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Chapter seventeen

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“You do not love me.”

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Gerard`s pov
“Frank loves me?” I yell complete and utterly shocked, my pale cheeks flushing a deep, embarrassed shade of crimson. Excitement and hope rushes through me, as a huge childlike grin forms on my face, before I come back down to reality with a large, painful crash. He was lying, he simply had to be. Someone like Frank could never love someone like me. We came from two entirely different worlds, I from one of hunger and poverty, and him from wealth and grand luxury.
“Yes you fool,” Michael continues, growing rather irritated by having to keep repeating himself. “Frank Iero, as in His Royal Highness, the king of England, is deeply in love with you.”
I shake my head slowly, all excitement and hope dulling from my eyes. “No, he is not.”
My younger, equally pale, dark haired brother groans out of pure frustration. “Yes Gerard, he does!”He surprises me by raising his voice, something he very rarely did, and never to me.
“Someone like him could never love somebody like me.” I mumble sadly, all traces of my blush and former surprise and hopeful happiness long gone.
“Gerard, it is so clear the way he feels for you, anyone can see it.” Michael tells me in what seems to be an honest voice, sitting next to me on my large, incredibly comfortable bed.
“We have all noticed it, all of the servants and even Alexis. You can see it in his eyes whenever he happens to look at you, which is often, the way they light up and fill with happiness and concern. And the way he smiles at you, his entire face lights up when you smile back at him. Face it Gerard, he loves you.” he says matter of factly, getting to his feet, strolling over to the window.
“And you feel the same way.” he sates calmly, no trace of disgust in his voice at all, as I feared there would be if he was to ever find out my disgusting secret.
My cheeks burn red again, and I duck behind my tangles raven hair, trying to shield my blushing face from my younger brother`s knowing gaze.
“I- I am afraid that i have absolutely no idea what you are talking about Michael.” I begin to try my best to deny it, failing miserably, in a shaking voice. “For you to believe that I have any feelings for Frank, other than friendship is simply absurd.”
He laughs once, humour dancing in his hazel eyes and shakes his head.
“You can deny it all you want brother, but I know you too well.” he says walking back over to me, patting me once on the shoulder before heading towards the door.
“It will all be fine in the end; things always have a way of working out, if you truly love one another.” Michael says calmly before gently shutting the door behind him, leaving me alone with my confused thoughts.

Frank`s pov
It hurt just to look at the raven haired man, every time I did I felt as though either my head or my heart would suddenly burst open. I wanted to speak to him, I needed to explain to him, but I just was unable to. Gerard would hate me if I told him the truth, and I would never in a million years be able to cope with that, to live without him in my life.
“Frank, must we really invite the Way brothers to our wedding?” Catherine questions rudely in her usual harsh tone. It took all of my effort not to yell at her for talking of the two men in such a way.
“Yes we must. Gerard and Michael are geeat friends of mine.” I tell her sternly and she sighs, before turning aback to one of the many servants, no doubt giving them an earful about something or other.
I sigh and leave the room, unable to handle any more wedding preparations. The dreaded day was to take place in less than a week’s time; the only good thing about the horrid occasion was that Elizabeth would be attending it.
“Rough day?” a familiar voice asks from beside me, making me jump.
Sparkling hazel green eyes smile down at me, and I nod.
“Do you love her?” Gerard questions bluntly, surprising me.
No. I did not love her. Quite the opposite. “Of course.” I lie and Gerard nods once, looking entirely unconvinced, leaning closer to me, sending chills up and down my spine.
“I wish I could find love one day.” He mumbles and I feel a sharp twinge of jealously as I mentally imagine Gerard with someone else, clinging onto him like a leach.
“Love is not everything, Gerard. I often wish that I was not king so that I was not expected to marry to keep the blood line going. I wish I was able to fall in love with whomever I wanted, not for their money or status, but for the person themselves.”
He nods again and sighs deeply, a frown appearing on his angelic face, looking deeply unhappy.
“Frank, have you ever been in love with someone you were not supposed to be?”
Yes. You. “Only once.” I tell him.
“oh.” He sighs once more, and slowly turns away from me, a faint bush appearing on his pale cheeks. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, to comfort him in some way, he looked so sad.
“He was wrong.” He mutters under his breath. “My brother was wrong. I knew it was too good to be true.” Salty tears form in his stunning eye, slipping silently down his cheeks.
“Gerard, what is wrong?” I ask voice full of concern and without thinking I place a shaking hand on his trembling shoulder.
He blinks once, turning his head to slowly look me in the eye, more tear escaping tragically.
“You do not love me.”
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