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chapter twenty three

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Things were all finally coming together…

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Hey guys, I am so sorry about the long wait, I`ll try to update soon. Please let me know if you like the chapter, I hope you do.please read the note I posted the other day if you have not already done so. xoxodakota
Frank`s pov
The final loud, shrilling bell rang out, signifying the end of the school day, a welcome sound to all of us. Bob and Ray grinned over at us from across the table. Bob roughly shoving the latest copy of Kerrang! in his black and blue backpack, swinging it onto his back while Ray, who looked a little irritated gathered his belongs. I got to my feet, quickly glancing over at Gerard, who was nibbling on his bottom lip a little nervously, a timid grin on his pale, healing face.
“So do you want to come round now, or get your stuff and come round later?” I ask Ray and Bob once we were outside of the warm, stuffy classroom and outside in the almost clean, Jersey air. They were walking side by side behind me and Gerard, sharing an IPod earphone each, just like we were, the music blasting through each of our eardrums so loudly it was a wonder we could still here each other speaking.
They both shrug their shoulders. “Whatever.” Bob doesn`t care, his mum didn`t really mind where he was, as long as he was with his friends and not doing drugs or anything really dangerous.
“I`d probably better go home fist and let mum know I`m staying at yours.”
“Fine then mama`s boy.” Bob playfully hits Ray on the arm, earning himself a really dirty look.“Since you’re going home I will too, then we`ll go Frank’s at-“ he glances down at me, a questioning look on his face, silently asking what the best time would be.
I shrug, it didn`t matter. Mum was a nightshift and we had a teacher training day tomorrow, the last of the year so we all intended to make the most of it. “Whenever, about eight cause mum leaves at half seven?” they both nod in agreement.
We all walk in silence for the next few minutes, someone occasionally asking what films we should watch, but apart from that we just listened to the music.
“ We’ll see ya in a while, guys!” Ray and Bob wave at me and Gerard, who looks a little unsure but happy, and begins to wave back. the two teenagers cross the road and start walking down in, turning the corner that led to each of their houses. They lived three doors down from each other, something very convenient for them, not such good news for the neighbours however.
Me and Gerard arrive home a few minutes later, quietly unlocking the front door and dumping our stuff in my room, then make out way back downstairs to get some food.
“So what do you think of the guys, huh Gee?” he ducks his head, bright red locks of silky hair shielding his beautiful eyes. How I wished he wouldn`t do that so much, I wanted to be able to see them.
“They seem nice,” he mumbles, grabbing a cold can of coke form the fridge and unscrewing the lid.
“And what do you think of me?” I ask, a slight teasing tone to my voice. I was unsure why I had said it, regretting the words instantly, my cheeks burning and probably as red as Gerard’s hair.
“You?” He blushes, shying away behind his hair even more, his cheeks equally as red as mine, something that both surprised and intrigued me.
“Yeah, me.” “
“Oh well….”he mumbles quietly under his breath, trying to take a sip of juice and nearly choking on it. “Your cool and kind…and a good friend.” It seems as though he wants to say more, but he doesn’t.
I wonder if I should ask him something else, but I shake my head, ridding it momentarily of the stupid thought and change the subject.

“Hey Frankie, Hey Arthur!” Ray and Bob knock once on the front door and open it, entering the house without even being told to, walking I as though they owned the place.
Gerard looks up shyly at the two of them, smiling at them form under ca canopy of red. “Hi.” He smiles at them, and they laugh at his shyness, but not unkindly.
“So what do you wanna do?”
Ray puts on a film, some totally not scary horror one that was only able to scare little ten years old girls into having nightmares, we were only half watching it anyway. He had put it on mainly for some background noise.
“Lets play truth or dare!” Bob grins smugly, his blue eyes lighting up. We all groan, Gerard shuffling uncomfortably on his seat next to me on the sofa.
“Okay, Frank you first.” He begins, either completely stupid and oblivious to us being unwilling to play, or he just simply didn`t care. It was probably the last one.
“Truth or dare?” he asks, trying to hide his massive, evil grin.
I sigh defeatedly, drawing it out. Ay pats me on the shoulder, casting me a sympathetic look. Bob was evil when it came to this stupid, childish game. He came up with the worst, most embarrassing dares ever, and his truth questions were almost worse.
“Truth.” I groan, waiting for my fate to be decided by the sandy haired, music loving teenager.
“So Mr. perfect has decided to wimp out has he?” I groan again and roll my eyes, wishing it was legal to kill your friends.

Mikey`s pov
Excellent, excellent. I think to myself, leaning all the way back in my chair, a wide, almost evil grin on my forever young face. I was happy, no make that overjoyed, at the news I had just received from Earth. The demons had been sighted by one of the avenging angels and Satan had been informed, and was preparing a group to go and recapture them. And Jenna, the hunter of all things evil, the most renowned demon hunter in both hell and heaven had sent news that she had sighed my idiotic, useless older brother and was soon going to destroy him., she had told me that he would be dead, his body eternally rotting in the deepest pits of hell within a few short days.
Things were all finally coming together…
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