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Face your fate

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Embeth promptly vomited onto her feet.
He shook his head, No that wouldn’t do would it? It would be such a waste to keep something so pretty locked up in the dark like that, I have other plans, better plans for you....
Though relieved to know she would not be replacing that ghastly dummy, she didn’t even want to imagine what other horrors he had in store for her.
Each item he had shown her so far had been more horrible than the last.
He walked over to the skeleton, beckoned to her to join him as he gently played with the fabric which was draped on the skeleton which seemed to remind her of a morbid shroud. She took it in, it wasn’t a shroud but a gown, made of fine beige lace, it had been white at an earlier time that much was obvious.
This, he stated pulling at the skirt, belonged to my mother, hand made... He paused for a moment before continuing: You will wear it....soon. He took the head dress from around the skeletons neck, a ring of dead flowers stitched up with rough scraps of white lace so it created a feathered effect between the dry, fragile flowers.
He ever so slowly placed it upon her head, and arranged the soft, flowing veil which she had previously not noticed. He eyed her confidently admiring her wearing the veil.
‘’Scön’’ he said almost in a whisper.
Embeth did not speak any German so had no idea what he were saying when he lapsed into his mother tongue occasionally- Still, he spoke English well enough. She supposed anything of importance he had to say to her would be said in English, But right now she had bigger worries on her mind, the dress was a wedding gown, That much was clear.
I shall make the necessary arrangements today, He said suddenly cutting off her train of thought.
Now you are here, he continued; It should go ahead tomorrow.
Her courage finally surfaced at this, what will ‘go ahead’ exactly?
Have you not guessed by now? He asked in mock incredulousness- Your wedding day of course! He continued.
Oh yes? And to whom will I be married?! She asked in an insulting tone.
His reply was a curt bow and a mean smirk.
No, no I can’t...I won’t! She shouted before becoming rather hysterical pacing the floor like a caged tiger before throwing off the veil and knocking over the mannequin.
I won’t do it!
He smirked again, what can you do about it? Are you going to run away? He laughed, running won’t do you much good.....There is no where to run to.....
She stared blankly at him in a state of shock.
You are stuck here, he continued, until such a time as when I choose, and that will not be until you are my wife he said through gritted teeth.
She screamed angrily, her anger, and fears all coming together at once; she was literally shaking with fury. You’re a monster! She shrieked, as she beat her hands on his chest, this seemed to do no good as he just stood completely still through out her assault, with an evil grin amused by it.
When she could beat him no more, He slapped her across the face then swiftly grabbed her wrists and backed her up into the wall with his face close to her, He leaned in more and bit gently on her ear, When she squirmed to get away from him he bit down hard drawing blood.
He took satisfaction when she yelped in pain he whispered that resistance would not work as he could, with ease make her suffer terribly until she begged for death, and that it would be wise for her to accept her fate- To be his bride.

Embeth sobbed feeling completely helpless with her last bit of courage she spat in his face he merely looked amused wiped it off with the palm of his hand then casually wiped it over her chest before covering her face with the same hand. Before she knew what was happening to her- everything turned dark, her body felt leaden as she drifted off into nothingness.
He knelt down to where the unconscious girl sat slumped against the wall and hissed warningly, yet calmly through gritted teeth; I won’t have my wife behave like that...
Before hoisting her over his shoulder and carrying her into the main room from which she had woken earlier.
Satisfied she would be asleep for some time he used the opportunity to make some of the arrangements....
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