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10. I Never Thought I Would Hear You Say That

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Jade's POV
I wasn't feeling well lately. I have too much homework, tests, flute practice. It's very stressful. And to add on the list, I wasn't going to the Halloween dance cause I didn't have a date. Emma was going with the kid that works at the donut shop, my sis is going with Gerard and I have no one! Maybe I'll just go by myself. 
I was walking into English when I noticed the guy with the dirty blonde hair and glasses was the only one in the class. This is my chance 
"do you know where is the teacher?" I said nervously. 
he looked up at me and gave me a smile. First time I have ever seen him smile to someone. 
"umm, no i dont know where he is at."
"oh ok. Do you mind if I sit here?"
I set my books down next to the seat on his left. 
"no not at all."
"hi, my name is Jade Lynn"

Mickeys POV 
"hey, I'm Michael Way but you can call me Mickey."
"nice to meet you Mickey" she said with that beautiful smile she always has. 
I always saw her in the hallways and in this class. I admired her from afar. She was beautiful. Her red curly waves and the way she dressed. Amazing. But I never had the guts to go and talk to her. Maybe now it'll be easier cause now i know her name and I just found out she's Edith's sister. Perfect. No wonder I felt I had seen her somewhere. She looks a lot like Edith but different at the same time. 
"um, you're new here right?" I said kinda stuttering. 
"you're Edith's sister too huh?"
"yeah, how do you know her?"
"she's my friend. You guys look alike a whole lot."
"haha well, we get that a lot. How'd you guys meet?"
"oh, my brother and her have like a thing but aren't dating yet. And so yeah, she hangs out with me and the guys."
"oh yeah! She told me. I think it's pretty stupid they aren't dating yet."
"i know right?"

Jade's POV
There was a few people walking in class when Mickey's friend, the one with the piercing, was one of those few people and came to sit down on Mickey's right. 
"hey Mickey"
"hey Bob."
I thought this was the end of our conversation so I just started reading my book. But that's when Mickey started speaking. 
"oh hey Bob, this is my new friend Jade Lynn, Edith's sister."
So Eddie knows "Bob" as well.
"hello Jade, My name is Robert but you can call me Bob."
"hello Bob."

I was a bit disappointed in myself because I wasn't paying attention in class. Instead, Bob, Mickey and I talked Through out the whole period. Bob wasn't as intimidating as he looked and Mickey wasn't as shy as I thought he was. He's very talkative, funny and sweet. Surprisingly, Bob was sweeter. It was really weird. The period had ended before we knew it. 
"bye guys, I'll see you guys later" and I walked out of class heading to my free period. Finally, I get to practice on my flute. 

Bob's POV
Wow, I can't believe Jade is Edith's sister. I also can't believe I didn't notice that before! The look so much alike but with very different personalities. Edith is more wild and Jade is more calm they are both very sweet and cute. But I can't mess with Edith, she's Gerard's. But that doesn't mean I can't hit on her sister. She's really cute. 
"hey Mikes, do you think if I ask Jade to the Halloween dance she would wanna go with me?"
He stopped and looked at me.
"I..was kinda planning on asking her..."
"you like her too?"
"yeah, she seems pretty cool and she's hot. I've been wanting to talk to her since the first day I saw her but I was too shy."
"oh, well..I guess you can ask her. It looks like you like her more than I do."
"why do you say that?"
"cause you noticed her a long time ago, I just noticed her when you introduced us."
We both chuckled. 
"alright then, thanks man"
"no problem."

Mickey and I split so I was walking alone to Gym. I have to find a girl to ask her to go with me to the dance. I don't want to be the only guy without a date. That's embarrassing.  

Mickey's POV
I can't believe Bob likes Jade as well. It's unbelievable. Thank god he let me ask her though, if he wouldn't have, it would have tore me apart and I wouldn't have a date to the Dance. I hope Bob finds someone though. 


Before school ended, I was walking around the hallways when I saw Jade by her locker. 
"hey Jade" I said leaning on the locker next to hers. 
"hey Mickey"
"where are you headed?"
"oh nowhere right now. School is about to end so I figured there's no point going back to class haha"
"oh ok. So..would you like to go out for coffee later?"
"oh..I'm sorry, I don't like coffee.."
"you don't like coffee!? That's offending!"
She giggled 
"I'm sorry, you like coffee?"
"till death!"
We both laughed. She had a cute loud laugh. 
"ok fine, I get my coffee and you get like, juice or something deal?"
"deal, but can we do it tomorrow? I'm busy today."
"no prob." I winked at her and smiled. Winking runs through my family when it comes to flirting. 
"haha, okay then."
The bell rang. 
"I'll see you later Mickey."
"bye Jade!"
We hugged and she left. She smelled like lavender. Lavender is my favorite. I just stood there awkwardly when I felt someone shove me from behind and I turned around. 
"hey what was that for!" I yelled since it was Gerard. 
"who was that girl hey Mikes" he winked at me. Awkward.
"can you believe that was Edith's sister?!"
"yeah I can, I just can't believe she would be talking to a guy like you"
"oh look who's talking Gee, Edith is way out of your league! And don't wink at me! That's weird!"
"well so what! I like her and she likes me!"
"uh-oh" I said

Gerard's POV
"huh?" I said when Mickey just looked in front of me shocked. 
I looked too and was shocked as well. As for the person in front of me, I noticed they were shocked as well cause they were staring at me with beautiful light brown wide eyes. Edith. 
"ooh...did you hear that?" I said blushing. She just nodded. I flipped her around and grabbed her by her shoulders and said, "we need to talk. See you later Mickey." Mickey just waved goodbye and left. 

I took her to the tree we hang out at during breaks and just pinched the bridge of my nose. 
"what was that?" she said nervously. 
"ok look, I'm sorry I said it like that but, truth is, I like you, a lot."
She just stared at me shocked.
"I'm sorry for saying that you liked me back, I just..guessed you did and I'm wrong. I'm sorry, you dont have to like me back."
I feel stupid for this. How can I have thought she liked me? It seemed obvious but I guess I was wrong. I didn't want to look up at her so I just kept my head down until she cupped my cheek and made me look at her. 
"who said I didn't like you back?"
She said and kissed me. 
I grabbed her by her waist and she tangled her fingers through my hair. Like that scene we had when we were alone. 

Edith's POV
I broke the kiss and looked up at Gerard. 
"I'm sorry my reaction confused you into thinking I didn't like you. It was just sinking in. I never thought I would have heard you say that." I said wrapping my arms around his neck. 
"I never thought you would like me back if I told you I like you. I would have told you earlier if I knew this would have been your reaction."
"cute" I said kissing his lips lightly. "so, are we like together?"
I said kinda nervous. 
"no, not officially. Edith would you like to be my girlfriend" he said letting go of my waist and just grabbing me by my hands. 
I thought this was really cute, out of the times guys had asked me out, this one was the cutest.
"yes Gee" and i kissed him again. We broke the kiss cause we heard some clapping and laughter. 
Frank said coming towards us with Emma. 
"how'd you find us? And how long were you standing there?" Gerard said. We were still holding hands. 
"well, Emma pointed you guys out and we followed you guys. We were standing there long enough to see the whole scene. I'm so happy for you too!!" Frank said hugging us together tightly. He might be short but very strong. 
Emma just laughed. 
"oh Eddie! You are so lucky! You guys are perfect together!" Emma said and giving me another tight hug. 
"okay okay, enough with the tight hugs." i giggled as we All walked back to the front gate. Gee and I holding hands as well as Frank and Emma. Do they have a thing already? I hope they do. 

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