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chapter thirteen

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“That`s why.” he whispers, staring bitterly down at the ground.

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Gerard`s pov
The day passes slowly, one big blur of boring, moody teachers and learning about shit I honestly couldn’t care less about if I tried. I try my damndest to force a smile on to my tired, pale face, but I fear that my eyes give me away, showing nothing but sadness and pain. I can feel Frank cgiving me curious, kind looks from under his scruffy fringe throughout the day that I try to ignore. He knows something was up, I knew that he did. The blonde and black haired boy knew me too well, despite only have being back in my life an incredibly short time. it was almost as though there was a link between us; an unbreakable bond that had somehow remained barely noticeably in our time apart that was now stronger than ever. I had always felt close to him as a child, but know is somehow felt even closer to him and I was afraid to admit the reason why to myself, let alone to anyone else.
“Gee, can I talk to you?” Frank asks, tugging on the worn, baggy black sleeve of my hoodie.
I nod, a little confused as the shorter boy propels me away from my two other friends, whose knowing, intense gaze was threatening to burn holes in my back. He stops just behind the outside, red bricked building that housed the Gym equipment such as Trampolines and athletics stuff.
“Gee, why did you run off yesterday?” Frank asks me in a timid voice, his beautiful eyes darting all over, never onc meeting my own like I so desperately wanted them to.
In the short amount of time since I had been reunited with my lost best friend, I had fallen completely head over heals in love with him. It was stupid and reckless, not to mention there was a very likely chance that it would ruin our newly reformed friendship if Frank ever found out about it.
I shrug, realising that Frank was staring at me, waiting my answer. I didn`t know what to tell him. What was I supposed to say? The truth that my dad was an evil bastard that abused me and that was why I had stormed off when his mother had mentioned my family? How could I tell him that? and if I did, eh would surely want to know why my dad had hated me. then what would I tell him? That the reason my own father hated me was because I was gay?
“I just…” I sigh and scratch the back of my pale neck awkwardly. “Well stuff with my family…isn`t too good. And when your mom asked about `em…I dunno, it just…”
“Frank leans forward and pats me gently on the shoulder, “it`s okay, Gee. I`m sorry. I didn`t know.”
After a few minutes of a slightly awkward silence, with his small hand still resting casually on my shoulder he speaks, talking right into my ear, his warm, minty breath tickling my pale skin. “Families suck, don`t they?”
“Yeah…” I mumble trying to hide my deep hatred for the man I sadly had to called my father. “They sure do.”
“I mean, my mom`s okay but my dad..” he sighs. “He was a jerk. That’s why we had to move when I was a kid. They divorced and mum couldn’t afford the rent on her own.” Frank tells me, growing a little embarrassed and timid when he realises everything he had just told me.
“Sorry for dumping that all on you like that.”
I smile warmly down at him. “It`s fine Frankie. Trust me, my dad`s way worse than yours. No freaking pun intended.” He giggles a little, then frowns up at me, a concerned look on his perfect face.
“How is he worse?” He asks, in a trying to be kind, but rather angry sounding voice.
“It don`t matter Frankie, just leave it.” I shrug his hand off of my shoulder and begin to walk away, but he grabs hold of my arm and pulls me back.
“Gee, please you can tell me. I could maybe help you or-“ Frank gasped and stares down at my pale arm, or more specifically at the old, still nasty looking scars from many years ago still were.
Shit. When he had grabbed hold of me my sleeve must have ridden up.
“G-Gee?” I look up ashamed to meet his beautiful eyes which I realise with shock are overflowing with salty tears.
“D-did you do this?” he asks, and gently traces one of the deep, faded lines that had once bled scarlet.
I shake my head, and his eyes widen. “Y-You mean…he did it?” a single tear escapes my hazel green eyes and I nod, my heart beating rapidly in my chest as my dark secret comes out.
“My father.” I spit the word, angry boiling inside of me as Frank finally lets go of my arm. “Hated me, he would do anything he could to inflict pain on me.”
More tears escape from my eyes and I curse myself for my weakness. I feel a timid shaking hand reach up to my face and I feel a small finer gently wipe the salty liquid away.
My eyes open wide with shock as I stare at the other boy, who was standing closer to me than I had realised.
“Gee…I-I`m so sorry.”
“It`s fine.” I shrug him away from me, not trusting myself to be so close to him. “It`s over now. He`s gone. I deserved it, I guess.”
Frank grows angry. “No you fucking didn`t deserve it Gerard, and don`t ever let yourself think that! Never!” He screams, shocking me, making me speechless.
After a few minutes of silence, broken only by our quiet sobs, I manage to find my voice again.
“W-Why do you care so much.” He doesn’t answer me with words, but he slowly leans forward, tears blinding him and timidly presses his cool lips to mine, just for a second, but it was the most amazing, sweetest second of my life.
“That`s why.” he whispers, staring bitterly down at the ground.
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