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chapter twenty five

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With a sickening feeling in my gut, I realise that the crimson haired angel wasn’t there…

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hey there guys! I hope that you like the chapter, sorry to say this but the story is nearly over. Anyways, please let me know if you like this, thanks for reading
Gerard`s pov
This was so stupid. I had to be the most pathetic guy in history. Falling for one of the only people in my life and afterlife that had ever liked me, and wanted to help me. It was disgusting, wrong and not to mention pointless, seeing as Frank, along with being the most beautiful, kind hearted guy ever to live, was ya know, not gay. If he ever found out about my disgusting crush on him, he would hate me for sure and turn me away.
“Night Gee.” Frank`s warm breath tickles my pale skin, as he smiles up at me, bidding me goodnight. It wasn’t really night time; it was four in the morning, but still. Ray and Bob, his two friends were sound asleep in their sleeping bags that lay in the centre of the living room floor, so there was no fear of them hearing Frank call me by my real name.
I force myself to return the smile at the dark, scruffy haired boy, wanting to do nothing more that to pull his small, perfect body into my pale arms and hold him tight. Something that could never, and would never happen.
“Night Frankie.” I try to disguise the sadness in my hushed voice for tiredness, but I am not one hundred percent certain that he is fooled. Thankfully though, he doesn’t say anything else and tiptoes past me and his sleeping friends to the couch where he was going to sleep tonight.
I lay down on the other couch, my heavy eyelids drooping, yawning widely, but my mind was too focused and alert, images of the beautiful boy rushing through it, stopping me from sleeping. I sigh quietly and sit up; pulling the warm duvet tightly around my bare shoulders and get to my feet, tiptoeing silently to the front door, deciding that a bit of cool, fresh air might help me sleep.
I fumble with the old fashioned lock for a minute, cursing the small metal key under my breath. Eventually I manage to open it, and take a deep breath, bracing myself for the slightly chilly night air and step outside, barefoot, not planning on walking very far. It was dark out, but the golden sun would soon rise and turn the sky different, beautiful shades of orange and red. There was no one about, the entire neighbourhood where I had grown up, always feeling so alone, was silent and sleeping. It was almost beautiful, I think to myself as I stroll out of the front garden, looking at the slowly brightening sky and the old fashioned buildings.
“Going somewhere?” a cold, unfamiliar voice asks me, and a dark shape jumps effortlessly out of a nearby tree. I did not know the voice, but it struck fear into my black little broken heart, making the hair on the back of my pale neck stand on end.
Frank`s pov
I fall asleep quickly for once, far too tired and exhausted to stay awake any longer. I collapse onto the smallest couch and pull the covers around me, sleep taking me instantly. My dreams, like most of my waking moments are filled with the once long raven haired boy, the one with the ghostly pale skin and deep horrific wounds I had helped. My new found friend and the one thing in this god forsaken town that intrigued me. Gerard Way. The dead teenager who had been cast out of heaven, for what reason I did not know. I felt for the boy, his pain and suffering was clear in his odd, intelligent hazel green eyes. I was beginning to feel something for him, something I had never felt before, something electric and strong. It frightened me, these strange feelings, and the only reason for their sudden appearance frightened me.
I was falling in love with him.
It was wrong, immoral and disgusting. It was bad, terrible. I was a sinner; I could never be forgiven by my God, or my strict family. The old cross I wear around my neck burns my skin, the metal scorching hot against my pale tattooed chest. I had to stop these feelings from growing stronger, I had to. I had to bury them deep within me and forget about them. The thing that made me worry the most though, was that I didn`t want to.
I wasn’t ashamed of the feelings I had for the other boy, I didn`t even really feel like there was anything wrong with it, as I know I should.
I didn`t mind being in love with him. And a part of me, a very loud part of me that was ignoring everything I had been taught since I was a young child, was telling me, ordering me to tell him. Wistfully hoping that he felt the same.
I wake up in a cold sweat, my black hair, damp and sticking to the back of my neck. I blink rapidly, getting used to the weak light that broke through the partially closed curtains. I sit up on the couch, dropping the covers and rubbing my tired eyes wearily, wondering what It was that had caused me to awaken so suddenly. I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, one of worry and fear that I was unable to explain or shake.
Worriedly glancing to the ground I see that Ray and Bob were still fast asleep and I let out a deep sigh of relief, before glancing over at the couch on the opposite side of the large living room, where Gerard, or “Arthur” as Ray and Bob thought his name was, had slept.
With a sickening feeling in my gut, I realise that the crimson haired angel wasn’t there…
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