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Remains of the Day

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Frank enters a whole different level of confusion.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Horror - Characters: Frank Iero - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2012-01-23 - Updated: 2012-01-23 - 866 words

Die, die we all pass away
But don't wear a frown 'cuz it's really okay
And you might try 'n' hide
And you might try 'n' pray
But we all end up the remains of the day.

Frank was falling. 

He could feel the air whip past his ears and the force of it bring tears to his eyes, but it was all so surreal, he didn't know if it was really happening.

A quiet, distant guitar riff rung out, repeating over and over, and getting louder and closer each time, making Frank feel sick and delirious. But just as soon as it had appeared, the sound died out, and was replaced with the sound of a male singing softly. But it was too quiet, and the wind was too loud for Frank to recognise the lyrics. The singing got harsher, almost angry, but then stopped suddenly, leaving an empty silence. The wind had stopped, too, and Frank no longer felt like he was falling. 

Although Frank could not see, speak or talk (in fact, all five senses were disabled at this point, and the whole experience was very much like a dream), he suddenly felt very cold inside. A darkness seemed to fall over Frank, although it had already been pitch black to begin with, and he began to feel suffocated. Gradually, the feeling worsened, and Frank could do nothing about it, for he could not move of scream out if he wanted to. Frank felt physically sick, and he felt like his eyes were about to bulge and squeeze out any moment now, like play-dough through a child's hands. He wanted to open his mouth and scream, kick up his legs and fight, but he couldn't find his his mouth. He couldn't find his legs. Everything felt distant, but so close at the same time. Frank felt like he had been stripped of his body, leaving left the brain, with no body parts to control, and left to just think and think and think on his own, forever more.

Suddenly the squeezing stopped, and a sharp pain was felt in his neck, like a small bee sting. It was just after this feeling, that Frank opened his eyes.

He cried out in glee. He had found his neck! And his mouth, too! He rubbed his sore neck gently, and then stared at his hands in amazement.  They were still there! And his eyes!

Gradually, Frank tested every single body part, to make sure they were there. And they all were. Frank sighed in relief at the realisation that he hadn't, in fact, been stripped of his body.

"Just a fuckin' dream..." Frank murmured.

"Ha, not quite." Said a voice close to his right ear. 

Frank panicked and took time to look around at his surroundings. He was lying down, wearing an off-blue hospital gown. In a hospital bed. In a hospital. The room smelt of disinfectant, and there was a distant screaming coming from another room.

"Whoa, fuck, what?!" Frank exclaimed. "I'm in hospital? I'm not dead?!" He looked over to the voice and saw that it was a young girl, lying in the bed to his right, about the age of 15. She had dirty blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. But the thing that scared Frank, was that the girl had blue tinted skin and red rimmed eyes.

She looked back at him. She had a bandage around her left forearm. "You're new."

"I'm what?!" Frank replied.

The girl held out her good arm across the gap between the beds. "I'm Emily."

Frank shakily nodded, and shook her hand. "I-I'm Frank. Frank Iero."

Emily giggled. "I know who you are. I've been a fan since Revenge."

Frank nodded and attempted to make polite conversation. "Oh? What do you think of the new album?"

"I love it, the theme of The Black Parade and the awesome guitar riffs-it's fantastic." Emily smiled.

Frank smiled back. "Um...I mean our new one, Danger Days. Parade was back around '06."

Emily frowned and nodded. "I see. I died around that time, so, I haven't heard any of your new shit." She giggled, as a nurse came into the room, also with blue tinted skin and red rimmed eyes. 

"Come along, Emily. We don't want you scaring the new comers, now." She tutted, as she wheeled Emily's bed out of the room. Emily waved as she left, and Frank attempted a small wave back.

As soon as they'd gone, Frank sat back against the wall behind his bed and closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. He thought about everything that had happened to him so far.

 What had the girl meant by, "I died around that time.."? Was his nightmare of the graveyard and surrounding forest actually true? Did purgatory actually exist? If so, where was he now? Heaven? Hell? Somewhere in between? How did he die? Why was he in a hospital? Surely the strange girl, Emily, had some kind of  mental disorder. That would explain why he was in a hospital. The man Carl and the forest and graveyard had to be a dream, then. Right?

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