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Love Is A Grave Mental Disease

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“Nothing.” He mumbles before walking off, headed back in the direction of the camp.

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The wild, cocky younger rocker stormed right past his black haired, eyeliner dependent elder cousin`s elaborately decorated cabin without a second thought, watching with faint amusement as the brightly coloured flags, bearing the logos of bands swayed lazily in the warm summer breeze. He had never intended to go to the cabin; as per usual Frank was going to ignore whatever his concerned, frustrated band mates told him to do. He slows down a little as he nears the edge of the main part of the camp, coming to the grassy, muddy field that was used as a car park that had been packed with cars yesterday, that was now oddly empty.
In the back of his confused, rebellious young mind, the young man`s conscience tries to speak out to him, telling him to go back, but Frank quickly and easily ignores it, he had had many years of practice. He hated his conscience it reminded him of his childhood, his parents and other adults always trying to tell him what to do, what was best for him. When really, they had no idea at all. The wild haired, talented man was a free spirit; he hated authority and rebelled just for the sheer sake of rebelling. It mad him feel powerful, it made him feel in control. It gave him a purpose.
Frank collapses down onto the grassy banks by the side of the shimmering, deep blue lake that was only just visible from the camp car park. He hadn`t noticed how far he had walked with his young mind wandering. On a sudden whim he kicks off his converse and socks and scoots closer to the sparkling water, dipping the tips of his pale toes into the cool lake. The water was perfect, so clean and refreshing in the warm summer`s day. Kicking his feet a little he looks around, noticing that there were a few fishing boats in the middle of the lake, and handful of rentable boats tied up a few meters away.
In the distance Frank can hear the shrill, ear piercing sound of a bell, signifying the beginning of the first lesson he supposed. The cocky rocker briefly wonders if the sharp twinge he felt in his guy could possibly be guilt for not going to help teach, but he quickly pushes the silly, impossible thought away. he was Frank Mother Fucking Iero, he didn`t feel guilt, he was a fucking rocked tar for God`s sake!
Sighing almost contentedly, he lies on his back; his feet till touching the cool water, letting it trickle over the pale skin, and closes his makeup covered eyes.

“Gerard, are you coming with us to Apple`s cabin to get our timetables?” the flame haired Linnea asks Gerard, dumping the uneaten parts of her breakfast into the bin, scrunching up her pierced nose at the slight stench.
He shakes his head, thick raven locks shielding his face from his four cabin mates pleading, almost slightly hurt eyes.
“I had better go see my younger brother, see how he is and all that.” he mumbles pathetically, already able to tell from Mikey`s huge grin that was visible from across the room that he was having a great time, much better than Gerard.
True, Aftermath so far hadn`t been as terrible as the artist had expected, but it was still only the first morning. Things were bound to take a turn for the worse; they always did whenever Gerard was concerned.
“Hey Gee!” The brown haired, glasses wearing boy smiles up at his brother cheerily, ignoring the eldest`s foul mood.
“How are you cabin mates?” He asks, barely interested before beginning to tell Gerard all about his own, the black spiky haired musician, Victoria, the light brown haired artist, Chloe and the black haired, quirky writer, Margot.
“Are you going to Apple`s now to get your timetable?”
Gerard sighs and shakes his head, feeling a sudden wave of sickness washing over him as he thinks about attending his first class, being surrounded by more talented people, who would most likely laugh at his failed attempts at art and singing.
“I feel kinda sick, Mikes. I think I`m gonna go back to my cabin and have a nap and some pain killers.” The nerdy looking, Anthrax loving teen nods sympathetically and mutters a quick, “Feel better,” before racing off in the direction of Apollonia`s cabin.
Despite telling Mikey that he was going to his cabin, Gerard wanders aimlessly away from the main rush of the camp, past the now extinguished camp fire and through the muddy, silent car park down to the glittering lake that he had passed on his way here. It was a short way away, a little closer than it looked and within a few minutes of slow walking Gerard was there. It was beautiful, he had to admit it. Gerard, who normally only ever drew depressing, gothic images, or Japanese style art, suddenly had the urge to sit down and draw the lake. A handful of boats were on the water, surrounded by water birds lazily swimming, basking in the golden sunlight. The trees surrounded the edges of the banks were lush and green, the leaves rustling in the warm, light breeze, making a soft whispering sound. It was rather romantic, Gerard thought sighing once, sitting down on the spiky grass.
“Hey.” A small stone of some kind hits his head, causing him to wince slightly and rub the inflicted area. He looks up, surprised and angry, only to come face to face with the rude, arrogant boy from the cafeteria.
Frank Iero, the wild, drop dead gorgeous front man from A Touch Of Chaos.
He looks even more beautiful close up…
He shakes his head to try to clear his inappropriate thoughts and gets to his converse clad feet, glaring down at the talented rocker.
“What did you do that for?” Gerard demands angrily, picking up the very same stone and throwing it at Frank`s bare feet. He held his converse in one hand.
The other boy shrugs lazily. “Cause I can dipshit.”
Gerard gives him his famous death glare, which makes the short, yet somehow intimidating man laugh.
“What ya gonna do? Suck my blood?!”
Gerard sighs, and shakes his head. “Shouldn`t you be teaching class or something?” he asks, remembering what one of his band mates had said earlier.
“What`s it to ya?”
Gerard shrugs, wondering why he was even bothering to talk to Frank, intriguing and gorgeous as he may be. The guy was a total dick.
“Nothing.” He mumbles before walking off, headed back in the direction of the camp.
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