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When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad I'm better

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“We are so sorry for Frank`s behaviour.”

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“Hey! Gerard over here!” One of Gerard`s female cabin mates, the long black haired outgoing Skylar calls to the equally dark haired boy, waving her arms frantically to catch his attention. She was sat in between Aven and Aqua and some other girls he didn`t know. The grey eyed, flame haired Linnea was still in the relatively long, but fast moving queue, fiddling with her tongue piercing absentmindedly as she waited.
“Can I sit down?” Gerard asks a deathly pale, bright red haired girl, who was sat next to Aqua. She was dressed in a fairly similar style to most of the other girls, a pair of tight black skinny jeans and a loose black shirt with a cartoon zombie on it, with faded words under the image that were barely read able.
The girl nods, mumbling a quiet “hello” under her breath.
“Thanks,” Gerard mutters barely any louder, feeling a little more comfortable knowing that he wasn`t the only shy person in the camp.
“Jordi, there you are.” Yet another girl rushes over, carrying a large bowl of sugary cereal in her hands, dumping the slightly chipped, blue bowl on the opposite side of Gerard.
The red haired, shy girl, Jordan, or Jordi as her select group of friends called her smiles warmly, if not a little shyly over at the spiky brown haired new girl.
Gerard sits there silently, picking at his surprisingly nice and actually edible, unlike school dinner, breakfast, for once having barely any appetite. He forces down a few spoonfuls of cereal and swigs down his orange juice on one gulp, grimacing at how cold it was and gets to his converse clad feet.
He swings his misfits backpack over one shoulder, spotting Mikey`s pale skin and geeky glasses on the other side of the large, bright and very noisy room, casting him a quick smile that he meant to be reassuring but came out as more of a grimace. He was sat at a long table next to some girls that Gerard didn`t recognise. He assumed that they were his younger brother’s cabin mates.
“Oh don`t go yet Gerard.” Aqua pleads with her golden brown eyes, and the others sitting around the table all turn to look up at him from their food.
“Yeah, stay.” Aven adds in, swallowing another bite of buttered toast.
Gerard nods reluctantly, and sits back down slowly, placing his bag on top of the table, moving his still nearly full bowl out of the way, splashing milk everywhere, causing the others to yell at him playfully for getting it on them.
Suddenly the loud, bustling cafeteria goes silent, as the wide double doors are brutally shoved open, revealing a wild haired, flawless skinned young man, dressed in as tight as tight can be red jeans and an equally tight Misfits shirt. His deep, intelligent half hidden eyes were hastily outlined with red, and a single dark cross was drawn over both of them. It was a familiar face, a beautiful face that every single music lover in the room recognised. It was a face that belonged on posters, on music websites, one that was plastered on the bedroom walks of young music enthusiasts anywhere.
Frank Iero.
The smug looking boy saunters into the gawping room, a smug smirk on his full, pierced lips, his eyes dancing with amusement. Al eyes were eon him, as per usual. Just the way it should be.
He strolls casually yet determinedly over to the front of the queue, pushing in front of a bright blue eyed, black haired teenager.
“I want a vegetarian burger and fries.” He demands rudely, ignoring the glare his attitude earns him from the woman serving.
Right away, your majesty.” She mumbles sarcastically and turns to fetch his order, no doubt cursing the smug, bratty man in her head.
By now everyone had begun to lose interest in the cocky musician, retuning their attention to their new found friends, some getting to their feet, making their way to the large cabin where Apollonia was to collect their timetable for the duration of their stay. Everyone except for Gerard Way.
He was still staring, trying to make it not seem too obvious at the rude, cocky but handsome boy, his hazel green eyes fixed on the short, but intimidating front man.
The blonde haired woman form behind the counter passes Frank his food, her grey eyes narrowed at him as he saunters away, swaying his hips, head held high lie he owned the place.
Gerard watches as he makes his way over to an empty table, sashaying his little hips even more than the fake blonde orange girls at the mall.
The doors suddenly slam open again, and three people, a girl and two boys enter the café, looking positively furious.
“Frank Iero!” The blackish blue haired Benji glares icily at him, storming over to where Frank sat, smugly tucking into his food, not a care in the world.
“We waited for you for over half hour today, I even force myself to go into the guy`s bathrooms to try and find you!” She continues, her eyes narrowing dangerously. “And guess what I didn’t t find there?”
She asks, still fuming, a clear rhetorical answer, but deciding to infuriate the bassist more, Frank answers proudly.
“Your sense of humour? A life?”
Asher and Ross both exchange looks, both equally as angry as Benji for once. This time Frank had taken it too far. He was here to help himself, to blend in and try to find himself again, not to become even more of a cocky, self loving bastard who believed that the world revolved around him.
“Frank…”Asher begins quietly, feeling the eyes of everyone in the room burning into his back.
“What?” He raises one dark, perfectly shaped eyebrow almost as if to say “Yeah? C`mon then.”

He sighs and turns to Ross.
“Apple wants to see you in her cabin, said something about you possibly helping teach a guitar and vocal class today.”
“I ain`t doing that shit.” Frank tells them with his mouth full of food, before dumping his still half full plate in front of his band mates.
“Take that back for me. It was god awful.” He grabs a pair of expensive, designer sunglasses that were sat in the neck of his shirt, and puts them on, hiding his perfect eyes that held more vulnerability and emotion than the red and black haired singer would like to let on.
“Remind me to tell Apple that I want pizza ordering here later. And some drink, not that shitty cheep crap, the good kind.”
He strolls out of the large, shocked room carelessly throwing his head back, practically strutting away, slamming the double doors behind him, leaving his gobsmacked band mates and everyone else in the room staring jaws opened at the doors.
“We are so sorry for Frank`s behaviour.”
Ross apologises to the room, and the other two nod.
“erm so we hope yo enjoy the rest of your first day,” the young, talented musicians race outside to find Frank, hoping that for once in his short life he had done what was expected of him and gone to his cousin`s cabin.
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