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Chapter twenty one

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“I will find you, make no doubt about that you evil bastard.”

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Hey, I`m really sorry about the wait, hope the chapter is alright, I`m not too sure if I like it or hate it. Just filler really, but it will get a bit mroe excitign very, very soon, I promise. And Mikey, the angels and demons will be back soon and will most likely have a lot to do with the ending, which is possibly going to have a slight twist. Please let me know what you think of the chapter and thank you for reading
Gerard`s pov
With every step nearer the evil, vile building, my heart filed with a little more dread. If I had still been alive and breathing, it would most likely have been beating a hundred miles an hour, desperately trying to break out of my chest. There was a slight chill in the air; the early morning sunshine had faded away, the bright burning ball of gas engulfed by clouds that thankfully didn’t appear to hold any icy rain.
Frank was walking right beside me, his perfect, kind warm eyes half hidden by his black, scruffy fringe that he kept fiddling with every few minutes. He was dressed in the awful white school shirt, his was slightly less crumpled than mine, and he had on a silver and black studded belt that definitely wasn’t school uniform. Then again, neither was the converse we were both wearing, the skinny jeans or the red and black eyeliner smudged hastily under our eyes. Put together with his well worn Black Flag hoodie, on most people it would have looked a right disaster, yet somehow Frank was able to pull it off and look absolutely amazing in it. Then again, was there anything that boy would look amazing in? I highly doubted it.
“You alright, Gee?” he smiles up at me, almost shyly, his hands in his pockets, half empty school bag slung lazily over one shoulder.
“I`m okay, I guess.” I answer, not telling the truth. And he knew it. But how was I supposed to feel? Happy? I was complete and utter terrified of going back to my old school, my life had been hell there, could I possibly expect it to be different now? And what if someone recognised me? I was fairly certain they wouldn’t, I mean no one ever paid enough attention to me to actually notice me, but what if by some freak accident or something, they did? Frank recognised me, after a while.
I know I shouldn`t be happy he had, but I was. If he recognised me that meant that he knew who I was when I was alive, right? I sighed, not daring to get my hopes hope.
“Gee, no one will recognise you, you look so different it`s unreal. What with the bright, in your face red hair, no one will ever expect that it is the same shy, quiet artistic kid that always had his earphones in, who was drawing something in his black sketchbook all the time.” So he had noticed me when I was alive. “Plus, they all think your dead, so I don’t think they`ll even make the connection.” Frank lowers his voice when he says that, anxiously glancing back over his shoulder at a small trio of giggling girls who I think that I recognised from a few of my lessons.
“Don`t you get the bus or something?” I ask as we turn the corner, the daunting looking building just visible over the roofs of houses that neighboured it. I had always walked to school; it didn’t cost any money, something I never had a lot of. Me and Mikey hadn’t minded, it had been nice just taking a slow walk to scroll, talking about the stupidest of things. The days before he hated me. I missed them a lot, a hell of a lot more than I was ever going to let on.
“Sometimes, if I have the money to spare. And if Bob and Ray are getting it.” he frowns, chewing on his bottom lip. “I mean, I ain`t rich or nothing, but my mom doesn’t get paid the best wage also I have to buy all my own stuff, so I normally just walk, it isn`t that far.” He explains and I feel bad now for letting him spend his savings on me yesterday, even though I did desperately need clothes and things like that.

By the time we get to school, the bell was just ringing, students pushing past each other, some hurrying to their classes, some as far away from them as possible. I recognise where Frank was leading me instantly, up the wooden stairs, along a long, wide corridor that was overly decorated with shitty posters designed to get us interested in things like physics and dead guys.
“This where we go first thing in the morning, our home room.” I nod, it was on the other side of the building to my previous one.
“Mr. Iero you are two minutes late.” Frank`s teacher frowns at him, but it doesn’t meet her smiling amber eyes. She was quite young, had ginger hair and fair skin. I recognised her as a science teacher, Mikey had biology with her a few years ago. I was unable to recall her name though.
She glances at her watch worn loose around her bony wrist. “I think that seeing as it is a Monday morning, we shall, how do I put it? Let it slide today, seeing as you have a friend with you, a new student?” she asks, beaming up at me from her short height, she was even shorter than Frank, something I didn’t know was possible.
“Yes, this is G-Arthur, he is new. We dint have time to go to the front office to sort everything out so his name isn’t on the register or anything.” she nods, understanding.
“Well your friend can have a seat next to you and your friends, I trust that you will all be friendly towards Arthur. Make him feel welcome.” She addresses the entire, bored looking, tired class, a warning glance on her youthful face.
I follow Frank to my seat, keeping my head bowed down at all times. Frank sits next to a sandy haired boy, who smiles up at me casually, as he flicks through a rock magazine that was hidden under his text book. I sit next to Frank, nervously smile in reply and then glance over at the boy sitting on the other side of the first one. His dark hair was amazing, his wide grin made me feel really welcome.
“That`s Ray,” Frank whispers in my ear, his cool breath tickling my skin. “and That`s Bob.”
“Hi, I`m Arthur.” I introduce myself, thankfully remembering my fake name.
Normal pov
If anyone had been watching that night, and they had been human they would most likely had thought they were imagining things, or that they were crazy. Some may try to fool themselves into believing it was a meteor shower, despite scientists giving no warning or one. The ground where the impact was shook and trembled, as though there had been an earthquake. The dark, star lit sky was bright, brighter than it should be, a glowing, glittering light appeared to fall from it, burning as it went along.
“I should be used to this by now.” A black haired filer muttered under her breath, dusting herself off. Mud from the impact was lightly dusted over her back skinny jeans, her shimmering hair slightly messed up but apart from that she was fine.
She had landed on her feet, something that the forever young fourteen year old made look a hell of lot easier than it actually was. She lazily stretched, her midnight hair dancing about in the slight chilly wind, her unusual eyes that were somewhere in between brown and orange were narrowed, focused on the landscape in front of her. But her eyes were not the only strange thing about her, no. growing out of her back were giant, feathery wings, snow white in colour, the tips a glittering silver. But she was no ordinary angel. No, she was the destroyer of evil, she was a hunter. Her name was feared by all evil beings, demons and the fallen alike.
“I will find you, make no doubt about that you evil bastard.” She glared at thin air, and stretched out her beautiful wings lazily and flew off into the distance.
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