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Gerard`s pov
Frank loved me? All this time of me thinking that my pathetic needy little crush on the gorgeous human boy was wrong and that he would never feel the same, and he actually did. He sobs into my blood soaked shirt, seeing how upset he was, hearing his heartbroken sobs hurt me more than anything I had ever experienced, dead or alive. I can sense how frightened he was as he waited for my reaction, probably expecting me to push him away, but how could I? I am about to open my bloody, dry mouth to answer him, to tell him how much he meant to me when a pale dark haired figure appears a few metres way. A demon.
“Rosie.” Julia glares up at the tall, pale skinned demon girl. She was dressed from head to toe in black, tight fitting clothing, her eyes and lips the colour of blood. Behind her stood a small group of other demon, all terrifying and evil looking, but none quite so as this girl, who appeared to be their leader.
“Hello Julia.” Rosie replies to Frank`s guardian angel calmly a small smirk appearing on her full, perfectly painted lips.
“What are you doing here Demon?” the blonde and blue haired angel asks coldly, narrowing her hazy light brown eyes. “Demons are not supposed to interfere with humans, or the fallen.”
Her blood red gaze passes from the winged girl to me, her eyes glinting dangerously as her smirk widens into an evil grin as it settles on Frank who was still buried into my chest, though his sobbing had stopped. I pull his closer to my cold, blood covered body, and wrap my pal arms around his thin frame protectively. Nobody was going to hurt him, not while I was here.
“Sweet.” She laughs once, a high pitched, bitter noise that set my abnormally small, white teeth on edge.
Julia stares up at the tall, ruthless, feared demon. “I will ask you once more Demon. “She spits the word out venomously. “What are you doing here?”
Rosie laughs, sending chills up my spine. “I was curious, that is all. After we all escaped from the fiery pits of hell.” She allows herself a brief smile and points at her cloaked followers behind her. “We have obviously been on the lookout for any hunters, who I am sure are going to welcome us with open arms. So imagine my upmost surprise when my sources tell me that the mot feared, famous hunter Jenna Boutilier is in the area, searching for someone other than us.”
I narrow my bloodshot, tired eyes, not liking where this conversation was going. “And who was she hunting?” I ask calmly, my stomach twisting uncomfortably as I already know the answer.
Rosie smirks, her blood coloured lips curving upwards tauntingly. “I believe that you already know the answer to that question, Gerard Way.”
I nod the pain in my chest worsening slightly as I remember my brief, painful encounter with the hunter.
“Why was she after you? You were already fallen and of little importance to her, especially with so many escaped demons on the loose.”
I frown, salty tears threatening to form in my hazel eyes as I recall the hate filled words the girl had spat at me before trying and nearly succeeding to kill me again.
She had been sent by my brother, the only person I had ever been close to while alive, the person I had died trying to protect.
“We have a question for you Gerard.” the demon begins. “Will you join us and help us defeat the angels that sent us to hell, the ones that cost you your wings and flung you from the heavens as though you were no more than a bag of garbage?” She spits angrily. “Will you join us and seek the revenge we so rightly deserve?”
“No…” Frank mumbles into my chest quietly. “You`re too good Gee…to kind…don`t hurt people…”
I press my bloody, trembling lips to his forehead gently, stroking his soft, dark hair to calm him.
“I won`t. No.”
Her face falls; her eyes tighten dangerously as she grabs a sharp dagger from her belt. “
“Why ever not? They deserve it, don`t you agree? Think of your brother you precious little perfect brother who was adored by everyone. The meddlesome little boy who overshadowed you in life. Don`t you want to get your revenge on him?”
I shake my head, a single tear escaping my eye. True, I had always been jealous of him, and though he hated me now, blamed me for his death, I had died to try and save Mikey. He was my brother and despite it all I could never hurt him.
“Then you shall die as well.”
