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8. Emma and Frank

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A/N: this chapter is all about Emma and Frank. It's their date while Gee and Eddie had their own. 

It was 7:50pm and I was almost ready to go pick Emma up. I was so nervous. I always got nervous before I met up with Emma alone. She was amazing. 
I got in my car and drove to Emma's. She didn't live so far so I got there At 7:57. 
"Emma, I'm outside." I texted her. 
"okay, I'll be right out."
after a couple of minutes, i saw her run down her front steps wearing a batman shirt with black jeans and vans. Beautiful as always. 
"hey" she said and gave me a hug with a peck in the cheek. I love it when she does that. 
"hey. You know, it's funny how you are wearing your batman shirt and I'm wearing superman." I giggled and looked at her. 
"ha, yeah it is."

We went to Starbucks and we both ordered coffee. One thing I loved about Emma, was that she had an addiction for coffee just like me. 
"so what do you want to talk about?"
"i dont How's life treating you Emma?"
"pretty good. And you?"
"alright. I'm still missing something in my life though."
I wish she would have asked what. I would have probably told her how I feel. But she didn't ask. She just nodded and looked away. 
"where were you at today. I missed you.."
"ohh, I was studying at the library."
 I chuckled 
"no seriously, what did you do?"
"I'm serious! I have a test coming for chemistry."
"oh okay okay.

Emma's POV
Of course I wasn't studying. I was sitting in the front stares alone just thinking. I didn't want to stop loving Frank but I was forcing myself to. Not because i was popular and he wasn't, I'm over that already, I could careless. I wanted to Because it hurts me to love him. It's obvious he doesn't like me back so I'll just give up. I can never tell him how I feel. He won't like a girl like me. 

We talked and talked till we were out of coffee. It was the best night I had with Frank. He made me feel so nice and bubbly inside. But I can't get my hopes up. Not anymore. 
Once we were done, we went to the beach. Yeah, it's weird to go in Autumn but, Frank is crazy. 
"Frank!"I called. He was playing with a stray dog he found. 
"come over here! I'm cold!"
"okay wait up!"
I heard him say, "doggie fetch!"
And the dog ran to go get the stick. We don't know if the dog came back. We ditched it. Yeah it's rude, but who cares. 
"isn't it nice here?" I said looking at him with a grin. 
"yeah it really is. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. I'm glad I spent it with you." 
"thank you. I'm glad I spent it with you too."

Franks POV
I wanted to tell her so bad how I felt right now. But I lost my balls. 
"what time do you need to get home?"
"it doesn't matter. My parents won't find out I'm gone."
How can I have been so stupid. I'm such an idiot. 
I wanted to have some contact with her so I started to create a play fight with her. So I shoved her. She looked at me concerned and pushed me back. Next thing you know, we were Play fighting. 
"your ticklish huh?" I said grabbing her from her waist and tickling her stomach. 
"of corse I'm not!" she laughed hysterically. 
"then why are you laughing?"
I pushed her to my car and she lied on top of my car and I was on her tickling her. I stopped tickling her and just looked at her in the eyes. She was still laughing then she looked up at me with wide eyes. I just smiled at her. Then I couldn't help myself and I just kissed her. I was so happy at the moment. She seemed to enjoy it too because she let me put my tongue in her mouth and play with hers. I grabbed her leg and wrapped it around my waist and she put her hands on my back, gripping my flesh. 

Emma's POV
I can't believe I'm kissing Frank right now. This one is even more passionately then our first time. I can't do this though. I have to stop. But I somehow can't. Frank picked me up and took me to the back sit of his car and he put his hand up my shirt. No this can't happen. 
"I'm sorry Frank, this can't be happening." I said pulling away. 
"can you please take me home Frank?"
"Emma, I'm sorry."
"it's okay. Just please take me home."
The rest of the ride was silent. An awkward silence. That's the worst part. I just hope things don't get awkward from here on out. 
"bye, thanks for tonight. I had fun." I didn't wait for his reply. I didn't even want to look at his eyes. I just said it and walked off. 

Franks POV 
The way Emma told me bye hurt. She didn't look at me in the eyes. She just kept her head down. What was I thinking? How can I have been so stupid! I shouldn't have thought with my 2nd brain if you know what I mean. I'm sorry Emma. I hope things don't change. I love Emma. Tonight I had a great night. Even though I fully regret what I did, I still loved it. She kisses amazing. This wasn't lust, it was love. 
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