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chapter fourteen

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We didn`t care what they thought, it didn`t matter to us. We knew how we felt and that was all that did.

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Gerard`s pov
He kissed me. Frank Iero fucking kissed me. I stare at the beautiful vision of perfectness in front of me with wide surprised but definitely not angry eyes.
“I…I…” I mumble unable to form a proper, full sentence, my pale cheeks a violent shade of pink as they often were around the miracle that was Frank. He was so perfect, so God Damned beautiful and kind hearted and to make it worse, he didn`t even realise this.
He was still staring down at the ground bitterly, fresh salty tears welling up in his stunning intelligent brown eyes, a sight that literally pained me to see.
Gently, almost timidly I place a trembling hand under his chin and tilt his head back, forcing the smaller boy to look up at me. I see fear in his eyes, masked by confusion and disgust. But I also saw something else in the pretty deep chocolate pools.
It was too good to be true; it was my imagination or just plain wishful thinking on my behalf. It had to be. He couldn’t love me, I was a mess. And he was just so amazing. Frank was gorgeous, selfless and smart; he was incredibly talented and an all round good guy. Someone like him would never think twice about a guy like me. Besides I doubted that he even had any interest in guys, the thought probably repulsed him.
“I…I love you Gee…” He begins to sob quietly, shame and disgust washing over his pale face. “I can`t help it, I`m sorry. And now I`ve messed it all up, messed up the best thing in my life…”
“Shhh….” I trace him pale pink lips with a shaking, long pale finger, pressing it against them in order to silence him. Frank stress at me wide eyed, disbelief and hope filling his eyes as I reach to wipe away his salty tears like he had done for me what seemed like hours ago.
“You don`t have to say you’re sorry for anything Frankie…I love you too.”
Silence envelopes the both of us for a few seconds as I allow him to take in the information and register it. At first he seems shocked and then unbelieving before breaking out into a huge, wide happy grin, giggling like a little school girl.
“You really mean it?” He asks his breath warm and electric against my chapped lips that were dying for some form of contact with his. Deciding that no words in any language could prove how much I honestly did love the boy, I capture his smooth lips with my own. Ad as cheesy and corny as it may sound it really did feel like fireworks exploding all around me and inside me, it was eclectic.
Frank tastes amazing, like coffee and cigarettes, both of which I loved to death, though not nearly as much as the short boy I was smothering with kisses. He groans into my mouth and forces me closer to him, tangling his tattooed hands into my tangled crimson hair, messing it up even more. Not that I had any complaints of course. We pull back for air for a few seconds, our chests rising and falling frantically against each other’s, our hearts beating erratically inside as we gasp for breath. He leans in again, this time going for a certain spot on my neck which makes me moan, sucking the pale skin and nipping it occasionally with his perfect teeth, sending shivers up and down my spine. Unable to help myself I release a small moan, and I can feel him smirk against my neck, kissing his way back up to recapture my bruised, willing lips.
As we work our lips against each other`s recklessly, sloppily, tongues dancing as we explore the others warm, wet mouth I grip hold of his hair, trying to pull his body closer to my own, needing him more than air.
“G…Gee…” He pants out when we finally reluctantly release each other, gasping for breath, chests heaving, hair all messed up and on end.
“F-Frankie.” He grins at me with his bruised lips, making my already racing heart flip. “Love you Frankie…missed you so much, I didn`t even know how badly I did until I found you again…” I mummer gently into the crook of his neck, and he warps his tiny little arms around me, pulling me closer.
“Me too Gee. I`m never gonna leave you again, no matter what.”
I smile, for once a genuinely happy one and kiss his flushed cheek, my lips barely brushing his warm skin.
He coughs awkwardly breaking the romantic moment. “We missed like all of Art class. Schools nearly out, we should probably head home before everyone gets let out and sees us looking like…well looking like this.” He gestures to the both of us, our flushed faces, tangled hair and our heavy panting. Not to mention the newly formed bruises on our pale necks that showed exactly what we had been up to instead of studying.
I groan and gently touch one of the marks on my neck, which stood out remarkably against the almost chalk white skin, willing it to fade. “Mum`s gonna go fucking mental when she sees!”
Frankie giggles, a beautiful melodic sound that fills me with glee, making me want to join in. “And you think mine`s gonna throw a fucking party to celebrate?!”
I laugh and shake my head. “It looks good on you though.” I say shyly, my cheeks would have turned red if they weren`t already. He grins and takes hold of my hand, leading me away from the prison like school building.
We keep laughing almost all the way back to my house, holding hands, fingers intertwined, ignoring the hateful looks we received from some passersby. We didn`t care what they thought, it didn`t matter to us. We knew how we felt and that was all that did.
We stop outside of my gate, silently staring up at the front door with slightly uneasy looks in our eyes.
Frank glances up at me nervously and I squeeze his hand. “How will you Mom take it? Does she like know that you like guys?”
“Yeah, she knows and she`s okay with it.”
“Oh.” He smiles clearly relived kisses my cheek.
“And yours?”
He frowns and bits his lip. “Doesn`t know. Hell I didn`t really even now till like now!”
It was my turn to frown. “Will she be alright with it?”
“I dunno, Gee. I really don`t know.”
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