She lunges forward, as do the other demons, weapons drawn,sharp fangs like teeth bared one thing and one thing only on their twisted minds. Blood. I shove the beautiful, innocent human boy behind me, trying to keep him safe. This was not his fight. I try to fight of the attacking demons, ignoring the stabbing pain from my injuries. Blood soaks the floor, crimson seeps out of a fresh wound in my back, but I fight on alongside Julia, who like me would do anything to protect Frank from harm, knowing that although it had little to do with him, the demons wouldn`t see it like that. I manage to slice of a demons head, black blood gushes from the severed neck, staining my clothes making bile rise in my dry throat.
A shrill, powerful voice, ringing of authority yells, and the fight stops. It was Jenna, surrounded by several other hunters and other angels. My stomach flips when I see the brown haired boy near the back of the large group.
“What are you little shits doing here?” The last remaining demon, Rosie the leader hisses angrily, black seeping from her injured shoulder.
Four hunters rush towards her, and eventually manage to push her to the bloody floor, cuffing her hands and legs together so she cannot fight, before dragging her off to rot.
I stare shocked my head spinning, unable to tell if it was form blood loss or sheer surprise and confusion.
Frank who was huddled on the floor next to me sobbing rushes forwards, and I swiftly pull him into my arms, wiping the salty tears away.
“The fight is over.” Jenna speaks calmly, her strange eyes narrowed at me. “I have seen many evil beings in my life Gerard Way and I apologise profusely for mistaking you as one of them.”
She turns, releasing her powerful, feathery wings and kicks off from the ground, as do all of the other angels bar from Julia and one other.
“Mikey.” I say blankly to the brown haired forever young boy, unsure what else to say the person who had hated me for so long. He was still dressed in the clothes he had died in, a pair of black skinnies and his signature Anthrax shirt. If it wasn`t for the snowy wings protruding from his shoulder blades and the sad smile on his face I could almost pretend that nothing had ever changed.
“We have to talk.”
Io nod slowly, and follow him across the street where he stops and lights up a cigarette, offering me one.
“What do you want?” I snap, feeling a mix of happiness and guilt when I see him flinch.
“To apologise. And to offer you your wings back.”” I nod slowly and turn away.
“I do mean it Gee.” He tries to smile but it comes out as a grimace.
“No thank you.” I reply coldly and begin to walk back over to Frank, who was talking to Julia, a small smile appearing on his young handsome face when he sees me.
“I wish you and that human boy all the best Gerard. He is very lucky to have someone as good and kind as you in his life.” Mikey says, surprising me by the honesty in his voice.
“I only hope to one day prove to you how sorry I am.” He pauses. “For everything.” the tall, brown haired angel turns way, and I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my heart as I watch him trudge miserably down the road. Despite everything he was still my baby brother.
“Mikey, wait!” I cal after him, and he freezes.
“I-I forgive you!” His face breaks out into a huge grin and he flies over, his grin never once fading.
“Love you big brother.” He hugs me closely for a brief second, and I savour every second of it, remembering all the times when we were younger.
“Love you to Mikes.” I sadly let him go, and watch as he flies away into the sky, watching until there was nothing to see but a small dark speck in the sky.

“Julia told me that you were offered your wings back.”
Frank tells me, readjusting his position on my lap, resting his head back against me, a serious look on his face. we were sat in his room, listening to music and just enjoying each other`s company. It felt so strange to me, almost alien to be loved, but it felt right, so very right.
I nod unsure where he was going with this.
“Why did you decide to stay fallen then?”
I smile, kissing the tip of his nose, making him giggle and blush, exactly the reaction I had hoped for. “Because if I had my wings back I couldn`t return to Earth.” I explain softly, meaning every word.
He frowns, confused. “What`s so great about Earth?”
I lift him off of me and push him gently but forcefully against the poster covered wall, ignoring his squeal of protest before forcing his warm lips to mine.

I found you broken on the ground
From your mouth a bitter sound
That became sweeter as I approached
You in your deepest agony
I put you up and raised you well
And more than stories ever tell
I fell in love with you those days
And hoped that you would too
Fallen angel-L`Ame Immortelle
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