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You hate someone whom you really wish to love

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But he just couldn’t.

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Frank watched intrigued as the ebony haired, hazel eyed boy stalked away angrily, curse words spewing from the taller boys mouth as he thought about Frank`s cocky attitude. He watches silently, never once taking his eyes off of the artist`s slowly disappearing figure, not looking away until Gerard was far from sight. For some strange, unknown reason, Frank found the other boy interesting, different, captivating almost.
He was decent enough looking, he supposed, with his shoulder length tangle of raven, chalk white complexion and intelligent, deep hazel green eyes. There was something me to the young camper than that though, Frank could feel it. This boy was different, one of a kind and despite having only spoken or rather sneered, only a few words to him and despite the fact that he was one hundred percent straight, Frank was hooked. He had to find out more about this boy.
He sighs and noticing the small, dark stone that Gerard had thrown back at him, he picks it up and throws it roughly into the deep blue water, smiling proudly as it skims along the water before slowly sinking. Deciding that he had better go back to camp, despite not wanting to in the slightest, Frank tugged his converse back on, ignoring the half undone laces and makes his way back.
He takes a deep breath before knocking once on his elder cousin’s cabin door, ready to be greeted by the wrath of Satan.
“Where have you been, Frank?” Instead of Apollonia, his tall, skinny, eyeliner loving cousin, the wooden door was opened to reveal his three pissed off looking band mates. Ross, the spiky black haired drummer, Benji, the sole girl of the band and blackish blue haired bassist and Asher, the caramel haired guitarist.
Resisting the urge to shrug, seeing the concerned looks on their faces, not to mention fury, he pushed past them and enters the spacious cabin.
“I was down by the lake.”
Sitting comfortably in a charcoal leather seat Apollonia stares up at her wild younger cousin, trying to hide her anger and disappointment in her eyes. She was angry that he hadn’t done as he was told, he was not five years old anymore, but she knew that the young musician was struggling at the moment and she wanted to help.
“Thank you for coming. I`m glad you saw the lake, sometimes we have picnics up there by the water’s edge.” She gestures was one pale, leather clad arm for the four musicians to sit down, but all apart from the front man recline.
He collapses wordlessly into the recliner opposite, kicking his feet up on the magazine covered table, ignoring the warning glares form the others.
“Anyway, Frank, I was hoping that since you were here for the summer you could possibly do me a little favour. One of my staff members was unable to teach here this summer, due to family problems and I was hoping that because of your talent for singing and guitar you wouldn`t mind helping to cover her lessons.”
The red and black haired boy scoffs rudely. “I don`t wanna be here and I ain`t wasting my precious time teaching a bunch of bratty teens how to tune a fucking guitar!” he gets angrily to his converse clad feet.
“Frank, we are going to be helping out too.” Ross tells him. “I`m going to teach drumming and Asher and Benji will do Bass and Guitar with you.” the other boy tries to smile at him with his pierced lips reassuringly, but it doesn’t meet his blue eyes which showed nothing but doubt and worry.
“Please frank, just try one lesson and if you don’t like it then fine.” Apple tries to convince her stubborn cousin, smiling down at him shyly. “I could really use your help.”
He shakes his head, the words echoing round and round in his ears. Nobody needed his help, he couldn`t help anybody. Hell, I can`t even help myself.
“Apple, I-I’m…”he sighs, glancing around the large room, taking in all the hopeful looks he was being given. “Fine. One lesson, one.” he tells the four sternly, before storming out of the cabin, slamming the door loudly behind him.

Gerard collapsed down on his surprisingly comfortable bed with a deep sigh. He was quietly playing music trough his IPod, for once the familiar raw songs not comforting or calming him in the slightest. The raven haired boy was on edge, and that short, obnoxious rocker Frank Iero was to blame. He was so rude and cocky, not to mention annoying and so god damn arrogant and careless. How dare he act the way he did, ordering people around as though it was perfectly acceptable? He was a jerk, a fucking giant dickhead who needn`t bringing down a level or two. Million.
Gerard sighs, and closes his eyes, trying to rid his mind of all traces of Frank. But he just couldn’t. Behind his closed lids he was the ghost of his smirk, infuriating him even though he wasn`t really there. Sitting up quickly, groaning Gerard switches of his IPod, too bothered to listen to it. He didn’t want to keep thinking about the guy, and yet why was his mind plagued with images of him?
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