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A/N - Sorry Sorry Sorry!

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Don't worry - it's nothing bad!

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Heeelllllo People!!!

I've written an Sci-Fi oneshot and would really appreciate it if you could have a look and review it! Sorry for clogging this thing up, but I reallyreallyreally want someone to see this!

If you'd give me some feedback too, that's be great!

I warn you now - it's some really deep shit, and I am a bitch for astro-physics so it's kinda spacey! If that makes ANY sense! Please please please read and review it! I'm not too fussed about ratings but I'd love feedback.

In terms of this story, I should be updating in the next few days. I'm half way through chapter (what are we on now?) thirty eight (???), but hit a writer's block. Which sucks. Usually I get past them pretty quickly though, so no need to panic! In the mean time, I should be updating Before Back In The Day some time over the weekend - maybe even tonight if my social life dies on me again!

So here's the link, please read and tell me what you think:


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