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Angel sent from Heaven

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Gerard's POV

3 years earlier

"Gerard, I dare you to climb that tree." My 12 year old brother, Mikey, dared.

"Hell no Mikey! I'm 15 not 5, I'm not stupid enough to climb an old tree unlike you." I sneered playfully.

"What Gee? You too gay to climb a tree 'cause you're scared that you're gonna break a nail?" He said mocking my sexuality.

"I'll show you gay, asshole!"

It was that argument that drove me into climbing the fucking tree, I knew it was a stupid idea because the branches break off easily, but no I had to be a dramatic bitch about it and I climbed it. When I reached the top, just as I was about to cheer in victory, the branch I was on snapped under my weight, well you can guess how that went down....

Now I'm in the Belleville Children's hospital, laying in one of the beds with a blood bag hooked to my arm. What had happened was that when the branch broke and I obviously fell, since the tree was tallish, I ended up with multiple injuries. I broke my left foot, sprained my right wrist, I have a concussion, and I also have a large gash on my shoulder because a branch scraped my skin open as I fell, that caused me to lose two pints of blood so they wanted me to stay the night so they could keep an eye on me.

They told me that I was sharing a room with some other kid but the curtain as drawn between us, so I had no way to see the person. After a few minutes I grew aggravated by the curtain and I decided to try taking to the person, anyways, the television was on so I knew that the person's awake, plus they were giggling. I think it's a girl because the girly giggle.

"H-hello?" I asked uneasily. The volume of the television suddenly got lower and there was a long period of silence until finally I got an answer.

"Hi." I heard a voice say, leaving me still unable to decide whether it's a woman or a man.

"Um, hey, can you walk? 'Cause I uh.. can't...." I said trailing off.

"Oh! Do you need something?" Suddenly the curtain was pulled back and there stood an angel sent from Heaven.

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