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Chapter 37

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More drama and Frank faces up to some of his demons.

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Helllllooooo guys! I have nothing to say right about now other than it's nearly Holby City time!!! Anyone else watch it?

And fuck - me and my mate managed to get through about 300 grams of cereal in just an hour! That cannot be healthy! And I'm really fat at the moment which sucks, but hey-ho!

I don't really like how this chapter turned out. It's not overly fluffly or anything, but I think it's kinda cliche... You've been warned! Hope you enjoy anyway!


>Gerard's POV<

"Come on Frank." I muttered shaking him as roughly as I dared. My boyfriend had woken me up about a minute ago, by twitching and muttering his sleep. I was now trying desperately to wake him up, but it seemed that despite his talking and movements, Frank was out cold. "Come on, please wake up. Frank!" I half shouted the last word. Thankfully this made him wake up, but so violently that he fell out of bed and into a pile on the floor. I crawled across the mattress to check if he was alright, only to have him spring up again, and back away from me, a wild look in his eye. I looked at him cautiously as his chest heaved and he stared right back, confused and scared.

"Are you ok?" I asked, sitting back on my heels and still looking at my boyfriend. He appeared more vunerable and ill at ease than I'd ever seen him before - hell, he was literally shaking!

Frank stared at me, wide eyed, for a few seconds before nodding slowly. He walked back across the room and sat down on the bed, still shaking. I wrapped my arms around him and felt him tense.

"Please, just get off of me for a second." He whispered, body still as rigid as ice. I obliged and backed away a little, to give him space. I'd guessed he was dreaming about his attack, and could understand why he didn't want anyone too close to him.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, me watching Frank as he just stared into space. During that time, he calmed down a bit - his breathing becoming slower, and the shaking stopping. After a while he shuffled over the bed towards me and leaned against me. I wrapped my arms back around him, and kissed the black top of his head.

"I'm sorry," He whispered against my shoulder.

"It's ok," I stroked his side - trying to be comforting, but it just made him shiver. "I don't mind. I'll do anything you want - I only wanna help, ok?"

"Thank you. I'm sorry I'm so pathetic though."

"You gotta stop saying that," I said, pulling back so I could look Frank in the eye. "What you went through was terrible, no one should have to endure that. I wouldn't be able to cope. You're not pathetic - you're strong if anything."

"I'm not, I'm really not." He whispered. "Look, just stay with me, ok? I'll be fine."

"I'm not going anywhere." I reassured him. His arms wrapped round my waist and he hugged me tight. He pushed his face into my neck, half on my lap. The next quater of an hour or so was spent in complete silence. I wished that I could help Frank as he faced his demons, but then, I suppose just being there was helping in some ways. Just showing the guy that he had someone to depend on. After all, what I said was true - I wasn't going anywhere.

"What time is it?" He asked at last, looking up. I was sad, but not surprised to see tear tracks on his skin.

I glanced at the clock behind his head. "Ten past seven." Frank nodded.

"We should start getting ready. For school, I mean."


He slid off my lap, and walked over to his closet. I sat there for a few seconds longer, then walked out of Frank's room in to my own. I wasn't entirely sure that leaving him on his own was the best idea - even if it was for only a few minutes. But I didn't really have a choice.

It was Thursday morning, the week after we'd had sex for the first time. We hadn't done so again since, but we'd come close a few times. I wouldn't have minded having sex - infact, I would have loved it - but I wasn't fussed that we weren't fucking continually. I think Frank felt the same way. We were always sleeping in eachother's beds though, and continually exchanging hand and blowjobs. Somehow, we'd become even closer than we had been before, and every day I fell a little bit more for the younger boy. All of my fears about him cheating on me, or using me had disappeared. Really, I was the happiest I had been in years.

Ok, so I still missed my parents and Mikey, but I was dealing with it. I had no idea what was going to happen in terms of Jersey versus California, but I sure as hell wasn't going back to my home state anytime soon. I was too happy here.

