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Frank's PoV

"Do you need something?" I asked as I quickly pulled back the curtain and looked the boy, who was my roommate.

He looked at me with his eyes wide open and his lips slightly ajar. I chuckled to myself and started to check him out... not in the weird way.

Of course you're not.

He had long, slightly greasy black hair, smooth pale skin, and beautiful shimmering hazel eyes. He looked amazingly perfect. He continued to stare at me in silence for about two more minutes and I took this as an advantage to take in how beautiful he was.

"Hellooo?" I asked trying to get his attention, after it got a little awkward. He must of came back to reality because a pink hue started to appear on his cheeks.

"Um, giliebkbdw?" He said/asked not making any sense.

"Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to say." I said giggling, his cheeks turned a darker shade, making the color slightly red-ish.

"H-h-hi, um, my na-name's Gerard." He stuttered nervously, Aw, He's so cute. I thought to myself.

No! You can't like him.

But, why!?

You know why.

I know, but...

No buts, you can't let anyone get attached to you, because they'll suffer when you're gone.

But the doctor said I've been getting better!

Yeah, they say that so you don't feel bad about the fact you're dying...

Why are you so negative?

You know we're dying, so just don't g--

No, I am getting better, so just shut the fuck up.

Whatever, don't say I didn't warn you

"Hey Gerard, I'm Frank, why are you in the hospital?" I asked even though I could obviously see his casts.

"Um, my brother made fun of me being gay, in a playful way, and said I was scared of climbing a tree, I wanted to prove him wrong, I climb and the branch I was standing on fell and well, now I'm here." He said awkwardly. So he's gay... hehehe.

"Oh, that sucks, about your broken foot."

"Yeah...Why are you here?" I took in a deep breath before telling him.


Yeah, hope you like it! I want to thank KilJoy101 for reviewing :D


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