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Just because you`re breathing doesn`t mean you`re alive

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“Erm I`m Gerard Way. I didn’t really want to come here.”

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Gerard finally managed to shut down his twisted mind that night and get some sleep. His dreams were not pleasant though and were plagued by nightmares, horrible, teeth chattering ones all about one bleak, terrifying thing. Reality. The supernatural did not phase the raven haired boy, in fact it fascinated him, nor did death, which he felt certain would be a welcome relief from the harsh reality he lived in. the only thing that truly scared the young man was reality. It was cold and dark, and inescapable. It was always there looming right ahead, waiting to mess him up even more. Sure, when he had in his headphones or was drawing he could find a few minutes of escape from the empty, dismal reality he called his life, but it was always lurking like a restless ghost.
“Hey, newbie.” He felt something sharp poke his side and blinking slowly, his tied hazel green eyes heavy and his vision blurred. He was just able to make out the blurred forms of his cabin mates, Skylar, Aven, Aqua and Linnea.
Gerard frowned up at the four girls, dark, slightly uneven eyebrows furrowed with the confusion that came form only having just woken up in a strange, unfamiliar surrounding.
“It`s nearly time for breakfast.” The black haired Skylar tells him, holding a pair of holey faded black jeans and a tee shirt that read “cool story babe now go make me a sandwich.” Her black, long hair was still tangled from sleep and she wore a pair of vans on her pale feet along with n oversized hoodie and cotton shorts that doubled as Pjs.
Sitting up slowly, head spinning and stomach lurching from nerves and hunger, he realised that the other girls were still also dressed in their night clothes, and held a bundle of clothing in their arms.
Sensing his confusion Aven begins to explain how the camp worked, seeing as this was her second time being there on a free scholarship. “Apple told you when meal times were, right?” She question and Gerard nods, brain still fuzzy from lack of sleep, assuming Apple was Apollonia`s nickname.
“And showed you were the bathroom and shower blocks were?”
He nods again.
“Well we normally shower first then go eat, because classes start straight after. You can shower in the evening if you want cause the doors are never locked.” The short haired, red fringed girl tells him, checking that she had a clean towel and her hair brush and hair ties.
“We woke you because we figured you`d sleep in and miss breakfast if we didn`t.” The brown haired, brown eyed Aqua speaks for the first time that morning, throwing her purple and black striped towel over her pale shoulder.
Gerard nods once more, feeling a lot like one of those irritating pointless nodding dogs some people had in their cars, unsure why these people were being so nice to him. He knew that not all people were horrible, but considering how he had ignored them last night, he hadn`t really been expecting the girls to make any kind of effort with him this morning.
“Well…thanks.” He mumbles uncertainly as he reluctantly climbs out of bed, searching through his still unpacked Misfits backpack for clean clothes and washing supplies. The people loathing teen finally settled on a pair of ripped at the knees grey jeans that had random splatters on them where they had been accidently splattered with bleach, and a new Smashing Pumpkins shirt he had gotten from Mikey.
“No problem.” The four teenagers reply kindly, genuinely meaning it, shocking Gerard who follows them out of the wooden cabin and down to the large stone shower blocks, his stomach tightening as he neared it.
“So what is your talent any way…erm…what is your name?” Skylar asks, looking directly at Gerard who was shocked to hear someone speaking to him.
“Erm I`m Gerard Way. I didn’t really want to come here.” The understatement of the century. “But I had to because my brother Mikey came so yeah…I don`t really have a talent.” He mumbles shyly.
She stares at him unimpressed. “I have no idea why you wouldn`t want to come here, it is amazing. You must have some talent; you wouldn’t have been let in otherwise.”
Gerard ducks behind his tangled, greasy locks. “Well I draw like comic book type stuff and anime. And dark sort of fantasy type stuff.”
The four girls smile at him, clearly impressed. “We can`t wait to see what you come up with Gerard.” Linnea says, before walking disappearing into the girls shower blocks, along with the others, who wave cheerily at him, telling him they would save him a seat in the cafeteria.
Gerard slowly wanders into the boy’s one, keeping his head down but also keeping an eye out for his awkward, shy younger brother. But Mikey was nowhere to be seen. In fact the shower block was empty; everyone must already be in the café eating he guessed. Happy to have the place to himself, feeling a little more at ease, Gerard entered one of the large stalls and bolts the door shut.
Quickly ridding himself of yesterday’s clothes he turns the large, power shower on, bracing himself for freezing cold water, only to be happily surprised that it was warm. He hurriedly begins to wash his hair, unaware of the nearing footsteps of another boy just entering the stall next to him.
“Oh shit.” Gerard freezes when he hears someone curse and a small mango shampoo bottle rolls through the small gap between the stalls.
“Erm someone loose this?” embarrassed he shoves the bottle back under, his cheeks flaming red for no apparent reason when the owner of the shampoo speaks, laughing it off.
“Thanks man.”
Gerard just nods, not saying a word and turns off his shower, quickly drying and shoving his clothes on, wanting to leave the room as soon as possible, feeling somewhat uncomfortable in the presence of another, unknown person.
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