I got dressed quickly, and went back downstair to fix myself some coffee. Frank joined me soon enough, dressed all in black and his usual bouncy self. It was obvious he had cheered up quite a bit as the first thing he did when he came in the kitchen was grab me and press our mouths together. We spent a few minutes just standing there, making out and grabbing at eachother's bodies. Long enough in fact, that we ended up being late to school because of it.

When we finally got there, Frank pulled me in for one last kiss before we went our seperate ways. I felt myself flush as the smaller boy walked away; the hallway was still busy and all eyes were on me. I ducked my head and walked into my homeroom.


All through the rest of the day, people were whispering behind their hands and staring at me. I felt more than a little uncomfortable, and tried to go around with Bob or someone as much as possible. It caught up with me eventually though.

Just before lunch, I had English - one of the few lessons I had without one of my friends. Unfortunately, it was also one of the lessons I had with some of the people who hated me. The few months I'd been in California had been enough to make a few enemies. Admittedly, not half as many as I'd had back in New Jersey, but enough. You can guess what happened.

"Hey, faggot."

Awww shit. It was funny really. Back home, those words would have terrified me, as I anticipated a beating. It wasn't like it was something that every day or anything, but I knew well enough that those words - or ones to that effect - resulted in me going home with a messed up face. And it scared me shitless.

Now I turned around. I wasn't exactly looking forward to this, but I wasn't quaking in my boots either. I kinda figured that this was gonna happen either way; why give them the reaction they wanted? Apparently, I'd become a lot braver since living in Jersey.

"What do you want?" I asked, keeping my voice calm. Part of my brain - a more intelligent part probably - was screaming at me to just leg it. Get outside. Find one of your friends. Cower behind them.

I didn't though. I just stood there.

"We saw you kissing that Iero kid this morning." One of the boys growled. There were four of them, and a blonde girl who was nervously hanging on to her boyfriend's hand. All of the boys were muscled and three had tattoos on there forearms and they were definitely not people who you wanted to meet on a dark night out.

"It's sick!" Another boy spat.

"Can ya not just keep it priva'e?" The girl drawled. Apparently, she wasn't the brainless bimbo that I'd assumed; she was in on this aswell.

"It don't ma'er," The guy holding her hand reassured her. "Fags like tha' get what's comin' to 'em."

"Or you could just leave us alone?" I suggested, knowing full well that it was never gonna happen.

"No chance." One grinned. Another grabbed me by my arm and pulled me into an empty classroom. I struggled under his grip, but surprise, surprise, he was a hell of a lot stronger then me. I was yelling too, but he soon put a stop to that by punching my jaw - hard. My head cracked to the side, and my hand automatically came up to massage the aching joint.

The girl locked the door to the classroom and the boys immediately began to kick the living shit out of me. I screamed, half from the pain, half to try and attract attention, to try and get someone, anyone to come and help. But, as ever, nobody came. The group wasn't stupid enough to attack someone where they were likey to get caught.

One of the boys was holding my arms behind my back; twisting it painfully and holding me in place under the torrent of fists directed at my face, shoulders, chest, arms, stomach - anywhere in reach for the other three.

Eventually, he dropped me, and I say 'dropped' because I immediately fell to the floor of the classroom, only for trainers and boots to come flying at my face. I writhed in pain, and curled up in a ball on the floor to try and shield my face and stomach. The screaming had stopped a while ago; I'd figured that it wasn't really any use. They got bored after a while of course, and I heard the thump of their boots as the boys walked out of the classroom. I uncurled tentatively, only to for a sharp pain to stab through my stomach as a pointed purple boot toe collided with it. I gasped at that - she'd hit me right in the diaphragm and shit did it hurt. The whole ordeal had, but that just added insult to the injury. As though feeding off this, the girl kicked me again.

"You dare tell your stuck up bastard friends it was us, next time it'll be ten times worse. You get me?" She kicked me one last time and walked out with a "See you wooster!"

I just lay there - having no energy to move, and not really caring what happened now. Every muscle ached, and I dreaded to think what I looked like. I could taste blood in my mouth, and doubted that it was the only place I was bleeding. Everything just hurt too fucking much to be able to tell though.

