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chapter twenty four

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Truth or dare, Demons and bad writing...

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Gerard`s pov
Frank smiles uneasily over at me from behind his scruffy black fringe, his chocolate eyes full of uncertainty. I could tell that he didn’t want to play the childish game, just as I didn’t, but it seemed that we had very little choice in the matter.
“So then…Frankie…”Bob grins devilishly at Frank, his bright blue eyes glinting in the dimming light, sparkling with mischief and glee. The sandy haired bastard was going to enjoy our discomfort, I knew it.
“Don`t look so terrified Frank, I’m not gonna make things too difficult for ya…to start off with anyway.” Frank gulps, his pale cheeks tinted a faint pink as Bob begins asking the first truth question.
“Who was that girl you ditched school with the other day? What did you do?” He raises his eyebrows suggestively and although I knew that there had been no girl, it had just been a lie to cover for when we went shopping, I still felt my stomach tighten rather uncomfortably.
“That`s two questions.” Ray points out, reaching out for a can of coke, opening it, fizz going everywhere, cool liquid spraying all over the carpet.
“Fine then….”Bob mutters, casting ray an irritated, “shut the fuck up now,” look. Ray would most likely pay for pointing this out later.
“Well then, who was she?” both of them lean forward in their seats on the faux leather, black charcoal coloured couch, intently listening, waiting for Frank’s embarrassed and unwilling answer.
“Oh she was err…some old girlfriend from my old school…erm…Jamia.” His answer wasn’t all that convincing, Bob narrowed his eyes but said nothing as I try to ignore the strong feelings of jealously coursing through my veins, poisoning them. I had no right to feel jealous, but I still was. it showed just how pathetic I was, crushing on the one person who had saved me, taken me in and helped me.
“Arthur, truth or dare?”
“Oh…erm…” My cheeks flush and I duck my head, hiding from everyone but Frank`s curious gaze, wondering which option would be the least painfully embarrassing. A dare that came from Bob couldn’t mean anything good, but what if he asked a truth question about girls? If I told them the truth, they would hate me, I couldn’t risk that.
“Erm…Da-“I see a flash in Bob`s eyes and quickly change my mind, regretting and fearing it instantly. “Truth.” I mumble flicking a stray lock of crimson hair behind my ear.
“Wimp. " he grins letting me know he was only kidding. "So…how far have you gone with a girl?”
Great…I would have to lie, I couldn’t tell them the truth. “Erm…all the way.” my answer sounded more like a question, even to my ears, but they seem convinced enough. Thank God. Actually, no, not thank God, the lousy mother fucker.
“Ooooo... really?”! Bob says in a teasing voice, grinning madly. I nod, blushing furiously.
“Hear that Frankie, Your friend Arthur here’s not a virg-“
“So what?” Frank for some odd reason seems unhappy about something, bothered by some unknown reason.
“Can we do something else now?” he asks in a cold, almost hurt tone, a huge frown on his beautiful pale face.

Around twenty or so red eyed, pale skinned creatures, all in appearing to be no older than around twenty four, were sat in the large, spacious candle lit room, talking and laughing cruelly amongst themselves. The bloodless, battered and bruised body of the demons latest victim, a fifteen year old angel who had been down to earth trying to get a sinner to repent, lay in a pool of scarlet blood in the centre of the room. Sat on a grand, gothic looking throne in the left corner of the room, was a very pale girl, wearing extremely tight blood coloured jeans and an old, equally tight, blood covered shirt.
“Rosie, ,may I speak with you?” a pretty, pale skinned girl timidly asks the elder demon, shying away from her out of fear and a little respect, but mostly fear.
The black haired, pale skinned girl with blood coloured eyes that were heavily outlined with black looked up from her crystal glass filled with a suspicious looking liquid, facing the other demon, a slight frown on her forever youthful face.
The other shivered with fear, Rosie narrowing her eyes at this, seeing it as a sign of disgusting weakness, but somewhat happy that she was so terrifying to the other demon. It gave her an odd sense of joy striking fear into the hearts of others and hurting them, even if it was her own kind.
“you may, but make it quick.” She says in an offhand, almost bored tone, taking a small sip from the glass in her hand, before making a disgusted face and dropping it purposefully on the stone floor, the crystal shattering into sharp little pieces on impact.
“W-we have sighted a hunter nearby, a few miles away in Jersey.”
Rosie raises one perfectly sculpted dark eyebrow. “So, there are many hunters down at the moment, all searching for us. They will not find us so there is no need to fear stupid girl.”
“n-not just nay hunter though,” Rosie sits forward a little, interested in what the other had to say. if she found out that the other demon was wrong, then she would die slowly and painfully.
“It is the legendary Jenna Boutilier, and she is not looking for us.”
She narrows her eyes. “She isn`t?” she asks, curiosity lingering in her voice.
The other demon shakes her head. “She is looking for one of the fallen, a certain Gerard Way.”
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