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Baby, Don't Cry

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Frank realises.

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It was an entire day before the strange-looking nurse came back for Frank.

Other strange looking people, nurses, Frank presumed, had previously came in to check on him but whenever he tried to ask them questions, they had just shaken their heads and smiled mysteriously. Something was definitely up.

Frank had also noticed, that he had some strange marks and bruises on his neck, which was one of the things the nurses seemed to be tending. His neck was now wrapped in bandages, and very sore. Frank suspected that he had had surgery on it, before he woke up. He shuddered, as he remembered the terrifying blackness he had experienced before he awoke to his strange place.

The first nurse, the one who took away Emily, came in smiling. She picked up Frank's clipboard from the end of his bed, and read aloud. "Mr Frank Iero. Unanimated since...the 12th of December 2011. Oh my."

She looked up at Frank worriedly, and rushed out of the room. Frank stared after her, confused. "Unanimated?"

Soon, the nurse came back in accompanied by another woman, who also had the strange bluish tint. She looked pretty, and well kept. Except, her eyes looked tired, and she had not a single hair on her smooth bald head.

 "Good morning, Mr Iero, my name is Dr Reid." She smiled falsely. "I trust you've had a pleasant stay, so far?"

Frank grew tired of the bullshit. "Where the fuck am I, and what the fuck is going on?!"

Dr Reid's smile faltered. "I know it may come as a shock-"

"I'm dead." Frank interrupted coldly.

"Yes, yes. You know that already, your guide should have told you."

"Carl?" Frank smiled slightly, remembering the heavy accented, raggedy man. "I did what he said, I walked into the darkness..."

The doctor laughed quietly. "Oh, is that what he called it? Oh my. It wasn't darkness, not at all." 

The nurse stood behind Dr Reid nervously spoke up. "The place you were in, it's different for every person..." 

Dr Reid took over. "Yes, and for me...I has to walk into a bright white light. It was dazzling, and so peaceful."

"What?" Frank asked, throwing his hands up into the air. "I'm so confused, I don't fuckin' understand any of this!"

Dr Reid sighed. "Look, I'm only here to fix up Shades, when the damage is to their supernatural bodies becomes too much. I'm  not in the mood to-"

"Shades?!" Frank interrupted.

The doctor out a long sigh. "The unburied dead. You died, by..." She glanced at her clipboard. "Asphyxiation."

"I choked to death?" Frank cried. "And what the fuck do you mean, unburied?"

The doctor continued. "What you're experiencing right now defies the most basic laws of science. It's a miracle."

Frank stared at her wide-eyed. "Is this H-Heaven?"

The nurse laughed quietly from behind the doctor, but stopped after a stern look. "There's no such thing as heaven, it was scientifically proved here years ago. God, or any other sort of supernatural being doesn't excist either, but..." She trailed off.

"But yet we do." Finished Frank. He stated at his hands for a while and whispered. "W-What am I?"

Doctor Reid looked at him sympathetically. "You're dead, to put it bluntly. And unburied. Why do you think human beings have buried their dead since history can remember? Being buried is being put to rest. Everyone here; in this hospital, in this whole AFTERLIFE, are not at rest. Unburied. Tormented. How are we here? We don't know. Why are we here? To wait for eternal peace. To wait to be buried. You'll get used to it." She walked closer, and touched his hand gently. "I was exactly the same way. I died young, at 45. Cancer."

Frank bit his lip. "I'm n-not buried? W-why?" He murmured, the idea of his body lying outside in the mud, making him shivver. "I'm s-sorry about...your death. Is that why..." He motioned to her head.

She looked at him sadly. "I lost my hair because of chemotherapy. And it seems that when one dies, they're kept in that physical state for...well, forever."

Frank touched his neck gently. "Will it h-hurt forever?"

The nurse shook her head. "The pain is only there because we had to do some surgery on your neck. If we didn't, you would have had some terrible bruising forever. So we grafted some new skin on there. It will heal up nicely, don't you worry. It will leave some scarring, though. When one gets injured or damaged in the afterlife, well, it never heals. You won't die, of course, but I would be careful anyway. Seeing a smashed up body with arms and legs falling off isn't the sort of thing one wants to see every day. Now, is there anything I can get you?"

Frank frowned, trying to remember everything he had been told. "I'd j-just like some t-time to be alone..."

The nurse and Dr Reid nodded, and left quietly without another word. They knew how it felt to realise fully that you were no longer alive.

As soon as they had left, Frank quietly curled up into a ball and hugged his aching chest tightly. His confusion only made his predicament worse, and Frank soon found himself scratching deeply into his arm, just as he had used to do many years ago. He didn't make a single sound as he sobbed and ripped his arm to pieces, until he fell into an uneasy sleep filled with dreams of family, friends, and all he had lost.
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