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The altar

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He took Embeth by the hand and led her to a small side room.
As he lit each candle within, the contents of the room became evermore visible- at the far end of the room was what could only be described as a kind of altar. It consisted of stone steps leading up to it, 4 in total, 4 twisted black wrought iron poles reaching up from all sides, a sort of domed cover similar in decoration as the poles supporting it- It was grotesquely beautiful. When she looked closer she could see dead flowers slotted between the thin, twisted metals making up the supporting poles. The ‘roof’ or ‘spire’ had a stone winged gargoyle crouched in a sitting position, it’s mouth forever open showing off it’s large, monstrous teeth, it’s unseeing eyes fixed downwards. In it’s claws it clutched a stone book, the cover had a cross carved into it- An upside down cross.
The entire structure reminded her of a bar less birdcage.
Then her eyes rested upon a table, The actual altar, it was made of stone, a large stone slab resting upon a short thick pillar, one which was very much like an ancient Greek style column. On each corner of the table top a small, ugly gargoyle head was mounted. The entire table was quite ugly.
She felt the contents of her stomach rise, threatening to come up completely as the realisation hit her- This is an altar for sacrificial purposes.
He is going to sacrifice me to the devil! She thought with horror, and then she fainted......again.
Within minutes she was awake again as water was splashed onto her face to bring her round....icy water.
‘’What is wrong with you?, verrückt mädchen!
Embeth’s eyes widened, what do you mean? I’m about to be sacrificed! I’m bound to be upset!
He chuckled at her unexpected outburst, cupped her face in his hands.
What on earth made you think so?
She looked at him incredulously; that yonder she replied pointing a finger at the direction of the altar.
He smiled, showing off his pointed teeth.
Then, he said, look again...look around the rest of this room....
True enough, she noticed more things.....To the left stood what appeared to be a font- she guessed that was where the water used to bring her round came from.
To the right, stood a skeletal, headless mannequin she again felt the bile begin to rise again.
He noticed how ill she had begun to look as she noticed the skeleton.
Curious? He asked with a smirk, It is not real. I need a new one- You are just about the right size my dear....
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