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chapter nineteen

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Gerard was still fast asleep, oblivious. I lay awake some more, alone with my thoughts, the thoughts of a sinner…

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Hi,I`m sorry about the wait, I hope that it was worth it. I don`t know if you have already seen, but I have a few new stories up (all frerard) and I would love for you (only if you felt like it) to maybe have a look at them? Anyays, you don`t have to, but you can if you want, I`d love you forever. I really hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do
Gerard`s pov
“Hey, Boys,” Frank`s mother enters the room that looked like bomb had hit it, tutting and shaking her head, but the ghost of a smile forming on her perfectly painted lips. Under one of her arms was what appeared to be a sleeping bag, blue and black in colour, slightly frayed at the ends.
“Frank, sweetie,” I bite back a laugh as he pulls a face at the name, he looked so damn adorable. “You can sleep on the floor in the sleeping bag until we sort something out for your friend, Arthur, you said your name was?” she asks me, an apologetic smile on her face. “I`m hopeless with names I`m afraid.”
“It`s fine, thanks so much for letting me stay, really, I am so grateful.” I was, I really, honest to God was. This woman had no idea who I was, I was just some friend of her sons and she was kindly letting me stay here for a while. Of course, she had no idea who I really was, if she had she would have ran a mile, but I was still incredibly grateful to her, she seemed like a lovely woman, if not a little overprotective of Frank.
“Ok Mum, night.” She kisses him goodnight on the top of his head and bids me goodnight as well, and leaves the room, closing the door behind her.
“She seems nice,” I comment, trying to be polite and break the silence more than anything else, as I spread out the old sleeping bag, Frank looking at me curiously from under his scruffy, black fringe, his chocolate eyes narrow, a slightly from forming on his perfect lips.
“What are you doing?” he asks, reaching out to take the other end of the black and blue checked, frayed material, “Mum said I`m to sleep in it, you can have my bed.”
“Yeah well, it’s your house and I’m just a guest, so-“
“precisely, you are the guest so I can sleep on the floor.” He shoves me gently out of the way and in the general direction on the bed.
“Okay, okay fine.” I wince as I stretch, the small movement causing a sharp, piercing pain to spread down the deep wounds on my back, searing pain shooting up and down the cuts, I bit my lip jut so I down yelp.
“And because you`re still hurt, “ Frank adds to the earlier conversation and I narrow my eyes, even though I was in pain I was going to deny it, not wanting to seem like a weakling in front of him.
“I’m not still hurt, a lot of my cuts are almost healed, and the bruises on my arms have nearly faded completely.” I tell him, perching on the edge of his bed, suddenly feeling very shy and daunted by the fact that I was going to be sleeping in his bed tonight, even though I had last night, but that was different.
“Yeah right, I saw them remember? I`m the one who cleaned them, those cuts are not healing any time soo-“ he cuts himself off, catching sight of my pale, skinny arms, jaw dropping in shock, eyes wide, confusion clouding over his prefect features.
“I-I…that isn`t possible...they-they were bleeding so badly and they were so deep and…”
“I heal quick, Frankie.” He just nods, unable to speak or do anything else, his shocked brain still trying to process how the gashes and purple and blue splodges on my arms had, in the space of a day almost healed over and faded away completely.
“Let me see your back,” he gets to his feet, waiting patiently in front of me, I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Shyly, hesitantly, I turn to him and reach behind me, slowly, inching up the thin fabric of the shirt he had lent me, inch by inch revealing the long, incredibly deep, still open wounds on my pale back. Frank`s face shows nothing but horror, like it had the first time he had seen the upside down “V” where my glossy, soft wings had previously been. However there had been some improvement to my back, the dried blood had been washed off, and the bruises, like those on my arms were nearly vanished, the “V” still glaring back at him though, the blood coloured cuts standing out fiercely form my ghostly pale skin.
“They…they haven’t healed,” I shake my head, my newly dyed red hair falling forward to shield my face from him. It wasn’t an effective curtain as my old, longer, more messy, natural black hair had been, but it would do. It would have to. The only downside was that I looked like a fool whenever I blushed, which was often when I was around Frank. What with my skin being so white, whenever I blushed I looked strange enough, but with my shocking red hair, I would look exactly like a tomato. I hated them, I had got the juice bits in my eyes once and it had stung, putting me off tomatoes for life. And well, death.
“Well, night, Frankie.” I smile at him and watch as he snuggles under the sleeping bag, looking completely worn out, just like I felt.
“Night, night, Gee. I-goodnight.”I am sure that I can see his cheeks redden slightly, but in the dark room I cannot be certain, why would Frank be blushing anyway, what did he have to be embarrassed about?
I put it to the back of my mind, roll over, pulling the covers tightly around my cold, hurting body, closing my eyelids and drifting off into a dreamless sleep, the first in years, almost immediately.
Frank`s pov
I tried to fall asleep, I really did, but it, like so many things in my life, was impossible. I glance up at my bed where Gerard was sleeping peacefully, wrapped up tightly, cocooned in layer after layer of blankets. He looked so different when he was sleeping, so peaceful, so calm and content. He was a different person, an innocent, more childlike one. Less broken. He was broken; anyone could tell that, just by looking at him, taking in his appearance, the way he ducked his heads and hid behind his hair, his beautiful, pain filled eyes, the way he shied away from most things and the way he spoke to strangers, politely yet timidly, as though he feared them. Maybe he did, I didn’t know. From the sounds of it he hadn’t had a very happy life; desperately trying to live up to his so called “perfect” younger brother, and now he had been cast down from heaven.
I sigh and roll over, shutting my eyes, listening to his soft breathing, it calmed me down, yet not enough so that I could drop off. I repress a groan, not wanting to wake him.
I lay there for a very long time, how long I cannot say, hours, I’m sure. As I lay there, with nothing but my loud, mind for company, confusing thoughts echo through my heads, again and again. Terrible thoughts, terrifying ones. Over and over they echo, the worrying, dreadful thoughts blur and mesh together, so that I can`t understand them anymore, morphing into hushed, taunting whispers. In my head I see things, awful things. I see Gerard. And I see myself. We were…sitting there, in my room…and it was dreadful, it was horrible. And yet it was so good, so right. We were just talking at first, then one of us, I don’t know who, leans in and captured the other`s lips, in a sweet, soft, bone shuddering, electrifying kiss. My pulse rate accelerates; I want to run, run far, far away. But I can’t. I can’t run form myself, from my own mind.
I sit up, running a shaking hand through my sweat drenched hair, terrified of t=what I had seen. It was all so wrong, so very wrong. Those thoughts had no right to be in my head, it was disgusting, immoral and just plain wrong. But…why…why was there a small part of me, that didn’t feel that way, that actually wished for, longed for that to really happen?
I lay back down, firmly shutting my eyes, keeping them shut, trying once again to block out the thoughts form my mind, the terrifying thoughts, the ones i couldn’t ignore or forget. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to. I roll over again, reopening my tired eyes. Gerard was still fast asleep, oblivious. I lay awake some more, alone with my thoughts, the thoughts of a sinner…
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