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chapter sixteen

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“He is in love with you.”

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Gerard`s pov
The long, tiring journey from the large country estate was terrible, the royal carriage kept jumping around on the uneven roads and the tense silence most unpleasant as opposed to the journey here when we had both been laughing and joking. Frank was sittiting staring blankly out of the window, occasionally I would catch him peering reproachfully over at me from behind his chestnut hair, but he still stayed quiet. To make the journey even worse and more awkward for me, Frank`s Fiancé, how I deeply loathed that word, Catherine was with us, talking nonstop about the upcoming wedding. And after four hours of listening jealously to her shrill voice going on and on about guest lists and clothes, I was starting to become a little tired of the subject.
Frank did not seem to be too captivated either, he was turned away from her, sighing ever no and then sadly. He was not acting how I had expected a soon to be married man to act at all, instead of cheerful and excited he was weary and unwilling to even mention the subject. I was honestly beginning to wonder if he even wanted to go through with the wedding at all, but I kept telling myself that it was just my idiotic brain misreading things and getting my hopes up foolishly.
I sigh and shuffle in the seat, my legs cramping form being in the same position for so long, certain parts of my anatomy feeling rather numb. Catherine suddenly stops mid flow and leans over to Frank; who looks less then pleased and whispers something in his ear, making his flawless face pale. She giggles and kisses his cheek, her painted, thin lips lingering on his beautiful skin far too long than was necessary. I groan inwardly and close my disgusted eyes, not wanting to have to witness this. I try to think of happy thoughts, like seeing my younger brother again, wondering briefly if anything had become of him and that servant girl he clearly had taken a liking to.

“Good evening sire.” Raymond and Robert smile politely at us as we enter a small frown in their lips as they see Frank help Catherine up the steps.
“May we ask how your trip was?” Raymond inquires closing the grand front door gently behind us.
Stood behind them were Alexis, wearing slightly less granger clothing than I had seen her wear previously, her dirty bond hair piled neatly on top of her head. Judging by the way Robert was looking at her, it was very clear that the two were a couple, as unlikely and impossible sounding as it seem.
“Gerard.” Michael grins widely at me, his hazel eyes lighting up as they meet mine, and he awkwardly embraces me for a second.
“I apologise for interrupting the reunion but cook told me to inform you that dinner shall be ready momentarily, Sir.” The ginger haired Rachael smiles shyly as her wide brown eyes meet my brother, who returns it, blushing slightly. It seemed that my earlier assumption about him liking her had proved to be right. I was happy for my brother, I honestly was but I could not help but feel a little jealous. Not of the girl, but over the fact that his love was not wrong or unrequited.
“Thank you Rachael, we shall be down in a moment. I would just like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to Miss. Catherine Parr, my fiancée.” Frank’s smile seemed strained and it failed to meet his eyes, and I don`t appear to be the only one who notices it.

“So Gerard, what really happened when you went to visit the Princess?” Michael asks me, sitting comfortably on my bed, a confused look on his young pale face.
“Fran got engaged.” I say my voice icy.
“No, not that.” he frowns, dark brows furrowed as he thinks. “Well yes I suppose that has something to do with it, but why do the two of you seem…different?”
It was my turn to look confused. “What do you mean?”
“Well Frank is usually so happy and easy going, for a king I mean. And he and you were inseparable, always talking and laughing. And now you rarely speak, and you seem so…I do not know Gerard, sad. Disappointed even.”
I shake my head turning away from him, knowing that I had to keep the truth form him at all costs.
“I just am not that fond of Catherine that is all.” I answer partly telling the truth.
He nods. I do not think that Frank really likes her much either. His eyes are empty when he smiles at her, blank. And yet when he looks at you…”Michael trails off, looking at me suspiciously. I just sit silently, praying that my face will not give anything away.
“I do not think that he likes this woman Gerard.” I narrow my eyes; why else would he marry her if he did not love her?
“I believe that he is actually in love with someone else. The others think so as well.” I shrug, not wanting to talk about the man I loved love life which sadly had nothing to do with me. “I think, Gerard.” He continues, peaking up at me from behind his hair, almost as though he was embarrassed.
“He is in love with you.”
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