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I Can Keep You Lookin' Young

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Basements harbour terrible secrets and desires.

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"Mr Way? Mr Way!" Shouted Inspector Saunders as he banged on Gerard's front door with his fist. He had been at Gerard's front door for half an hour now, and was still getting no reply, even though he knew Gerard was home. After another futile attempt at rousing Gerard from his house, the Inspector sighed and walked back to his car defeatedly. He then drove away and when Gerard heard the noise of he engine, he peeked out worriedly from between the curtains to make sure Inspector Saunders had gone for good.

When Gerard was sure the Inspector had gone, he stood up and opened his curtains, letting out a sigh of relief. Grabbing a lighter from the windowsill, he made his way down into the basement and walked up to the table that sat in the middle of the room. Gerard relit the burnt-out candles that stood in the middle of the table, and wiped away a few droplets of candle wax that had dripped onto the red tablecloth. He frowned as he dipped his finger into the bowl of soup which lay on the table, upon finding that it was stone cold. 

He looked up at the mangled man that sat on a cushioned chair, dressed in a fancy suit, and frowned. "Frankie, you haven't touched your starter."

Frank didn't move. 

"Baby, you have to eat!" Gerard exclaimed, he sat opposite the corpse. "I've eaten all mine! Aren't you hungry, Frankie?"

Frank still did not move.

Gerard grew angrier. "Eat your fucking soup!" He banged his fist hard onto the table.

Frank didn't answer.

Gerard stood up and grabbed the bowl of cold soup, and growled loudly as he threw it onto the wall parallel to the table. The bowl smashed into pieces upon impact, and the noise rang out and echoed around the small room for several seconds. 

Gerard stared at the wall for a while, and then turned to his chair and sat down silently. He lowered his head onto the table and closed his eyes as silent tears slid down his cheeks. The candles' light cast a shadow of the crying man onto the wall. The shadow of Frank's body was still and silent, emotionless and unfeeling. Gerard wasn't quite sure whether Frank's body was a person, alive and happy, with human rights and emotions; or if it was merely an object, ready to be used for whatever purpose the owner desired. After all, the line between dead and alive was thin, a thin line of thoughts and feelings and emotions. Remove that line; and what is left? A body? An object? A person? Gerard wasn't sure. Maybe that's why he did what he did.

The weeping man sighed, and wiped the tears from his face. He stood up slowly, not daring to look into Frank's lifeless pretty eyes, and walked with his back to the corpse, to a small desk in the corner. Sitting on the desk was an old CD player, and Gerard slid a CD into the slot carefully. He lifted his head and looked Frank in the eyes, as he made his way towards the dead man. The quiet sounds of a piano filled the room, creating a romantic and serene mood.

"It's okay, baby." Gerard murmured, as he stroked the corpses hair lovingly. "I still love you."

Gerard lifted the corpse carefully, like he was lifting a baby, and cradled the corpse to his chest, with his arms wrapped around it's waist. Gerard lifted the corpses hands, and placed them on his shoulders, as he swayed slowly the music.

"I love you like crazy, Frankie" Gerard murmured. "I'll love you forever."

They danced like sweet lovers for hours, to Gerard it was bliss. He never wanted to stop. But eventually his legs grew tired and his eyes grew heavy, so he carried Frank carefully out of the basement. Gerard kissed Frank's purple tinted neck, and lay the corpse down on his bed carefully. It was then that Gerard noticed a strange watery red liquid flowing from the corpses nose. Gerard grew worried, and immediately stripped Frank's body completely for any other likely signs of decomposition. There were many. Frank's stomach was bloated, and the strange watery red liquid seemed to be trickling slowly out of the corpses ears and anus.

Gerard nearly yelped in surprise. He hadn't expected this stage of decomposition to occur so quickly. He ran into the bathroom and brang out a wet towel, which he used to clean Frank up as quickly as possible.

"It's okay, baby, it's okay." Gerard mumbled shakily, as he picked the corpse up bridal style and carried it quickly back into his basement. He looked around frantically, and sighed in relief when he spotted his old freezer standing in the corner. Gerard opened the large door, and quickly removed all of the cardboard boxes and old magazines from inside.

Gerard lowered Frank into the freezer carefully and kissed his brown hair over and over. "It's okay baby." He repeated. "I love you."

Gerard shut the freezer door slowly, and switched it on from the back. He took one last look at the freezer which contained his love, before walking back up the basement steps, alone to face his nightmares.
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