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7. OMG

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A/n: in this chapter, Gerard explains why he and the others hate Victoria. 

Ray's POV
I have free period for period 6. Awesome. I was walking in the hallway when I looked inside of one of the classrooms when I see Eddie. She looks bored as hell. Who's that sitting next to her?'s the slutty bitch, Victoria. I hate her so much for what she did. I hope she burns in hell. 
What to do, what to do, ooh! I have an idea. I walked in Eddie's class to talk to the teacher. 
"Mr. Twinkle, the principal wants to see Edith Lynn in her office. She send me to escort her to the office."
"very well, Edith, you may go."
She got her things and said bye to the evil slut. I hope they are not close friends cause she'll ruin Eddie. 
"why does the principal want to see me Ray?"
"she doesn't."
"I was bored so I just did that so we could walk around. I thought you wouldn't mind since you looked fucking bored."
"oh I get it, ha thanks Ray. I hate fucking chemistry."
"your welcome pretty girl."
I chuckled and she shoved me. I love this chick like my own sister. Something about her is so cool and unique. 
"so, who's that girl you were talking to?" I acted as If I didn't know her. 
"who? Victoria?"
"oh, she's just a friend."
"from outside school?"
"yeah kinda. I met her in school though."
"oh that's cool. How do you know her from outside school?"
"oh, we both take the same ballet lessons."
"oh what?! Pretty girl does ballet?"
"yeah haha!"
"that's rad. You should show us your mad skills one day."
"yeah I will. Ooh! We are performing Swan Lake. Maybe you guys can go watch."
"sure thing! What part do you have? Are you the main swan?"
"I want to be."
"you'll make. Don't worry."

We walked around for the rest of the period and then I walked her to 7th and I left. 
I knew Victoria did ballet, which isn't impressive, but Eddie? She sure doesn't look like a ballerina. I just cant believe she is taking classes with the evil bitch. Wait till Gee hears this. 

My 7th period was US history. Which meant my nap time. Oh, I can't go to to sleep, I have this class with Gerard and I want to tell him of whats going on. 
"hey Raydio"
"sup, Gee string. I just saw your girl."
"she's not my girl yet."
"why not? You guys are always so flirty around each other. You guys make a better couple than you did with that devil. 
"I'm sorry for saying it but you guys kinda did make a cute couple. But you and Eddie make a better one."
"yeah, thanks."
"hey! Did you know Eddie is a ballerina!"
"hahaha yeah, Frank told me."
"how did he know?"
"he saw a picture of Eddie doing some twirl in the air in her phone."
"oh right ok. But guess what else.."
"guess who takes classes with her.."
"oh no...don't tell me."
"yup. If she gets close to the devil shes gonna ruin you two."

Gerard's POV
Ray had a point. I can't let Victoria get close to Edith. It'll ruin everything. Victoria is a really mean bitch. I have to warn Eddie. 


After school I found Eddie...with Victoria. Great. I was about to approach her when I saw That bitch. I'm pretty sure Eddie saw me cause she called out my name. 
"Gee! Gee! Gerard!"

Eddie's POV
I called Gee to come over but, he just saw me and walked away. Rude. Who cares. I dont know what I did wrong, if he wants to play like that then I'd be glad to join. 
"Eddie.. Are you there?"
"um yeah. Sorry I spaced out haha." I forgot I was talking to Victoria. 
"so, like I was saying, next practice is on sunday okay?"
"okay I'll see you then!"
"bye Eddie!"
"bye Vicky!"

I guess I have to walk home today. Gerard looks mad at me for no reason so I don't want to ride with him home today. 

Victoria's POV
What the hell was that? Why didn't Gee come over? How does Eddie know him?! Well, i guess its fine because she can bring me closer to him. I don't really care what I did to him, I still like him. I can tell he is pissed though. Oh well, I have to try. If I can't have him, no one will. 

Gerard's POV
I feel so bad for what i did. I don't think I should have done that. I better go say sorry to Eddie. I hope she didn't find it rude. 
I looked around for her everywhere but I wasn't able to find her. Luckily I had found Frank. 
"Frank! Wait up!"
"sup hippo"
"sorry, i dont know. What happened?"
"have you seen Eddie?"
"nah man. Why?"
"I kinda did something I wasn't suppose to do and I want to apologize."
"did you rape her?!"
"of course I didn't!! What the hell is your problem!? I would never do such a thing!"
"just making sure. What did you do?"
"I was approaching her but walked away cause I saw her talk to Victoria."
"they talk?"
"that's bad dude. You better watch out."
"I will. Thanks anyway Frank."
"bye hippo"
Why is he calling me a hippo?

I walked home today. I didn't feel like going with Frank. I just hope Eddie isn't mad. She hasn't texted me or anything. She even disappeared. Should I go to her house and see what's up?
No, I'll text her later. I hope everything is okay.

Frank's POV
I'm glad Gee didn't ride with me today. I'm feeling down. I didn't talk to Emma all day. She wasn't with us in nutrition or lunch either. What is going on?
"Emma?" I sent her a text. 
"yes?" she replied 5 minutes later. 
"would you like to go out for coffee later?"
"umm sure. At 8pm?"
"sure. I'll pick you up."
"okay :) is everything okay?"
"yeah, i just want to talk to you"
"ohh....okay then :) see you then."
"bye MJ"
"bye Frankie."

Emma's POV
I wonder why Frank wants to meet up later. I'm so glad though. We are becoming really good friends now. We are using our nicknames again. I'm just glad I can be Frankie's good friend. He tells me everything and I do too. I just wish we could be more than friends. I love Frankie Iero. 