I sighed, and winced as even that small movement sent pain shooting through me. I wanted to go outside, to talk to my friend, and to be help by my boyfriend, who'd kiss me and tell me that everything is ok. I couldn't though - even the tiniest movement hurt, and I seemed to have become paralysed during the attack. Actually, it wasn't quite like that. I could have moved if I had the energy. But I didn't. So I couldn't move. Good logic, eh? So I lay there, on the rough carpet and simply waited for someone to find me.

>Frank's POV<

I shifted uncomfortably, scanning the outside of the school in an attempt to spot Gerard. It was twenty minutes into lunch, and no one had seen him. It didn't help that none of the gang had last period with him, and no one was sure which lesson he'd been in.

No one else seemed particularly worried - infact right now, most of the gang were in a debate about whether or not they wanted kids. How the subject came up was beyond me, but the moment there was opposing opinions about anything between two of his friends, a massive argument about who was right started. The longest one had lasted two days, although this one was particularly heated.

"Come on! Everyone has kids! There must be something to it!" Amy was insisting, making wild hand gestures to prove her point.

"Just because everyone has them, doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do!" Jared protested.

"Yeah, kids just take up your entire life - don't let you live it for yourself!" Phin agreed.

"So it's a selfish thing?" Bob shot back. "'I don't wanna have kids because I can't be bothered to look after anyone else'?"

"No - I just don't want to have to listen to the Goddamn Telly-Tubbies for four years straight!" Phin argued. Then, completely out of the blue, she turned to me and said; "And Frank, for fucks sake, if you're that worried about Gerard, just go look for him already!"

Everyone stared at her for a few seconds, confused by her sudden change of topic. Then the rest of them went back to their argument.

"I'll come with you, if you want?" Phin offered. I bit my lip, then nodded.

"Thanks Phin."

"No probs." She turned round and yelled at the gang, effectively silencing them again. "Oi, bitches - we're gonna go look for Gerard. Come or stay here and argue like a load of old housewives; s'up to you!"

The others glanced round - checking to see what the rest of them were doing - and slowly, about half got to their feet, grabbing their bags and dropping their cigarettes as they did so. I was slightly surprised; when had Gerard actually become friendly enough with any of them, that they'd give up their lunches to look for him? But then, they could just be looking for an opportunity to get out of the cold weather (for California at least) and away from the rather ridiculous argument.

"Thanks guys." I said, smiling at them. They shrugged and muttered 'no problem' and 'it's cool'. I grinned and lead the way back to the school building. "When did this happen?" I muttered to Phin as we walked.

"No idea. Have to say though - the kid has grown on me." She replied, immediately cottoning on to what I meant. "I'm guessing it's the same for the rest of the gang."

"Does anyone have any idea what lesson he was in?" Adrian asked, jogging forward to catch me and Phin up.

"No clue." I sighed. "Anyone have a clue what Gerard's last lesson was?" I asked the small group behind me.

"Errrm, science maybe?" Bob suggested.

"No - me and Lissa have that with him." Phin shook her head.

"I think I saw him heading to the languages block." Andy said. "Think"

"Well, I just had Spanish, and obviously he wasn't in there with me." Adrian said.

"So, if Andy's right, Gerards either in French, or English?" Bob questionned to see if we approved of his logic.

"Well, we gotta start somewhere." I agreed, and we headed towards the languages block.

"Ok, we'll look in French, if you guys wanna look in English?" Phin suggested, indicating various people as she talked.

"Yeah, fine." Adrian shrugged, then him, Kyle, Andy and Phin walked into the ground floor where the French classrooms where. This left me, Bob and Lissa to check upstairs - in English. We walked up the stairs in silence and then into a empty hall. I growled in dasappointment - it was clear that Gerard wasn't here.

"Come on, let's go." I said turning and walking off into the next corridor. Bob's shout stopped me.

"Shouldn't we check in the classrooms?"

"The teachers lock them at lunch - surely Gerard wouldn't be in one of them?" Lissa pointed out. Those were kinda the lines I was thinking along.

