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Chapter One

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Rain poured down like ice-cube sized hail, and the wind gusted like a hurricane. I was freezing cold, and eager to find my hideout. I wanted to be wrapped up in my blanket and be so nice and warm until the storm stops.
Just a week ago, I've been forced to fend for myself. I was almost beaten to death by my ex-lover whom I shared an apartment with, when he came home with a strong scent of rum and Methamphetamine and brought home a skankish looking woman wearing fishnets and a ripped tube top. He looked at me and started throwing things at me, calling me a bastard and a whore. He threw wine glasses and lamps, he held a knife to me and everything. It was horrifying. When I locked him and the prostitute in the bathroom, I gathered my most precious items and stuff and bolted it out of the apartment with my cell phone calling the police on my betrayer.
It was stupid of me to go out in this weather without anything to keep me warm in the first place. Why today though? I went to the convenience store to get a news paper then BOOM. Once I get out it starts pouring like no tomorrow...
I was walking down an alley way, my shortcut to get to the abandoned house I'm hiding out in. It's rather long, and in this case dark and loaded with little creatures like rats and stray animals. But I felt like I was being watched, and I looked up from my feet. A gang, possibly just a little part of a mafia crew, was just feet away from me, staring at me as I approached shakily. I didn't want to start shit today. With ANYONE.
"Hey there girly," greeted one of the gang members, who had a Brooklyn accent. "Wanna ride on my bike?" I noticed he was leaning against a motorcycle, patting the seat as he looked at me hungrily, licking his lips.
I swallowed hard, and shook my head, muttering a "No thank you," as I scurried past, almost regretting that I even responded.
"You're not going anywhere," snapped another member, who was rather buff and stocky, as he grabbed my shirt with a swift motion, dragging me back. He held me in a headlock as the other men began clawing at my ripped jeans.
Not even attempting to scream, I bit my captor's arm, and kicked my legs out. I elbowed my captor, and managed to break free as I backhanded one of my attackers, kneed the one directly infront of me and stomped on the last one's foot. Now free from hell, I bolt it in the rain, my boots splashing in the somewhat flooding street. I was running for my life, almost as fast as I did last week.
At the end of the alley was a fence, a dumpster and several milk crates piled up. I jumped onto the crates and climbed up the dumpster, my chasers right behind me. I hauled myself over the wooden fence and sprung off the edge, landing into a large puddle on the sidewalk. Panting, I ignore the extra weight on me now.
The rain continued to pour and the wind continued to blow. Thunder echoed in the sky rigorously as I dashed for my life. As I looked for a safe place to hide, I noticed a man in the distance with an umbrella over his head. He'll help, he's my only hope.
I tripped, smashing my knee into the cement, I let a cry of agony escape. I looked behind me, noticing the attackers tailgating me. I got back up, staggering and limping as I attempted to run.
"Sir!" I cried out. "Please help me! I'm being chased, and I need your help. Please, I beg of you." I begged, crawling at his feet, noticing... he wasn't wearing shoes. He wasn't wearing a sweater or a jacket either. Just a long-sleeved, white shirt and light blue jeans. He slouched slightly, and looked like he hadn't slept in days. It was... odd. But that didn't matter.
Soon enough, he became the leverage for my injured limb. He scoped for a secure place to hide me, soon finding that another alley was adjacent to us. Swiftly he took me behind a dumpster leaning up against the wall and held me close to avoid being spotted. He closed the umbrella and leaned it against the wall and continued huddling into me.
I huddled into his warmth, my heart leaping at a rate of what seemed to be 100 beats per ten seconds. I shuddered uncontrollably when I hear splashing footsteps nearby. I nuzzled my head into my saviour's shoulder and made a peeping noise.
"Shh..." he hushed me, rubbing my head gently.
I nodded and waited silently for the men to pass. Soon enough, the sound of my panting and the pitter patter of the rain on the dumpster were the only audible sounds left.
"They're gone," the man told me. "you can come out now."
I peeked out from his shoulder and let go of him. "Thank you so much sir," I grinned. "I cannot think of a way to--" in the middle of my sentence, my knee was bleeding to the point where it flooded down my leg. Yelping, I groan.
"You need help." he insisted, throwing me onto his back without any warning. He told me to hold the umbrella when a rumble of thunder stormed through the sky. He started running, being able to run at an amazing speed through the rain. "Close your eyes." He commanded. I did so, and all I felt was bumping and his hands holding my legs around him.
It was at least another three minutes before we ended up in some elevator. He let me down gently and leaned me against the wall so he could close the umbrella before becoming my support again. I noticed I was leaving marks of blood on the floor.
Apologizing, the elevator door opened. I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings as he guided me everywhere.
I started blacking out, my body ice cold and limbs aching with pain. I woke up to find myself lying on a bed, with the man wrapping bandages around my knee. It hurt as if I was being ripped open in a non-professional surgery. I let out a tearful groan, getting his attention.
"I'm almost done," he acknowledged me. "I'll get you some ice." He ripped the bandage and tied it tightly before walking off into the other room leaving me on the bed leaning back on my elbows waiting for him to come back. He came back with a blanket and a plastic bag full of ice covered in a cloth. "Keep your eyes on me," he said as I didn't even notice that he was placing the ice on my knee. He wrapped the blanket around me and I cuddled myself into the warmth.
"Thank you so much sir," I spoke with a most grateful expression. "how could I ever repay you?"
"Please, I need nothing from you," he replied. "do you mind if I ask your name though?"
I nodded, "My name is Kuninobu Naoko. May I know yours?"
"I must know this first," he paused and leaned close to me, making me back up just a little bit, his panda eyes staring into mine as he placed his thumb on his lip. "can I trust you to keep the world's biggest secret to protect you yourself and me?"
I nodded. "Anything for the guy who saved my life."
The room was silent and I was waiting eagerly for him to tell me. He got closer to me, and muttered. "I am L."
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