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6. Ballet Class and An Unexpected Dancer?

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Monday at school was so awesome. I had a great time with my friends. I got Emma to hang out with Me, Frank and the others. Emma and Frank talked a lot. I was so happy for them. The other guys did their part as well. They gave me and Gerard alone time. I felt a bit awkward but I tried not to show it cause I know if I were to show it, Gee would feel awkward and it would be a mess. I thank the guys for giving me that chance though, I found out a lot about Gerard. He is an amazing person. Funny, smart, shy, has an amazing smile, we're into the same stuff, and it's just great. He is perfect. 
"so, do you mind telling me what happened Saturday that made you gloomy?"
"oh right, well..."
"you don't have to tell me if you don't trust me."
"but I do trust you, and i do want to tell you"
"okay then. Tell me."
"well, after you left, me and my mom got in a fight. She thought I had slept with you and...she basically called me a whore." my cheeks felt hot and I felt tears. 
"oh Eddie, I'm sorry to hear that. Come here" he gave me a very nice, cozy hug. I just wanted to stay there forever. I cried silently on his shoulder while he stroked my back. We just stayed there, in silence. He didn't say anything at all but, I didn't want him to either. I just wanted to feel his warmth. 

After a while, the guys came back to us. 
"aww, look at the pretty couple!" Bob said mockingly and made the others laugh. When I looked up at them, I think they had noticed I had puffy eyes so they stopped laughing. 
"oh shit, Eddie i didn't mean that"
"what's wrong Eddie?" I heard Ray said and he kneeled down to look at me in the eyes. 
"it's okay Bob. I know you didn't mean it. It's nothing guys. I just..I just wasnt feeling too well"
"are you sure? Cause if it's anything serious we are hear for you okay honey?" Emma said while giving me a hug. 
"no, it's fine really. I have to get going."
"do you want a ride Eddie?" Gerard said getting up. 
"no, my mom is picking me up. But you can leave me at the front gate." I gave Gee a smile and he put his arm around my shoulder. 
I said bye to the others and left with Gee. 
"is your mom gonna tell me to leave?"
"no, she doesn't hate you. She thinks you are a gentlemen. She was just a bit worried that day that's all."
"okay, I hope you are right."
"I'm sure."

We waited around 10 minutes and we saw my moms car around the corner. 
"hi Ms. Lynn"
Hello Gerard, how are you?"
"I'm fine thank you."
"good to hear. Do you want a ride home?"
"no I'm okay thank you." 
"okay then hun. See you next time."
I said bye to Gee and got inside my car. Heading to my Ballet classes. I'm so excited. 

We parked outside, right in front of the school. The school was pretty big. Fort's school of Fine Arts was what I read when I walked in the door. Fancy. 
"welcome to Fort's school of Fine Arts. How can I help you?".  The lady behind the counter was writing something down when she looked up and said that the instant we walked in. 
"we are looking for Ms. Joyet."
"oh, she has an advanced class right now. Her beginning class for juniors is next so I'll escort you to that okay? Is she a new student." the lady walked over to us looking at me with a grin. 
"yes she is my daughter...and she's not a beginner. She's on pointe."
"Ooh!  I'm sorry hahaha. Well how pleasant to hear that!"
"thank you ma'am."
"how long have you been dancing sweetheart?"
"since I was 4"
"oh how lovely!"

We walked in the dance class and noticed some girls dancing to the music of Swan Lake. They were all on pointe. They looked beautiful. 
Ms. Joyet was standing in the background calling out the Ballet terms. 
We just stood in the corner by the door to wait til they were done. 
Ms. Joyet noticed us and walked over to us. 
"hello Ms. Joyet, please to meet you" my mother began. 
"hello. You must be Ms. Lynn. correct?"
"yes. And this is my daughter, as well as your new student, Edith Lynn."
"ahh, please to meet you young lady."
"please to meet you too" and we shook hands. Ms. Joyet was pretty young. She looked like she was in her late thirties early forties? She was a pretty women. Very classy and strict looking. 
The dancers were finished and Ms. Joyet walked over to the music player to pause it. 
"Dancer's, we have a new student. Please welcome, Edith Lynn"

Victoria's POV 
The other dancers and I were dancing to Swan lake. We were going to perform it and I wanted to be the Black Swan. I will do whatever I can to get the part. I am, of course, better than the others. 
I saw a few people walk in the door. I didn't mind them too much because I didn't want to mess up. 
When Ms. Joyet announced the new student, I realized it was Edith. She is from my English class. She is always talking to Frank. How I envy her for that. Ever since me and Gee broke up, he stopped talking to me. Maybe because of what I did to Gee. Oh well. I'm going to try to make friends with Edith. Maybe she can bring me back to Gee. 

Edith's POV
I was welcomed to the class when I noticed Victoria from my English class was here. Wow. Can't believe she's on pointe. She's looking at me with a smile. Does she remember me? 
"Ms. Lynn, take a seat."
"yes ma'am"
Apparently, she had remembered me. She waved over at me so I can sit with her. 
"hey Edith! I had no idea you were a ballet dancer!" she whispered to me. 
"I had no idea you were a ballet dancer either! This is great!"
"yeah I know! We're going be besties!"
I hate the word "bestie" 

For the rest of the class, me and Victoria talked a lot. She is a pretty cool chick. She isn't like me though. Just in a way. She likes the color red, she's into punk music and stuff but she doesn't really dress like one, she loves ballet like I do and we both have been dancing since we were 4. The rest of the dancers made me feel welcome. It was an awesome day.


I had just taken a shower when I heard my phone vibrate. I had 3 new messages. 2 from Gerard and one from Emma. Emma said she was more than thankful of inviting her to hang out with us. Her and Frank had a great time. I was glad for her. Gerard's messages made me feel happy. 
"hey Eddie"
He had sent both with 7 minutes in between. Cute. 
"hey! Sorry, I was taking a shower. What's up?"
"nothing, just wanted to talk you."
"aww :')"
":) where did you go after school?"
"oh, I went to a dance class."
"what kind of dance class?"
"ballet. I'm a ballerina xD"

Gerard's POV
Wow. So does practice ballet. That's amazing. although, it's weird that her and Victoria are both ballet dancers and I liked both of them. Or well, I liked Victoria but i really like Eddie. She's beautiful! 
"oh really? That's awesome!!"
"yeah i know! So what are you up to?"
"just watching cartoons and eating  cereal."
We texted til it was 1am. She had fallen asleep. 
"well Goodnight Pretty Girl, seems like you fell asleep. See you in school tomorrow. Xoxo"
I was tired as well so I fell asleep thinking about Eddie. 
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