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chapter twenty

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“Hmm..I thought as much,”

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Hey, So sorry about the wait, hope it was worth it. I hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do. If you read any of my other stories, I`m gonna try to update another one later, any ideas what one?
Gerard`s pov
“Boys, time to get up for school!” Frank`s mother yells up at us from downstairs. I groan and roll back over onto my other side, the one that faced away from the window. The small, tired moment stung a little, but it was by far the least amount of pain I had endured over the past few days. Bright, early morning sunlight entered the room through the slight crack in the black and red curtains, bathing the dark, messy room in a weak golden light. My eyes were just open, I could see Frank still huddled under his blankets on the camp bed on the floor, the pillow shielded his handsome, young face from the sunlight and probably his ears from his mother`s wake up call. Small tufts of dyed black hair were just about visible from under it, his soft, light breathing barley audible as he mumbled something under his breath and rolled over so that his tiny little body was facing towards me.
His perfect, chocolate eyes were still shut; red eyeliner that he had forgotten to remove last night was smudged around his eyes, making him look like a raccoon with red circles around their eyes as opposed to black ones. He still looked adorable though, just like always. I sigh quietly, it was no good. He would never understand, he would never in a million years feel the same. And if he ever found out he would surely hate me and cast me away, just like everyone else in my life (and afterlife) has done.
“Morning, Gee,” he giggles, and opens his eyes, rubbing at them, causing the red to go everywhere. I laugh quietly at this, despite my best efforts not to.
“What so funny?” he asks, yawning as he sits up, stretching out his arms above his head, a faint smile on his lips.
“You look like a fucking mutant raccoon.” I tell him pointing to my own eyes for emphasis.
“Oh,” he frowns and checks his hand that had traces of red eyeliner on it now as well. “I must have forgotten to take it off last night, huh?”
I giggle and nod, it was silly of him really, but it was a relatively easy mistake to make. I had done it many times in my lifetime, something hat Mikey had always teased me for. “You look like a fucking panda or something,” he would joke and push me lightly or teasingly punch my arm before dragging me off to the bathroom to get something to remove it with. That was when he didn’t hate me, when he wasn’t ashamed to know me, to share the same blood. Funny how quickly things could change, how one minute you were like best friends, then the next he wanted you dead and blamed you for everything.
“Boys! Are you awake!?”
Frank groans and gets to his feet slowly. “Mom`s getting annoyed, we`d better quickly get dressed and go to get breakfast.” He walks over to his closet, the door was still ajar, clothes still littering the floor as opposed to being hung on the designated hooks. He pulls out a white, slightly crumpled school shirt, and throws it over to his bed, but he misses and it lands on the floor.
“I`ll just wear the jeans I wore yesterday, they were clean on. It isn’t exactly proper uniform, but I really just don`t give a shit.” We both laugh at that, and I pick up the shirt for him and gather his jeans and put them together on his bed for him.
He begins rummaging around again, searching through the unstable mountain of band shirts, different coloured skinny jeans and studded belt and old hoodies before finally finding what he was looking for.
“Here,” he chucks me another shit, identical to the one he was going to wear.
“I`ll go in the bathroom and get this red crap off my face,” Frank tells me, collecting his clothes.
“Yeah, sure, thanks for the school clothes and...Well, everything,” he smiles kindly at me.
“Gee, I keep telling you, it`s no problem. I like having you here.” He says and disappears into his bathroom.
I dress quickly, pulling the white, crumpled shirt over my head, then tug on the jeans I had worn yesterday and begin the search for my converse, wondering where the hell they could have wandered off to

“Bye Frank, Arthur, I`m on a nightshift tonight, will you be alright?” we both nod, and his mother kisses Frank goodbye, then surprises me and does the same to me. I stand there stunned for a moment, hand touching the spot on my head where her lips had been, then come out of it and follow Frank out of the door.
“Ready to go back to the hellhole that is school?”
“No, I always hated it there, everyone hated my guts.” Can’t say I blamed `em.
“Well Ray and Bob ain`t like that, they`re really nice and like all the same kinds of music and shit that we do. They`ll be really nice to you, don`t worry,” Frank reassures me. I wouldn’t normally have doubted anyone who told me that, but seeing as I could find no trace of deceit in his eyes, and simply just because it was him, I decided to believe him.
Normal pov
“What the fuck Rosie, do you want to get us-“the black haired girl silences the boy with a single, hate filled look.
“Killed?” she sneers, showing off her perfectly white, straight teeth and the stud that went through her pink, pointed tongue.
Most of the other demons laughed, knowing what was to come. Violence and humiliation. They were just glad it wasn’t going to be aimed at them. Although not particularly tall, Rosie was a very evil, vicious girl, and was well known in their dark, shadowy, bloody world for her ruthlessness and her hate for near enough every living creature, her own kind included.
“We cannot die again, you fucking fool!” she aims a sharp, well aimed kick at the boy, who yelps when her high healed, black studded boots make contact with his stomach.
“The only thing they can do is to send us back to Hell, and we have just escaped from there, so we can do it again if we must.” the others nod and cheer her on. “Not that I have any intention of ever going back there, unless you do?” she asks the boy, though it was clearly a question not meant to be answered.
“Hmm..I thought as much,” she sighs and walks away, her shoes clicking as she moves, jet black hair swaying out behind her.
“Get me a drink,” she orders one of the others and an old fashioned goblet is thrust into her waiting hand, the demon being careful not to spill any on the floor or on Rosie`s clothes. The goblet was full of a deep crimson liquid that sparkled in the ever dimming light of the room which was lit only by a single flickering candle in the centre.
“We shall rest up for a few days, “ she speaks after taking a sip. “Then the real fun can begin,” loud cheers echo through the room, many demons jump to their feet and offer the pale, dark haired demon praise, which she gladly accepts, basking in their compliments.
Yes…she thought to herself. We shall win this time, make no doubt about it.
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