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Part 9 - Oysters of Regret

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As Amelie and Adam face their past, Gerard realizes whether he should tell the truth or save his pride on a lie.

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Amelie felt the rush of New York pump through her, as she stared at the city lights bright against the horizon. The scent of leather mixed with vanilla, something she and Adam had always enjoyed, filled the car. Despite the silence she was hoping Adam would break, she found herself deeply comfortable.

“I’ve missed you so much…” Adam said as he sped along Queens, leading the group to a favorite restaurant Amelie and him frequented years before.

“I’ve missed you too Adam…but I can’t look at you and not feel the hurt” Amelie said sharply. She was well aware her demeanor with Adam had changed. Sure, she was comfortable and happy to see her best friend, but he is her former fiancée. Former, the word burning deeper and deeper into her heart. She wished it would burn a hole right through, just so she can completely forget him.

“It’s been…8 months? 9? I lost track. I tried not to keep track. Everything was always you.” Adam said, keeping his voice calm despite his tight grip on the steering wheel.

“You left.” Amelie said. All the months of rehearsal, telling herself she knew just what to tell her ex when she met him, disappeared with those two words. She has never been mad at him leaving her, just hurt. But she wanted to yell, to get mad, to get angry, to cry and hit him, to tell him he has no idea how much despair he had left when she was just about to heal from her father’s death. But she couldn’t.

Each inhale of the scent, the feel of having Adam beside her, was driving her into the baggage of feelings she thought she had completely thrown away.

“I did. You have no idea how much I regretted it. Even if I was dating around, or touring, or taping. Even when I was sleeping! Even when I was just sitting at a damn park, staring at some tree. It was always you. I left you, but you’ve never left in me. It was always love for you” Adam said, pressing on every word. He had spent weeks, months, trying to get over the guilt. But the moment he saw Amelie, he knew he wanted her back more than ever. As they approached a red light, he looked at her again.

Her long wavy black hair, framing her delicate face as soft brown eyes were downcast and thinking. He missed her soft full lips, the craving he had to kiss them every time he saw them. He held her hand to stop her from scratching herself, a self-inflicting habit she always had. “Amelie…please…..I’m so sorry…please understand…” Adam said, begging.

She looked at him, holding back her tears, and simply nodded.

As Adam drove past the green light, he felt a lump in his throat disappear and his heart starting to beat again. A heart beating he had not felt for months, despite all the love songs he had sung. It never really felt right until he had his heart back, and his heart had always been with her.

Amelie stepped out of the stylish sports car as the other group got down their GMC van. Adam got out of the other side and walked next to Amelie, holding her hand. He looked down his petite love and kissed her head gently as he muttered “I’m not loosing you this time”.

Gerard had spent the entire ride, sleepy and tired, yet forced to stay awake with all the questions.

“So what’s with you and French girl?” Mikey asked.

“6 months huh? You don’t look like you could help anyone through a day right now” Jamia stated.

“You guys aren’t serious right?” Alicia piped in.

“You have to take care of her you know, despite what crappy shit you’re feeling” Ray barked.

“WHERE ARE WE GOING?!” Frank yelled, stunning everyone into silence. They had been following Adam for 10 minutes now.

“Guys! Please! I just want some sleep. Do we really have to follow this fucker? God. Amelie and I are friends, business between gramps and me. I take care of her for 6 months, I get paid with more than a year of touring does! That’s it!” Gerard ranted out, punching the door.

After a few minutes of silence, he felt Mikey pat his shoulder.

He looked to stare at his brother and the rest of his family. He knew it didn’t work. They knew him too well, he would never get upset over money. But Gerard said nothing, and faced straight ahead as the van stopped. He said nothing as he saw Adam kiss Amelie once more. He said nothing all the way till they were seated in the restaurant. He said, and felt nothing.

“So Adam, what’s this place?” Jamia started, as they sat on a round table. Dim lights and the smell of oysters, everyone seemed oddly curious for the choice.

The group had been served menus and everyone looked through it excitingly.

“It’s my secret getaway. It’s a clam bar, I figured you guys might enjoy it since the last time I saw you all, we were, I think having a small gig and barely had time to eat together?” Adam smiled at Jamia.

“Right! I can’t believe you remembered me” Jamia giggled, much to Frank’s annoyance.

“Of course, I could never forget a beautiful face” Adam said smoothly. Frank cleared his throat and went back to looking at the menu. Gerard rolled his eyes, something only Amelie saw. She had been trying to get his attention, even an eye contact, but he had ignored her continuously.

