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chapter twenty six

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I had no desire to spend the rest of eternity rotting in hell either.

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Frank`s pov
I stare at the faux leather couch where Gerard was supposed to be curled up asleep with wide, frightened eyes. I blink rapidly several times; hoping that is was just an idiotic trick that my eyes were playing on me in the shadowy, dark room. Sadly, it wasn`t. when I re-opened them Gerard still was not there. I jump to my feet and hurry across the room, stepping carefully over my two sleeping, oblivious friends.
“Gee?” I whisper and pull pick the covers up, surprised to find them almost ice cold. My stomach sinks even more and my fear increases as I realise that Gerard must have been gone for some time for his makeshift bed to be cold. This had to mean that he wasn`t upstairs in the bathroom or in the kitchen getting a drink.
I run out of the room, being as quiet as I possibly could and race into the kitchen just to make sure, but unsurprisingly find it empty. I then race up the carpeted stairs and find all the rooms empty as well. I hurry downstairs once more and undo the stiff lock on the back door and switch the outside light on, but the only living creature in the green jungle was the next door neighbour’s tabby cat, which glare dup at me and hissed. Sighing deeply, shivering from the cold night air I return inside, to find Ray and bob still fast asleep, snoring lightly.
I was really beginning to worry now. Gerard wasn`t anywhere, he had just vanished.
He has left you…he didn`t want to be around you anymore….The horrible, irritating voice in the back of my twisted, messed up sinning mind tells me in a taunting voice. The words which I knew or I at least hoped were not true hurt, they hurt so bad. In the short, magical time I had known the now crimson haired broken, fallen angel he had become the most important and special thing in my mundane life. And now he was gone, vanished.
He left you frank, you are not good enough for him, he only used you and know he is gone. And you will never see him again.
Angrily and hurt, I storm out of the silent, shadowy living room into the hallway and grab my warmest black hoodie that was hung up over the door and shove it on. I grab my converse and slip them on as well, not bothering with socks or to fix the half undone, muddy white laces. Collecting my house keys from the kitchen table I leave the warmth of the sleeping, eerily quiet house and enter the freezing cold night.
He will be long gone by now Frank, long gone. I ignore the voice and run down the street that was dimly lit by the old fashioned street lamps. I had to find Gerard, I had to know where he was and if he was okay. Even if the most important person in my life had left me, I had to at least know that he was okay and not lying in a gutter somewhere hurt.
“Gerard!” I run faster, my converse clad feet hitting the solid concrete pavement again and again as I hurry down the dark, rather frightening roads searching for any sign of the pale skinned angel boy.
Gerard`s pov
“Who-what are you?” I ask the dark, shadowy shape in a voice that slightly shook but apart from that I felt I was doing a good job of hiding my fear. The dark hairs on the back of my pale neck were all on end, my hazel green eyes were narrowed as I tried to make out who or what this threatening figure was.
“I am your worst enemy, you evil bastard."The person who was definitely female spits, and though I cannot see it clearly I can feel her hate filed glare grow even more unkind.
“What do you want?” my mind was telling me to run, but where to? She would surly follow and catch me. And besides, I was curious, possibly more curios than I should be. I felt weird familiar prickles at the base of my spine as the girl steps out of the shadowy protection of the tree and into the brighter part of the street where I can get a better look at her.
I gulp with fear as I recognise her.
I had to get away from here, now. But my damn feet were rooted to the spot, I was unable to move or to look away from her intense, hate filled gaze.
It was Jenna Boutilier, the most famous hunter of all things evil and unholy. This girl, with her extraordinary speed, strength and agility was quite simply the best. While at first glance she did not appear very threatening, what with not looking any older than fourteen, but have no fear, the black haired, strange eyed girl was deadly. When Jenna Boutilier wanted you dead, you had better make sure that you had you will all in order, for you wouldn’t have long left.

“You recognise me, huh Gerard?” the hunter asks in a cruel, mocking voice and says my name as though it contained a horrid smell. “You are smart, I shall give you that. Your brother Mikey warned me that you were clever.” She continues, her strange eyes gleaming in the dim light of the still dark street. “But he also told me that you were weak, very weak.”
This angered me but I stay silent. I was not weak, I wasn`t, no matter what my brother or anyone else said. I was not weak. I had been made to think that all my life, by my family and bullies, but I was not going to believe that in my afterlife.
Jenna grins and spreads out her beautiful silky looking, feathering wings. “Any last words?”
I try to run, but I am physically unable to, I couldn`t move a single muscle in my pale, pathetic body. Whether it was fear, part of the hunter’s power or deadly mixture of both, I was doomed for and I knew it. I had hated my brief time in heaven, but I had no desire to spend the rest of eternity rotting in hell either.
Taking a deep, shaky breath I close my eyes, unable to do anything but accept my horrible fate.
I feel a sharp, stinging hot pain erupt in my chest, and everything goes dark. In the back of my mind I am almost sure that I can hear a familiar voice calling my name over and over again.
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