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9. Auditions for Swan Lake. 

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Edith's POV
Well, today in ballet, we had auditions for Swan Lake. I really want the part of the Black Swan. It has been my dream since I was 10. I will get this part. I will hold on to what Ray told me. Those words have helped me a lot. 
"hey Eddie, are you ready?" Victoria said sitting next to me on the ground. 
"kinda. I'm nervous though. Are you?"
"full out! I'm ready to take down this shit! Haha"
"oh Gosh" I giggled. I had forgotten what Gee told me. Until I saw Victoria give flirty eyes to Carlos, one of the male dancers. He was pretty cute, he has green eyes, red hair, freckles, and very handsome according to the girls here. He wasn't really my type. I hate her so much, but I won't show it cause it'll just be weird if it's out of nowhere. Carlos was walking towards us. 
"hey Vicky"
"hey Carlos" she said with a sparkle in her eyes. 
"I had good time last time."
"me too. Can't wait for saturday."
"me either."
This was an uncomfortable conversation to me. I tried to walk away when Carlos turned to me.
"hey Eddie, is it fine if I call you that?"
"yeah, everyone calls me that. Haha"
"well, you look pretty today. Do you wanna go out for lunch later?"
Is he hitting on me? Oh no.
"Oh I'm sorry, I have plans today. Maybe next time."
"it's alright. Here." he gave me a piece of paper with a cell phone number on it.
"call me anytime you want."
He then walked away and said bye to me and Vicky. 

Victoria's POV
Is Carlos hitting on Eddie!!?! Oh he'll no! I will not let them date! Carlos is mine! This bitch. Oh wait, she can keep him. I will take Gerard anyway. Of course he will want me back. I'm the best that ever happened to him. I can show him a good time. 
"ooh, what was that?" I told Eddie acting casual. 
"i dont know, but I sure won't ever get with him"
"why not? He's hot!"
"don't you guys have like a thing or something."
Shit, I forgot he had said he had a good time with me in front of Eddie. 
"um, not really. We just went out for dinner that's all. He's taking me out again this Saturday. No biggie. You should let him take you out. He's a gentlemen." 
Not really, He's kinda of an ass.
"nah, I'm good."
"ooh does someone have a boyfriend?"
"not exactly, we're kinda dating."
"who is he?"
"he doesn't go to school. You don't know him."
"lucky you! I want to date someone out of school. Like a college guy. That'd be fun."

Edith's POV 
Of course it'll be fun for you, you slut! My ass you went out for dinner! You slept with the guy and you are still telling me to take him!? Ugh! You are such a slut! I will never tell her the guy I'm dating is Gee. It'll ruin everything. Well, we're not dating, yet, but I hope we do soon. I really like him and I think he is into me too. I hope he just isn't looking for a rebound cause I'm not going to be it. 


So the auditions started and Victoria went before me. When she came out, she seemed pretty happy. I think she did well. I hope not. Then it was my turn. 
"Ms. Lynn, please do the scene where the black swan is dancing with the evil swan."
I was dancing when I glanced at the Ms. Joyet and she was writing something down. She didn't look to pleased though. 
"good. Now do the scene where the white swan is dancing with the prince." 
When I was finished with that last scene, she still didn't looked to impressed. I hope I did ok. 
"ok thank you Ms. Lynn. Please send in the next one."

I walked out and saw Victoria waiting for me. 
"how was it?!" she said grinning.
"it was okay. She didn't look too happy though."
"oh honey, I'm sure you did good."
"how was yours?"
"I think I did good. She smiled at me and told me excellent!"
I fucking hate you. 
"oh that's great! I hope you get the part. You are amazing!"
"thank you Eddie!!"
"your welcome."
And we hugged. How much I hate her for this.


Later on I texted Ray. 
"hey Ray."
"how's it going Pretty Girl"
"not good."
"why what happened? Did you get the part?"
"I don't think so. She didn't look impressed."
"that's sucks. That lady is stupid. I'm sure you did well."
"thanks Ray. But guess who I think got the part.."
"Ray, it's okay. You don't have to pretend anymore. I know Vicky is a bitch and I know what she did to Gee."
"oh...well in that case...Hell fucking no! That evil slut got the part?!"
"I think. She said they looked pretty impressed with her :("
"it's okay, don't worry. She's fucking stupid and she will ruin the whole play."
"i know thanks Ray lol."
"how did you find out?"
"about Gee?"
"he told me."
"wow. He has guts. That really hurt him. I think he is still a bit hurt though.."
"don't worry though..he likes you a lot!"
"hahaha..umm..okay lol."
"I'm serious. Do you like him?"
"umm, yeah I do."
"aww the happy couple. Pretty girl likes vampire market boy. How nice xD. "
"oh shut up! Haha"
Ray is so funny. 
"it's true! Have you heard of the school dance?"
"no why?"
"well, I can get Gee to ask you to go with him."
"omg, are you sure?"
"for sure."
"thanks again Ray. Are you going with anyone?"
"yeah.. :3"
"this girl named Christa. She's in the same grade as me."
"aww, that's cute. Hey! Can you help me get Frank and Emma to go together!?"
"hell yeah! That'd be great!"
"okay great!"
"so I'll text you later Eddie, I have to do my homework -___-"
Ha, okay then. Bye!"

This is great. We are all going with someone. Ray with Christa, hopefully Emma and Frank, hopefully me and Gee and..Wait, what about Mickey? I hope he's taking someone. Poor him if he doesn't have someone. What about Bob?! Oh gosh. We all have a couple except for them two. Great. 
I went to the kitchen to go eat some cookies. I found Jade there doing Homework. 
"hey want some cookies?" I said sitting down across her. 
"no thanks."
"have you heard about the school dance?"
"yeah, but I'm not going."
"why not?!"
"I dont have someone to go with."
"oh, sucks."
"are you going?"
"yeah" I had that weird smile on again.
"with who?"
"maybe Gerard is taking me."
"are you guys like, together?"
"no. Not yet. Haha"

Jades POV
I was happy for my sis. She was going with someone to the dance. I wish I was going. I wish I was going with this boy in my English Class. He is so cute. He has glasses and dirty blonde hair. He seems awkward. But I doubt he has noticed me. He barely seems to talk to anyone, only to his friend with the lip piercing. I want to talk to him so badly but I'm intimidated by his friend. I'm afraid they are gonna think I'm weird or something. Oh well, I think I'll just go with Emma or something. If she doesn't have a date already. 
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