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An hour later, everyone was downstairs in the living room. Jasmine was sitting next to Cameron on the sofa and they were both eating a piece of cake. Frank was sitting next to Gerard, watching the two girls eating. Mikey was in the kitchen, getting himself a drink. Two of Jude's friends had come over and all of them were playing on Guitar Hero.

"Cameron?" Gerard asked "Wanna go and get Jasmine's present?"

Cameron nodded eagerly, leaped up and ran upstairs. "You got me a present?" Jasmine asked, delighted. Gerard nodded and Frank smiled at her.

It didn't take long for Cameron to come back downstairs holding a rather large wrapped present in her arms. Jasmine stood up and walked round the table in the living room so that she was standing in front of Gerard and Frank. Mikey walked into the room and sat next to Frank so he could watch Jasmine open her present.

Before long, the present was opened and Jasmine was holding a large book called 'How to sign over 500 american words'. "Thank you!" Jasmine grinned at Cameron then looked at Frank "How do you say thank you?"

"Like this." Frank replied, putting his hand to his mouth and extending his arm out in front of him.

Jasmine copied this action and Cameron signed 'Your Welcome'. While this had been going on, Gerard had got up and walked out of the room. "Oh wow, what's this?" Gerard asked, turning around. Behind his back he was holding a large oblong-shaped present. Jasmine reached for it but Gerard turned around again. Both of them laughed and Jasmine chased him as he span round, trying to get the present. Finally Gerard stopped, handed the present to Jasmine and smiled as she tore off the paper.

Jude looked over from playing Guitar Hero. He was jealous that Jasmine was taking up all his Dad's attention. "Hey Dad, look, I'm thrashing Liam on guitar."

"That's nice." Gerard replied, not looking at him.

"Look Dad, quick, my solo's about to end!"

Gerard turned around and looked half-heartdly at the screen "Great!" He turned his attention back to Jasmine.

She was giggling as she opened her present to reveal an artists easel. Jasmine grinned "I love it! Thank you so much!" She ran to Gerard and threw her arms around his neck. Gerard laughed and hugged her back.

Jude glanced at them and Jasmine smirked at him. "Let's get outta here," Jude hissed "This is so lame."

"I'm glad you like it Hun." Gerard whispered, not noticing his son and friends disappearing.

Jude and his friends walked right out of the house, through the forest and up to his tree house. There were lots of steps to climb up because the tree house was built quite high up. Once they were inside, Jude pulled up one of the floorboards "Dude, it's all in here." He held up a magazine with a naked girl on the cover "Page thirty-four will change your life."

He handed the magazine to his two friends who burst out laughing. Jude was confused until Liam said "This looks like your step-dad."

Jude glared at him.

Frank stood in the kitchen, looking out of the window at Cameron and Jasmine who were happily playing each other outside. A voice from behind him asked "How is she Frank?"

Frank turned around and saw Mikey staring at him. "Oh Jasmine's fitting right in. Really becoming part of the family."

"I was talking about Cameron." Mikey replied smoothly "She's playing by the pond like nothing happened." There was silence "She doesn't remember anything, does she?"

"No." Frank replied, picking up a fork and having another forkful of cake "She's fine."

"So what are you planning on doing Frank?"

"I think I'll probably get Jasmine settled and then probably go back to teaching."

"I thought the university weren't going to let you back."

"No, I don't mean there. I thought maybe I could do private lessons here."

"That's a shame." Mikey told him "That was a very good job."

"Well I didn't quit because I wanted to."

"No." Mikey looked into his eyes "You had to have your moment of clarity."

"That..." Frank glared at him "Is an AA term. And I didn't go to AA. I just stopped drinking."

"Either way." Mikey started walking way "We all need a wake up call sometimes."

Frank glared out after him.

[A/N] - Sorry not a lot is happening D: I also recommend you listen to his right now :) - 'cause it's the song that Jasmine is going to be singing in like most chapters :L By the way - PLEASE REVIEW. I love reviews :D
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