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chapter twenty seven

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“Well isn`t this just so very sweet?” the cold, cruel voice asks and I hear Gerard and Julia gasp with fear…

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Frank`s pov
Gerard, Gerard, I had found him. The beautiful, crimson haired boy was lying on the solid ground showing no signs of life, in deep pool of his own blood, with his perfect, intelligent eyes firmly shut. I feel a sharp twinge of guilt in the pit of my stomach as I see him, despite having done nothing to cause this. Perhaps if I had been a better friend towards the broken angel…
Shaking my head I race towards his bleeding still body, blinking back my tears desperately.
“G-Gee?” I whisper quietly, my voice trembling almost as much as my pale shaking hands. I received no response, thought I hadn`t really been expecting one.
“NO!” I scream, tilting my head, back, letting a few burning hot tears escape. Despertly I feel for a pulse in his pale neck, then realise how stupid it was since he had already died once and no longer had one. Was it possible for an angel to die again? I didn`t know. Where would my beloved Gerard go if he had indeed passed again? He had already been cast out of heaven, I couldn`t stand the thought of the beautiful, kind selfless boy burning in hell.
“Gee… please…”I sob and clutch his still broken body to me, slowly lowering my mouth to his, disgusted and repulsed by what I was doing, though I was unable to stop myself. His chapped lips taste of blood, his own blood and faintly of caffeine, seeing as he adored the stuff. And salt, though that was because of my crying. I slowly and tenderly kiss his soft, bloody lips carefully, praying for a response but it was no use. Gerard was gone.
More tears escape, and I begin shaking madly, and cry into his blood covered, wet tearstained shirt, no longer able to care about anything. The cold no longer bothered me, only the excruciating pain in my heart felt really mattered anymore.
Gerard was gone. I would never see his perfect eyes light up again or hear his high pitched girly laugh. He would never know how much he meant to me and I would never know what might have been….
“Gee…Please….I…I love you…”I whisper through sobs too caught up in grief to feel the slight movement underneath my hurt, heartbroken body.
“I….ow…love you…too…” my eyes open and I stare in disbelief at the boy beside me.
Nothing, his stunning hazel eyes were still firmly shut, his stained, pink lips closed in a straight line. He clearly hadn`t spoken and yet I had been able to hear him, hear his melodic voice whisper the words in my ear.
“Frank?” I freeze, then recognising the voice as the one belonging to my guardian angel I relax again, still clutching hold of Gerard`s still body, not wanting to let go of him ever.

“Oh my…” the hazy, brown eyed angel with the short blonde and blue hair gasps, seeing Gerard for the first time. She clasps one hand over her mouth, clearly shocked and disgusted by the sight.
“What on earth?” She hurries over to me, her feet barely appearing to touch the blood soaked ground, before bending down over Gerard, who I was still holding on to tightly, unable to force myself to let go.
“I-I just found him like this, he must have left the house for a while and-and he…” I break off sobbing into the crimson haired boy’s chest.
Julia places one arm on my trembling shoulder and rubs it slowly, trying to comfort me but failing, despite the angel girl`s best efforts. Nothing would comfort me now, nothing could help me. He was gone.
“I believe that I know who did this to him, Frank.” She begins, sighing. “Jenna Boutilier, the most eared hunter in Heaven.”
The sorrow leaves my face, as Julia tells me the evil bitch’s name. my eyes narrow with a deep hatred for the killer who had taken Gerard`s life…or afterlife away from him, taking him away from me.
“Where is she?” I asks, getting roughly to my feet, staring across the empty, silent street bitterly. I was not a fighter, I was often called a wimp at school, but I would find this girl a and hunt her down. And when I find her, I would make her pay for what she had done to Gerard.
“Easy Frank, easy.” I want to snap at my guardian angel, but something deep inside of me tells me not to, knowing that it wouldn`t help anyone.
“Jenna is a hunter, a hunter of the damned. She normally focuses on demons, not fallen angels.” I glare up at the short girl, wondering why on earth she thought that I needed to know this.
“She is not a bad person, she only kills those who she is ordered to, those who she believes deserve to rot in the fiery depths of hell.”
She states calmly and I lose it.
“Are you trying to say that Gee deserved to rot!?” He didn`t, he was the most amazing person ever.
“No, no. I am saying that there is no point in going after her; you will only get yourself hurt Frank. And as your guardian angel I cannot allow that.”
I nod; feeling exhausted after yelling at the girl, feeling a little bad that i had taken it out on her. I sit back down beside Gerard, gently running my trembling, cold hands through his tangled, red hair sadly, wishing it was me instead of him.
“Frank…” Julia begins uncertainly. “I think I can help.”
I shake my head bitterly, no one could help, no one.
“Give me his hand. Now.” She demands when I hesitate, grudgingly letting her take hold of Gerard`s pale hand.
She leans forward resting the hand up to her still, dead heart for a second, then nods once, lacing it back down. She reaches inside of a black and red backpack that I hadn`t even realised she had and open it. muttering words that seem little more that gibberish to me, she searches through the contents of it, pulling out books and magazines, Cds, drawings, and odd, indescribable items along with some normal things one might have in their bag, like food and coke.
“Here it is…” She mumbles, pulling out a small greenish blue vile of liquid triumphantly. She tosses it to me, ordering me to take out the stopper.
“He isn`t quite dead yet, miraculously his heart has somehow started again after she struck him down.”I stare at her wide eyed with disbelief. This wasn`t possible, she was having me on. He was dead; his heart could not have restarted. Besides, how had she been able to tell?
“Drink down that liquid, it needs to be passed on mouth to mouth by a living human.” Blushing a little as think of touching my lips to his again I nod and quickly gulp down the bitter tasting green liquid, before pressing my open mouth down to Gerard`s.
Nothing happens for a few minutes. I make sure that the horrid tasting potion goes down his throat the right way, then sit back, my face inches away from his.
He splutters wildly, before sitting up slowly, still coughing. “Frankie?!”
“I thought I would never see you again Gee.” I admit and burry my face in his chest, surprised when I feel the steady rise and fall of it beneath me.
“I love you Gee…”I mumble into his warm bloody shirt, cheeks turning bright pink as I admit it out loud, scared as I await his reaction. “It`s wrong and disgusting, I know and I-I`ve tried to stop it, but I can`t. I love you Gerard Way. I don`t want to, but I do.”
“Well isn`t this just so very sweet?” the cold, cruel voice asks and I hear Gerard and Julia gasp with fear…
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