"Yeah, but ya never know." Bob shrugged, before opening the door to the nearest classroom and poking his head in. I rolled my eyes, but copied his actions, Lissa doing the same. The sight that greeted me was as empty of Gerard as the corridor was. I sighed in disappointment, closed the door and headed to the next one along.

Lissa's loud outcry stopped me in my tracks. "Oh SHIT!" I turned to where she was standing - at the entrance to a classroom, staring at something hidden from view by the door. "Frank - come here now!" She yelled before half running into the classroom.

I exchanged a confused look with Bob before following the girl. I pushed the door open and my eyes fell on where the girl was kneeling by a black pile of clothes. The ones my boyfriend happened to be wearing. I ran over over and knelt next to Lissa.

Gerard was curled up on the floor in a fetal position. He was staring straight ahead and seemed unaware that me and Lissa were there. I glanced up to see Bob standing above us, an expression of horror on his face. I turned back to my wreck of a boyfriend.

"Gee?" I said softly, and touched his face gently. He winced under my fingers and looked up at us.

"Hey Frank." His voise was alarmingly weak, hoarse.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Couple of jerks followed me out of class. They jumped me and well... you can imagine They saw us kissing this morning, and strangely enough, didn't like it." He sighed, and I felt like crying. What the fuck was wrong with these people.

Behind me, I heard Lissa ushering Bob out of the room and silently thanked her. "I am so sorry Gerard." I said, wrapping my arms around him and helping him to sit up. There was blood in his mouth and some dribbled out as he leaned forward. There were also bruises already covering his face.

"it's not your fault," He whispered back to me, shuffling backwards so that his back was against my stomach. I wrapped my arms around his shoudlers and kissed the top of hishead tenderly.

"I should have been there." I replied. "I should've stopped it."

I felt Gerard shake his head. "You couldn't have been there. You can't follow me around all day on the off chance that I get beaten up."

I closed my eyes, knowing that he was right. I couldn't fix what had been done, but I could sure as hell make sure that it wouldn't happen again. "Who was it Gee? Who did this to you?"

"I don't know their names. It was four guys and a chick." He paused, and I hated how weak his voice was. "Please, don't do anything to them Frank."

"No way! They deserve everything they get after this." I protested.

"Please - I don't want any more trouble."

"And you will if someone doesn't sort them out!" Gerard tensed in my arms and winced, apparently disturbing one of his cuts. I sighed. "Come on - let's get you to the Med Centre." He leaned forward, allowing me to move. I stood up and pulled him to his feet. He slung an arm around my shoulder and together, we made our way out of the classrom.

Someone had obviously gone to get the rest of the troops as not only Bob and Lissa were waiting outside, but Kyle, Phin, Andy and Adrian. When Bob saw how I was supporting Gerard, he grabbed the kid's other arm and slung it round his shoulder. That made my life much easier - my boyfriend may be as skinny as a rake, but he was still heavy, and taller than me.

We made our way to the small Med Centre, the seven of us waited in one of the rooms until the in-school 'nurse' came to see us. She gasped upon seeing Gerard, and quickly ushered him into a different room, forbidding us to follow.

The minute the door closed, the other five exploded.

"What the fuck happened?" Bob spat, still looking horrified.

"Who did that?" Adrian also had a look of revoltion on his face. "I mean, it's not like he was a dick to anyone!"

"Was it one of those Goddamn 'hard nut' idiots who are always giving me shit?" Andy looked furious.

"Yeah - did he say who did it?" Lissa asked.

"More importantly; what are we gonna do to them?" Phin looked more than slightly enraged. I liked the way that girl thinks - she seemed to have more bloddlust than Kyle at times like this.

"What good is that if we don't know who did it?" Kyle shot back at her.

"The dudes beat Gerard pretty badly - he's not gonna forget their faces. Assuming it was more than one guy of course?" She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Yeah. He said it was four guys and a girl." I replied.

"You mean Kylie and her bunch?" Lissa said. I shrugged. "Ask Gerard who did it. They've all got tatts and stuff, so if it was them it'll be pretty obvious from what he says."

