when I pulled back.

"Morn'," Gerard pushed his arms above his head and stretched his long, lean body like a cat. "What time is it?"

"No idea. I think it's actually the afternoon though."


At loss for anything to say, I kissed him again, and this time, his arms snaked round my body. My desire to be in control took over though, and I rolled over so I was on top of him - in the dominant position. He growled slightly at this, and I bit his lip gently - keeping him in line. Our mouths opened and our spit was mixed as our tongues tangled. It was amazing really; how easy it was just to get lost in the sensation of our mouths working together, our bare chests pressed togthers, and his dick pressing on my thigh (sometimes I hated being short). I could stay lost like this forever, and remain happy for all eternity.

Unfortunately, our body had other needs; oxygen for starters. We broke apart, both gasping slightly for air. I stayed laying on top of Gerard, but snuggled down his naked body slightly, so my head could rest on his shoulder.

"Did you enjoy last night?" I asked tentatively.

There was a small pause, before Gerard murmured "Best night of my life." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Good. I'm glad."

"Yeah - my back is killing me now though." His voice was teasing but I still bit my lip in worry. Then I had an idea.

"Roll over." I instructed, climbing off of him. He looked at me kinda shocked and I rolled my eys as I realised what he had made or my order. Mind you, if someone said that to me, I'd probably think the same thing. "Just do it.

With a slightly amused look on his face, Gerard obeyed me so he was face down on the bed. I put my hands on his lower back and began to knead it softly. This wasn't exactly something I did often, but when I did, I loved how the person would just melt under my hands. Gerard was no exception.

"That's amazing Frankie." He told me happily. Actually, smugly was slightly more accurate. I slapped his butt lightly, and he tensed again. I chuckled and resumed my previous hand actions.

What d'ya think? You know the drill by now surely! Sorry it's so short again, but I kinda felt that this chapter was needed before I could take the story any further!

And thanks to those who answered the questions - it was interesting reading your opinions on the various shit I asked! And in case you were wondering why I asked about hating on Beiber fans, my best mate loves him (don't ask) and it's hard to tell who gets more shit about their music taste - me or her. I suppose at least she doesn't get people asking her is she slits her wrists... 0_0 Grrrrr

Oh and by the way, has anyone else noticed that Jared Leto does actually go around wearing skirts... A LOT?

AAAANNNYWAAY - another question. And first person who answers this right'll get, I dunno a suggestion for the storyline, or a character or cookies or something. Basically, I want people to answer, but have no idea how to persuade you to... and doing a bit of fishing for ideas... O.O Whatever. Ok, this one of my favourite lyrics, from my favourite song, by one of my favourite bands...

Standing still when it's do or die
You better run for your fucking life!

Needless to say, fans of this artist will have an advantage but I'm really interested to see who knows it! Should be interesting... ;)

Either way - R&R my beauties and see you soon with any luck!


PS - Just looked at the word count, and apparently this isn't as short as I thought it was... whoops! XD
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