Edith's POV
I was watching TV when I got a new message. 
"hey Edith :)"
I didn't want to reply. Does Gerard really think he can talk to me whenever he wants? No sir. 
"Edith?" he messaged me again 10 minutes later. 
"oh thank god, I thought you were mad"
"me mad? Please. I'm not the one that walked away."
"oh I'm sorry. I had too..."
"yes I'm serious. I can't explain now though. Can you meet me at the park?"
"it's late!"
"please Edith! I know you can. C'mon."
He was right. I was able too.
"okay fine, hold on"
"Mom, can I go study at my friends house tonight and sleep over?"
"it's late."
"it's only 8pm"
"why not?"
"it's late. Who's you're friend."
"ooh! The gentlemen. I like that boy. Still, no"
"mom! Please!"
"sweetheart, it's too late"
"he only lives like, a block away!"
"really? Oh fine. But be careful!"
"thanks mom!"
I lied. I have no idea where Gee lives. 
"Gee, my mom said yes. Only cause you're a gentlemen lol. Can I sleep over?"
"hahah I like your mom. Yeah sure, but youll have to get in through the basement window cause my parents will think...weird."
"okay, it's fine."
"kk. Do you want me to pick you up?"
"yes please!! I have no idea where you live."
"lol. I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

In a couple of minutes, he was already here. I said bye to my mom and walked out the front door to find a car parked in front of my building. Gee was standing outside his car. 
"you drive?"
"of course." he took my bag and put it in the back seat.
"why don't you drive to school then?"
"too lazy. I have Frank to drive me haha"
"oh god." I giggled. 
"you have a cute giggle Eddie"
"eww no I don't."
"yes you do haha"
"oh whatever. So where are we headed?"
"somewhere we can talk alone."
"oh right. I forgot I was mad at you"

We drove somewhere where it was really quiet. It seemed like the forest. We parked in front of a cliff that had an amazing view. We could see the whole city from here. 
"wow, this is beautiful" I said with wide eyes. 
"i know. Here let's sit on top of my car."
We sat down and he took out a cigarette. 
"you smoke?" he asked me. 
"of course not! It ruins you're lungs."
He giggled. 
"I smoke, but it's rare. But I smoke to calm down."
"why do you need to calm down right now?"
"because what I'm about to tell you gets my veins pumping with anger."
"ooh, okay."
"k, so I walked away from you today because of the girl you were with."
"what about her?"
He sighed
"I hate her with all my heart."
"why so?"
"she's my ex. The one that broke my heart into pieces."
There was silence between us. He didn't dare to look at me in the eyes. I just wanted to punch Victoria in the face right now. 
"wow, but...shes so nice"
"i know, but she has...issues."
"what did she do to you?"
"well, we were at a party and we both got a bit drunk. I was more drunk than she was. I was with Frank when I realized, Victoria had been gone for a while. She had said she was just gonna go get a drink. So I went to look for her and I found her in the bathroom..."
He trailed off
"with another guy."
"oh god, Gee. I'm so sorry to hear that"
"that's not all"
He chuckled. 
"her best friend had told me she had done it with other guys as well when she was with me. She told me Vicky played me. And that tore me apart. I really liked her."
at this point. Gee..was crying. 
I didn't know what to do. I just stayed shock.
He didn't look at me at all.
I just hugged him. I tried to give him the best hug I can ever give anyone. 
"I dont like seeing you both talk. I just feel like...She'll ruin you too"
I felt his tears run down my shirt. 
"Gee, don't worry about it anymore. If you don't want Me to talk to her, I won't. It's okay. Cry all you want. I'm here for you."
I started crying as well. I liked Gee a lot, more than I have ever liked anyone, so it hurt me to see him this way. 
"Gee, I'm sorry I was mad at you. It was stupid and if I would have known, I wouldn't have gotten mad."
"Eddie, please don't cry for me."
he looked up at me, still with teary eyes.
"no, don't tell me to stop cause I won't, I care a lot about you Gee."
"thank you Eddie."
And then, the unexpected happened. He leaned over and kissed me. I didn't pull away cause it felt right at the moment. I parted his lips and he didn't hesitate. He followed along. The kiss eventually became passionately and I tangled my fingers through his hair while he grabbed me by my waist. I climbed on top of him, Still kissing. I didn't realize what was going on till I felt a cold hand touch my lower back. I pulled away. 
"I'm sorry, this shouldn't be happening. It's my fault."I said. 
"no it's my fault. I'm sorry"
"let's just forget this happened okay?"
"sure. We should get going."
"yeah, it's getting really late."

We hopped back in his car and drove away. Through out the ride home, there was silence, but it wasn't awkward. I'm glad for that. 

I climbed through his basement window when moments later he walked in. 
"so, you can sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the floor."
"what? No, I don't want you to sleep on the floor. I'll sleep on the floor."
"no, I wont let you. You're my guest."
"okay, hmm, let's just share the bed then."

So I changed into my pjs and got in bed. He had gone to change in the restroom. So I decided to get up and look around. I saw a few paintings on the wall and on his desk. I saw one that caught my attention. A ballerina. I held it up to see it when he walked in. 
"hey, why you snooping around."
"oh sorry, this painting just caught my attention."
"what is it?"
"it's a ballerina."
"oh, um.."
Gee blushed. 
"you were my inspiration so I decided to draw one."
"this is amazing"
"thank you"
He went to lay on the bed and I followed him. 
"goodnight Gee"
"good night Eddie."
At first we were both apart from each other but, I decided to move closer to him and hug his waist and put my leg on top of his. He felt tense for a quick second but then just hugged me back. And next you know, we fell asleep like that. 

Note: is this chapter too long? Are long chapters okay? 

I really enjoyed writing this chapter so I hope you guys like it. I'm happy with this one. Let me know what you guys think
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