I nodded. We stayed in the waiting bay for a few more minutes, before the nurse came back, telling me that Gerard was asking for me. I got to my feet and went in. There was a small, makeshift bed in there, that my boyfriend was lying on. Even more bruises had come to the surface in the short time we'd been apart. I sat down on the edge of the bed, and held his hand tightly.

"You ok?" I asked. Stupid question really - but what else are you supposed to say.

Surprisingly, he nodded and smiled tightly. "The nurse gave me some stuff. God only knows what it is, but I don't hurt too badly. She's gonna call John to come pick me up."

I nodded. "I'm glad you feel better." There was an awkward pause and I wasn't sure what to say. So I just launched right into what I wanted to know. "Please, please, tell me who did this to you Gee."

"You're not gonna let this go, are you?" He replied, hiw voice a whisper.

"Nope - they're gonna pay." I muttered darkly, ignoring how B-movie I sounded.

Gerard sighed, then described the group of five that attacked him. Their hair colour, how tanned they were and the fact that three of the boys had. I nodded when he was done.

"Thank you," I whispered and leaned down to press my lips to his forehead. "I'm so sorry this happened. I love you."

"Love you too." He breathed. I sat back up to find that Gerard's eyes were drooping and he looked ready to sleep. Panic coursed though me. I jerked bolt upright, looking wildy round for the nurse, thinking that he had concussion or something. She was standing through an open doorway and I yelled at her to get the woman's attention.

She looked up, shocked and hurried over.

"He's falling asleep or something!" I explained frantically. "Does he have concussion or something."

Upon hearing my words, the nurse relaxed. "No - it's fine. I gave him some pretty strong painkillers and they'd send him to sleep."

"Oh," I felt rather stupid now, but relieved. "There's no major damage or anything, is there?"

She shook her head. "No - just bruising, and I think he bit his tongue because there was quite a bit of blood in his mouth. It's mostly the shock that weakened him, though some of those bruises were pretty bad. He's gonna ache like hell over the next few weeks." Then the nurse turned to me, a serious expression on her face. "Do you know who did this to him?"

"No." I shook my head, although I had a pretty good idea. From Gerard's description it that slut of a girl Kylie and her four on/off boyfriends. Ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but I was to angry at the bitches to care.

"Ok, you can go now. I've called Gerard's uncle to pick him up."

"Thanks." I smiled gratefully at her, before going back to my waiting friends.

"Is he ok?" Bob asked the second I walked in.

"Yeah - he's fine." I reassured them. "Just bruising and shit."

"Did he say who did it?" Kyle questionned.

"Yeah." I cracked my knuckles, rage boiling through me again. "It was Kylie and her bunch.

"Ugh. I could strangle them." Lissa said in disgust.

"Yeah - well join the club. I'm going to." I told them.

"Course." Phin nodded. "Who else is in?"

"Me." Kyle smirked at the thought of getting in to another fight.

"Them bitches deserve what's coming to them!" Bob said, surprising me slightly. I'd never considered him the voilent type - he smoked too much for that. And I don't mean fags.

"Some of us have Spanish last lesson with Kylie, Sean and another one of their lot - we'll get 'em there." Lissa put in quietly.

"Thanks guys." I smiled. Ok, with Phin and Kyle, it was probably just bloodlust driving them, but I was truely grateful to the lot of them for helping me stick up for my boyfriend.

We made our way back to the clump of trees where the rest of the gang were waiting. I filled them in on Gerard being beaten up, and the little bit of revenge we had planned for after school. Their reactions ranged from horror at what had happened to Gerard (in Amy and Ollie's case), to excitement for the fight (Lee), to complete disinterest - Lena. I wondered what was up with her - she hadn't been especially talkative recently. But then, I was too focused on my own problems to pay much attention to her.

The last three lessons of the day went fast, probably due to the fact I was paying no attention what so ever. When math was over, me and Ollie made our way to Spanish and found the classroom that Lissa was in. The teacher had already left, but there were still eight students standing in there, yelling at eachtoher.

