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chapter fifteen

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I shake my head and lean into him, finding the way he wrapped his little arms around me somewhat comforting

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Gerard`s pov
We both walk down the short garden path, careful to not trip over on one of the larger cracks in the concrete and I fumble around in my jeans pocket for my house keys. I can feel the gorgeous other boy staring at me as he waits, and I blush a little under his intense chocolate gaze. I take a deep breath to try and collect myself before unlocking the door, the fiddly metal key sticking momentarily in the unpredictable lock as it often did.
“Come on the Frankie.” I say, squeezing his pale hand that I was still holding on to tightly, never wanting to let go.
We enter the small two bed house and I sigh with relief when I realise that it was empty. Mom must still be at work. I dump my jacket on the side of the faux leather couch lazily, while Frank neatly hangs it on the stand in the far corner of the bright room.
“So erm this is the living room.” I tell him stating the obvious, unsure what to say to the beautiful boy who may or may not now be my boyfriend. I wasn`t too sure about that, and being me I was too shy to ask, fearing rejection and more heartache.
He nods politely and smiling up at me from behind his scruffy fringe he leans in quickly and places a brief, chaste kiss to my now bright red cheek.
“I really do love you Gee.”
I smile widely, getting the answer to my unasked question and return the kiss, my chapped lips lingering on his pale flesh a little longer than necessary.
“Do you wanna see my room?” I ask then realise how that may have sounded and blush again, embarrassed as I try to explain.
“I don`t mean like anything by it, I just thought you might like to listen to some music or read some comics. I have a pretty impressive collection of first edition-“
“Gee. Chill.” He smirks up at me; eyes gleaming brightly with mischief, making my knees go weak. “And I bet you do, have a pretty impressive collection.” He smirks in a spine tingling suggestive voice, making my little black heart race and my kneecaps melt.
I grab his hand after a sudden rush of confidence and lead him upstairs, the fourth last one creaking in protest as it always did.
“That`s the bathroom, that`s mom`s room and this.” I pause, stopping outside the poster covered door. “Is my room.”
“Awesome.” Frank says, flopping down on the unmade bed, disturbing a few old copies of Kerrang! and my latest art work that hadn`t yet been completed.
“I have that poster.” He tells me, pointing to a massive one of Green Day, a band we both loved.
I nod, remembering seeing it.
“Did you draw these?” Frank points, awestruck at the few drawings I deemed good enough to be put on the wall, and I nod embarrassed thinking that he didn`t like them.
“They are fucking amazing!”
I blush deeper and sit awkwardly on the edge of my bed next to him, the electricity and heat coming off of him almost too much to bear.
“What’s this?” Frank questions, picking up the drawing he had accidently almost sat on when he had nearly thrown himself onto the bed.
It was a drawing, a roughly outlined sketch of the most beautiful, perfect guy on earth that I had drawn yesterday.
“Is that…me?”
I nod, ashamed and embarrassed, fearing that he would call me a creep.
“Wow.” Frank seems to genuinely like it. “Do…do you think I could maybe keep it?” He asks hesitantly, peering shyly at me from behind his black fringe.
“Sure it`s shit though, nothing like the real thing.” I admit and he shakes his head.
“You made me look good, almost beautiful. I don`t look like that.” he says calmly, folding the drawing and putting in his back pocket, unaware of how wrong he was.
“Your beautiful Frankie, fucking beautiful.” He is about to protest, so gaining some confidence I never knew I possessed I crush my chapped, dry lips to his, savouring the delicious taste.
Eagerly he moves is lips against mine frantically, out tongues intertwined, working together exploring the other`s mouth. There was no fight for dominance, but if there had been I would have let him win. Frank groans desperately into my mouth, the needy, erotic sound sending chills up and down my spine as he crushes his slender boy against mine.
Hesitantly I move my badly shaking hands from his tangled hair and move them slowly down his clothed chest, cursing the damn fabric in my way.
“Mmmm…Frankie…” I half sigh half moan as he nips my pale, bruised neck playfully, hesitantly edging one hand under the hem of his shirt, carefully gauging the smaller boy`s reaction.
“Geeee….” He leans forward into the slight touch, returning his needy, bruised lips to mine.
Blood was beginning to rush down south and it was beginning to show, I am unable t hold back a loud moan when Frank roughly bucks his hips into mine, and neither can he.
“M…My mom will be back soon…we can`t…”
“I know…” He replies but doesn`t stop kissing my neck sloppily, my hands still roaming under his shirt, exploring the smooth, tattooed skin.
“And…and we only just found each other again…don`t wanna rush…” I moan as he nibbles a particularly sensitive spot behind my ear, before taking the lobe into his wet mouth and sucking on it.
“Gerard?” we freeze. “Are you up there?” shit. Mom was home.
I honestly cannot believe I hadn`t heard the door open, then again we had been a bit…preoccupied.
I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and we jump away from each other, trying to flatten our hair and readjust our shirts.
“Gerard what do-Oh hello.” Mom smiles warmly at Frank. “I didn`t know you had a friend over Gerard.” She says the word “friend” strangely, almost as though she was biting back laughter.
“Well I`ll just pop back out then, I needed something from the shops anyway and…Frank?”
He blushes and nods.
“Frank Iero, is it really you? after all these years?” She hugs him, taking him and me by surprise.
“It is very nice to see you again Frank.” She says genuinely, her gaze lingering slightly too long for my liking on our ruffled hair and flushed faces.

“I like your Mom. She seems nice.” Frank says, lying back to rest his head in m lap while I gently stroke his incredibly soft dyed hair.
“I think she kinda knows…about us I mean.”
He nods. “Kinda hard to miss what with the whole noise and our heavy panting and shit.” I nod, my cheeks reddening a little as I recall the magical events that had happened only a few short hours ago.
“Gee can I ask you something?” Frank begins uncertainly and I nod, pressing a quick, comforting kiss to the tip of his cute little nose, making him giggle.
“I-it`s about your brother.”
I freeze. Frank remembered Mikey?
“Yeah, what about him?”
“well I was just wondering…why he isn`t here.”
Oh. Great. “Mikey…Mikey lives with…with my dad somewhere in New York.” I can feel the salty teats forming in my eyes, normally I would blink then back rapidly, but I wasn’t ashamed in front of Frank.
“I`m sorry for asking I just…Do you ever see him?”
I shake my head and lean into him, finding the way he wrapped his little arms around me somewhat comforting.
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