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Sister Alice pulled out a file with Jasmine's name scribbled on it in black marker. When she opened the folder there was a lot of paper work and a small photo of Jasmine smiling sweetly. Sister Alice took one of the sheets of paper out and studied it "She's originally from Russia but it's amazing how outstanding her English is."

"How often do you get children from other countires?" Frank asked.

"It's rare and when we do it's often difficult to place them." Sister Alice told them "The family that brought Jasmine over here died in a house fire. Jasmine barely got out. She's been through a lot."

"Oh my god..." Gerard breathed.

"How does she get a long with the other kids?"

"When she chooses to interact, we have no problems with her." Sister Alice smiled "This is a very extraordinary girl. She's exceptionally bright for age, eager to learn new things and is extremely mature for her age."

"So you've never had any trouble with her?"

"We only have trouble with her if we try to take away those ribbons she wears around her neck and wrists."

"She wears ribbons?" Gerard asked "I don't think she was wearing them when we saw her."

"Oh she was. She always wears them but because of her dress, you couldn't really see them. Jasmine will wear them all the time and we only have trouble if we try to take them away from her."

"Well, she really did seem to make a connection with us." Frank smiled.

Sister Alice nodded "I think you made more than a connection with her. If you want, I could get the paper work done and you could pick her up in three weeks?"

"We would love that!" Gerard told her "Thank you so much."

"You're most welcome."

Three weeks later, Gerard and Frank returned to the orphanage while the kids stayed at home with Mikey again. Frank had told them both that they'd be having a new sister and had described her in great detail to them. Cameron was excited and couldn't wait to meet her whereas Jude wasn't so keen. He didn't understand why his parents wanted to adopt at all.

"You sure you're okay Frank?" Gerard asked "You've seemed tense for ages."

"I'm happy, excited and a little nervous." Frank told him "And the last time I felt like that was when we were expecting Jessica."

"Nothing bad is going to happen." Gerard promised "You've met Jasmine, she's a lovely young girl and she's going to fit right in with the rest of us."

Frank nodded and looked outside as they pulled up outside the orphanage. Jasmine was waiting outside with Sister Alice. Sister Alice was holding onto her suitcases while Jasmine was looking around for their car. Today she was wearing a long black coat with lots of buttons in a long line with small black boots and a black beret perched on top of her head. Frank looked at her but still couldn't see the ribbons she wore.

Jasmine spotted the car, smiled from ear-to-ear and ran towards it. Both the men got out and gave her a shy hug each. Sister Alice helped pack her bags into the boot of the car and then they were off.

Frank sat in the back of the car with Jasmine, watching as she tried to sign out 'Hello Cameron, my name is Jasmine.'

"You're getting really good at that."

"Really? So I am doing it right?" Jasmine asked, signing it at him again.

Frank nodded "Cameron is going to love you."

"Can she hear?"

"A little. She was born almost completely deaf but she hears a bit with the help of a hearing aid. Most of the time she also reads lips so do talk out loud to her."

Jasmine nodded and looked out the car window. A large, wooden house came into view "Is this your house?"

"Now it's your house too." Gerard told her, pulling up onto the drive.

All of them got out of the car. Gerard got Jasmine's bags while Jasmine stared up at the house in amazement. Their house was huge! Suddenly the front door opened and Cameron came running out. She ran to Frank and hugged him. When she pulled away she looked at Jasmine. "Hello Cameron," Jasmine greeted while signing it to her "My name is Jasmine."

Cameron smiled, delighted that Jasmine was communicating with her. "She's been practicing the whole way." Frank said and signed before lifting Cameron up in his arms and carrying her towards the house. Jasmine followed behind him.

"It's okay, I've got it!" Gerard joked, carrying in Jasmine's bags.

Mikey looked up from reading and looked at Jasmine. He took in her strange clothes and appearence but stood up to greet her politely. "Oh Jasmine, this is Gerard's younger brother Mikey."

Jasmine curtsied "It's very nice to meet you."

"Oh..." Mikey didn't know what to say "How precious!"

Jude looked over at her from the kitchen. He was drinking a glass of milk and trying to decide what he thought of Jasmine. She was polite... But definently strange. Though he liked her hair.

"Hey Jude, come here. There's someone we'd like for you to meet." Jude sighed heavily but walked over to his Dad and looked at Jasmine "Jude, this is Jasmine. Jasmine, this is our son Jude."

Jasmine held out her hand politely "Hello Jude."

Jude paused for a minute before taking her hand and shaking it back "Hey."

When Jasmine let go and started walking around a little to explore, Jude whispered to Gerard "Why does she dress like that?"

Gerard hit him playfully on the back of the bed, warning him not to be so rude when suddenly Jasmine went "Oh!" in delight. She ran towards some steps that led up to a small balcony type thing that overlooked the living room "You have a piano!"

"Yeah," Frank grinned "Would you like to learn how to play?"

"Oh I would love to!" Jasmine told him.

They all took Jasmine upstairs to show her where she would be sleeping. Jasmine opened the door and stepped inside. The room was quite simple. A white bed with a few teddy bears on top, a white chest of draws, a white desk and a fish tank with a glowing blue light. Jasmine walked inside even further "Do you like it?" Frank asked.

"It's perfect!" Jasmine exclaimed, turning back to face them.

"I'm glad you like it Sweetie." Gerard told her "Now come downstairs, we've got a little surprise for you!"

[A/N] - I'm still trying to decide if this is better than the re-write...? And also, sorry that nothing seems to be happening but I promise more will happen soon :)
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