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Chapter twenty two

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After all, my living life had been pure hell, why should my afterlife be any better?

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Hey, I`m really sorry about the wait. I`m also sorry that this is shorter than usual. It is really only a filler chapter, but the next chapter will most likely be more exciting and feature the demons/angels. I hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do
Gerard`s pov
The day was mostly uneventful. The majority of the mostly idiotic, narrow minded hormone crazed students kept to themselves and minded their own business. A few of the slutty overly made up, fake bitches that walked as though they had a stick up their ass or something made a few catty , immature remarks about my new hair, and some bothered Frankie about his eyeliner, but apart from that we were left alone. Thank God. No one seemed to recognise me at least. Just like he had reassured me.
“Hey, Frank and Arthur, over here!” The sandy haired, Bob grins at me from a few metres away, sat next to Ray who was busy texting someone on his slightly outdated phone. It was lunch and the two of them were sat at their usual unstable table, according to Frank who was leading me over to it, making casual conversation as we walked. I think it was something about this new band he had been shown by Ray. The large hall was full, everyone sat according to what “Groups” they were in, the popular, mostly horrible students sat nearer the windows that overlooked the small strip of grass and tarmac, a few benches were dotted around, where Frank said they often went to sit and talk during breaks. Our small group of four was sat next to the trash cans, meaning that we were constantly having to stand up or tuck out chairs in as people passed, and the smell wasn`t to great either.
“So how was double maths with Frank, Arthur?” Ray asks, trying to be polite and show that he was still paying attention despite being glued to his phone. It takes me a second to realise that he was talking to me, I had grown so unused to anyone talking to me since my death and as I was using a fake name, it was even more difficult.
“Oh, shit.”
We eat mostly in silence, a comfortable one though, someone occasionally asking me a question, about random things that were very important to all us misfits, music and that sort of thing. The one question I was hoping didn’t show up thankfully didn`t. maybe there was a God on my side.
I have to smile at this, biting back a laugh; receiving odd looks from everyone, including the perfect, incredibly gorgeous Frank, who was so out of my leauge it wasn`t even funny.
We dump our trays, Bob complaining at Ray for being “So damn attached to his fucking phone” as he put it and make our way out into the ground surrounding the school, happy to be free of the stuffy, warm school building for the last few precious minutes of our lunch break.
The four of them stroll casually over to a weak looking, rusted bench and slump down onto it, Bob sitting sideways, resting his muddy trainer clad feet on Ray`s legs, who hastily kicks him off, flipping him of as he does, narrowing his eyes at me and Frank who are stupid enough to giggle.
“So sleepover at my place or yours today Frankie?” Bob asks, turning his back on Ray, playfully huffing about being kicked off.
“Mine, mums working a nightshift tonight, as long as we don`t mess the place up too much she won`t really give a fuck about it.”
“Cool.” Bob nods an turns to Ray, “Hear that Poodle Head, we`re staying at old Frankie`s tonight.”
“Poodle head?” He narrows his eyes, shoving his friend lightly on the arm, but everyone can tell that he doesn’t really mind Bob`s funny, if not slightly immature antics. Either that or he was just used to them.

I was so excited. My first sleepover. I mean, I hadn`t had many friends and stuff when I was alive, had kept to myself all throughout my childhood and teenage years so I had never stayed at another kids house with other kids and stuff. And I was looking forward to it.
Ray and Bob were great, not as great as Frankie obviously, but they were really nice, amazing people. They had already accepted me into their group, no questions asked. Of course, I knew that if they ever discovered the truth about me, things would be very different; they would run away screaming, cursing me as they went.
And maybe it was better that way…
A person like me couldn`t have friends, I had never been accepted, so why now, in the afterlife?
Frank catches me frowning; his beautiful chocolate eyes narrow with concern.
“What`s wrong?” he asks, genuinely worried. “The guys like you, you don`t have to be nervous or-“
“I`m not,” I force out a smile. True, that was only part of the reason I was worried. You see, I had a feeling; a terrible sense of dread that something was going to happen, something bad. something terrible. And soon.
After all, my living life had been pure hell, why should my afterlife be any better…
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