"How the fuck do you know it was us that beat up your precious faggot?" One of the boys was shouting. It was quite funny really - it was three on five and the three were clearly winning, despite two of them being girls. Mind you, the third was Kyle, who obviously, you didn't want to cross. And Phin had her reputation for a reason - she looked ready to kill anything that pissed her off.

"Because you were boasting about it all fucking lesson how about?" Lissa scoffed back. "Christ! Not only does it take five of you to beat on one guy - you're bloody stupid too!"

"Why do you care anyway? It's not like someone like that fits into your group?!"

"Why do we care?" I exploded as I walked forwards. "Gerard's my fucking boyfriend - that good enough for you? And how 'bout something you wouldn't understand!? We're decent human beings."

"Oh screw you!" One of the boys said.

"Too late for that." Jared walked in, as cool and collected as ever. Harsh laughs rung across the room at the first boy's cheeks flushed violently. Wow. Jared really was not picky.

"You hypocrite!" Phin sneered.

"How 'bout we do a bit of fag bashing of our own?" Kyle growled, stepping forward. The group of five backed up. Not only was the guy huge, but our numbers were rapidly rising - Lee, Amy and Bob had just wlked in, the girl locking the door behind her.

"Like you'd have the guts!" Kylie snorted. Did she know us at all?

It was probably simply to prove her wrong, but Lissa stepped forward and bitched slapped her. The blonde girl shrieked and reached for Lissa's face, but Bob shoved her back. The other four boys then started on him, and soon enough, it turned in to an all out fist fight.

I leapt forward and punched one of the boys in the face. I had no idea what his name was, but I let images of Gerard - broken and lying on the floor - flood my mind and kept on throwing punches at him. Fury coursed through me, and punch after punch fell on the boy, who desperately tried to hit me back. The thing is about these idiots was that they tried to fight how they did in the movies; throwing a punch then stopping and waiting for your opponent to retaliate. You fight like that you lose - you have to attack continuously, and not let the other person lay a finger on you.

So I carried on punching, ignoring the occasional fist that landed on my body. In my mind though, it wasn't just Gerard's attackers that I was fighting, but the guys who had got me so long ago. I was finally beating them down, facing my demons and fucking killing them. It was only when I realised that the guy I was punching was trembling on the floor that I stopped. Fuck knows that I wanted to carry on, but I wasn't going to sink to their level.

I took a few steps back, away from the fight. Phin, Lee, Jared, Bob and Kyle were the only ones still fighting. The rest had stepped back, watching with flames glowing in their eyes. I noticed that Amy and Andy both looked kinda sickened. I could understand why - even though the numbers were now more or less even, this clearly wasn't a fair fight. Particularly the one between the two girls.

Phin was fighting the way I had been - throwing punch after punch and not letting up. The poor blonde didn't stand a chance. Lee and the boy who I think was called Sean were more wrestling than fighting. Jared and Bob were laying into another, and Kyle was taking on the biggest one single handed. It was like watching a boxing match.

"Come on guys!" Amy shouted eventually. "They've had enough - ok?"

My friends stopped in their tracks (well attacks) and glanced over their shoulders at the red head. Lee shrugged and walked away from the boy he was fighting. Bob and Jared glanced at eachother, then did the same, soon followed by Phin and Kyle. The four so-called 'hard nuts' slumped down on to the floor. They didn't look as bad as Gerard had, but then, the bruises hadn't had a chance to form yet.

"See ya bitches!" Phin saluted them mockingly for walking out. Everyone followed, looking pleased with themselves.

"That's what you get," I said quietly, looking at the five people who thought so much of themselves. "Don't you dare touch my boyfriend again.

I walked out of the school with my gang, who had dropped their somewhat serious attitude, and were messing around again - joking about the fight. I laughed along with them, debating whether Lee or Kyle would win in a fight. My money was on Kyle. Any day of the week.

We got to our cars fifteen minutes later than usual. Still on an adrenaline high from the fight, we raced at neck breaking speeds to Phin, and spent the rest of the evening gossiping, play fighting and smoking loads of ciggarettes. So a normal day for us!

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