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I didn't plan on killing my pet just yet.

I pulled away when I knew his blood supply was low and sat back, handing him the glass. He used what was left of his energy to chug it down.

"Now, Frank," I started, him looking up at me questioningly, "I'm not going to kill you...If things go well. All Doms need a little fun in life and, well, this is my guilty pleasure." I flashed a smile at him, watching him cringe.

"Why? Why me though?" He stuttered, pulling his naked knees up to his chest, trying his best to hide his body.

"Because, Frank. Because you were so vulnerable. Such an easy target, but you turned out just fine." He asked me more questions about myself and his current situation, but I agnored him, walking about the small room.

He was furious, just like a child. He stood up to yell at me, but again realizing he was bare. He blushed and retreated to a corner. "Frank." He looked away. "Frank!" I raised my voice and sped over to him. I pinned him against the hard wall, our early position flashing through my mind, "I have three rules, Frank." He gulped. "First, only speak when spoken to. Second, follow my directions. And third, you are mine. I own you now, Frank. You're just a little fertile and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm your Dom now."

He was in tears by the time I was finished with him. I didn't put his cuffs back on, deciding to see how he'd act by himself tonight. I almost hoped he would misbehave.
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