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Chapter Two

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"Would you like to talk about something?" L asked in his usual monotone voice that always sent exciting shivers down my spine. "You look lost in a rather concerning thought. It's made me interested in what's lurking in your head."
I felt a chuckle coming on, but I chose to keep it to myself. Instead I smirked, and turned my attention to the man who sat rather awkwardly on the chair across from me as he stared at me curiously with his adorable panda eyes. I'd realized that I'd been staring out the window since before dawn, 5 a.m. My eyes shifted to the grandfather clock just behind L and noticed it was nine forty-seven a.m. I'd been thinking about what will become of me now that I've met the infamous L, and what his intentions are with me. I just want some answers as to my new situation, and I think now's the right time.
Ever since I've been rescued, I've been living with L in his humble abode, where no one gets in without L's permission, and no one gets out... visually. He's been trying to help my healing knee, which was severely injured in my escape after I fell onto the pavement in a puddle. With all the contaminated water that had stained my knee after the fall, my joint became infected and L came to the conclusion that I will stay until further notice. That was before I notified him that I recently lost in love and was thrown onto the streets by choice.
"I've been burying into deduction, but I can't seem to place each puzzle piece together to figure my questions out," I explain. "having to survive by myself here in Japan since I was sixteen has been a hassle, and I've learned that I must serve for myself, but I cannot refuse help offered by my idol. It's become quite a habit to catch myself losing myself in the stars above me or in the clouds in the sky."
He swallowed the piece of cake in his mouth, and placed the empty plate on the coffee table before placing his left thumb to his lips, as if he was just examining me. "If you don't mind me asking, but are some of these questions?" he asked, refusing to leave my eye contact.
I smirked to his curiosity as I gathered all of my questions related to L's exact intentions. "Why did you decide to help me? You being the world's most famous detective, you must be in danger at all times. For all you know, I could've been hired to find out information about you for a future assassination or even worse... Kira."
This definitely caught his attention, I could see the surprise hidden behind his irises. He was thinking for a second, and finally spoke. "Yes, my actions were quite dangerous to aid a complete stranger. But from that window you're staring out of, I was watching your dilemma as you were being captured. I managed to walk out onto the abandoned street and found you. I protected you and once I saw your injury, I had no other tempting option other than to help you."
I smiled, and I believe I blushed at his oblivious charm. "Why did you decide to share your home with me, who've you've only known for just minutes at the time?"
He smirked. "Your injury was serious, and it would've been unacceptable into the hospital at this time of year. Therefore I put your health in my hands, with Watari's aid of course. Then once you revealed that you've been in some serious situations lately, I couldn't help but accept you into my home. But don't expect to leave anytime soon."
I nodded. "I don't plan on it." I giggled cutely. He smiled, which caused me to just grin with respect. He was so cute when he let even a smirk cross his face. I just wanted to take him into my arms then and there just to hold the adorableness that was the detective. But then again... how awkward would that be just to do such a thing to a man I've just met. Instead, I smile and sipped the sweet vanilla tea that had at least five sugar cubes dropped into it.
He didn't stop smiling for a while, even when he was eating cake or filling his cup up with sugar cubes. We continued to talk about Justice and L's accomplishments, how impressed I was with many cases solved in such a short lifetime. He was now working on the Kira case, which has been going on for what seems to me like a long time; two years. He was just brilliant, and I've always respected brilliance. L was the reason why I had gotten into mysteries and got interested in my own deducting. I told him my inspirations and my life since high school graduation, and he seemed rather content with my ideas.
As 11:20 struck the clock, Watari's "W" appeared on the television screen, which happened to startle me.
"Sir," Watari said. "Yagami Sr. and Yagami Jr. are on their way up to take you to the headquarters."
L's smirk began to wear off, and I felt a little sad to see it leave his face. "Thank you Watari. I shall prepare to leave."
After a few minutes of waiting, two men walked in the door and into the living room where L and I sat sharing the cake and tea. One was young which light brunette hair and chocolate brown eyes. The other man was older, paler with grey hair and glasses. Both wore suits like FBIs, but I had a serious sense that they weren't apart of the FBI or any American police force for that matter.
As they walked in, I was the first thing they laid eyes on. Surprise painted on their faces, their eyes shifted back and forth between L and I, the expressions of shock wearing off their faces. The younger man seemed rather interested in me, and my sudden appearance.
"L," The older man addressed the awkward hero. "Please explain who this lovely creature is."
L nodded and stood up on his chair before stepping onto the soft carpet. "Yagami Soichiro and Yagami Raito, this is Ms. Kuninobu Naoko, my new companion. Naoko, these men are members of the task force."
I stood up and placed the teacup onto the coffee table. Smiling, I bow in respect. "It's my pleasure to meet you both." I assure, standing up straight once more. "I've heard so much about you."
The men nodded. "Please excuse us, Ms. Kuninobu, but we must get back to work at the headquarters. It was a pleasure to meet you also." Prompted Raito, who walked over and took my hand gently before kissing it softly.
I blushed, and looked up at L, who very faintly had a twitch in his left eye at the sight of Raito's charm. It was barely there, but I could notice it if I looked extremely closely. "Understood." I replied. "Good luck men."
The two task force members began walking out of the room, Raito with a sly smile on his face. L turned to walk away, but turned back around quicker than lightning. Before I knew it, L's arms were wrapped around me, pulling me into embrace.
My face turned a bright tomato-like colour as L whispered something into my ear.
"We must discuss something later when I return," He mumbled. "try to keep yourself busy in the meantime."
I nodded and hugged him back, becoming curious about what he wishes to talk about. A second later, he unlatched his arms from me and turned to leave, looking back at me before he shut the door behind him.
I stood there, cheeks burning, just staring out the window. Thinking, "What am I getting myself into and do I really want to?"
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