An old man approached the table, to which Amelie and Adam stood up.

“Ahh, the marinara mermaid and mussel sailor!” the old man exclaimed, kissing Amelie’s hand and shaking Adams.

“Please, Mr. Joe, sit with us? I have missed your charming tales” Amelie said perfectly, offering a seat next to her.

“Ladies and Gents, may I present the owner of Lenny’s Clam Bar, Mr. Joe Jr.” Adam stated, bowing with a sweeping hand gesture.

The entire restaurant seemed to have heard as everyone started clapping.

“Wine on the house! My treat! Seeing Mr. mussel sailer after so long, seems a bit of celebration is in need” the old man chuckled, leaving everyone to laughter.

“Amelie, my dear, it’s been too long since I’ve seen you and Adam munching on our oysters. Has our cooking offended you in anyway? Hmmpphhh I’ll fire the chef, that I will!” the old man huffed, lifting his cane and pointing to the door.

“No sir, I’ve been preoccupied with my job and Adam has been on air” Amelie replied. The group watched with interest.

“Ahh I see, yes yes Adam I’ve seen your show, good voice might I say. Ahh you’ve brought new friends! Hello there, I am Mr. Joe, ask for me next time and get a free glass of wine, I mean it!” Joe proclaimed merrily.

“Yes sir! Uhm…why mermaid and sailor?” Mikey asked.

“Well you see my lad, these two have always been inseparable yet delightful all the more. My niece once needed some models for a painting, a mermaid and a sailor, and they volunteered. During that time, Amelie here started singing in the middle of the painting, causing Adam to be so distracted from posing he fell off the dock!” Mr. Joe and the rest gave a hearty laugh.

Amelie had blushed slightly, hitting Adam playfully. “It was because he was so enthralled at staring at me!” she retorted.
The smell of white wine filled the table as glasses were served. Adam kissed Amelie’s cheek and picked up the wine glass.

“I propose a toast before heading off to other lads, I say, to Adam and Amelie!” Mr. Joe raised a glass as the hall filled with cheers.

Gerard squirmed in his seat, trying to maintain composure but never looking at Amelie.

As the group settled down, Adam ordered for everyone due to insisting of Jamia and Alicia.

“So..Amelie…tell us about yourself?” Mikey asked.

Amelie’s eyes widened. She had been keeping her composure for too long, in fear the group might judge her if she had a breakdown. She opened her mouth to say something but found herself being frozen by Mikey and the group, save for Gerard, staring at her.

Adam knew she was about to have another anxiety attack, so he calmly held her hand and said, in French “Everything is going to be alright”. He didn’t care if the group didn’t understand. He just wanted Amelie to know.

Amelie inhaled slightly, relaxed at his words, and smiled at Mikey.

“Well, I was to study law but my father required some assistance over London, so I moved there. I used to live in New York with Adam. Back then we owned a flat and a dog and spent most of our free time munching on these oysters” Amelie said confidently.

“She paints, sings, draws, dances, sculpts and has tried on many occasions to kill a piano by playing it” Adam followed up, causing the group to laugh.

“Uhm, so Adam…I thought you were single?” Frank imposed sharply.

Adam smiled charmingly yet dangerously replied “I was, would you like to date me?”. The group laughed further.

“We had broken up, but as you can see, I’m trying to make up for that mistake. I think I’ll keep making up for it as long as it takes. I love you more than anyone ever will” Adam said, making sure Gerard heard every word.

Amelie stared at him, knowing what he was up to. She felt incredibly happy, yet selfishly torn knowing Gerard must be hurt. Without a word, she stood up.

“I need a smoke, my apologies” and grabbed a packet of cigarettes from her bag, walking out as fast as she could.

Adam drank his glass of wine coolly. “So, what’s the next album of My Chemical Romance going to be like?” pretending as nothing ever happened.

Gerard stood up to follow her, halted by Adam’s words as he played with the wine glass gently.

“If you intrude on her, she’ll burn you with a stick of cig” Adam warned.

Gerard paused, then left the group as they began conversing again.

Outside, Amelie was smoking.

“I didn’t know you smoked” Gerard said, approaching slowly.

“I didn’t know you knew I existed!” Amelie said sharply, flicking a cigarette away in Gerard’s direction before lighting a new one.

Gerard stood next to her.

“I…I…I’m very sorry…I just..I didn’t know he…he was going to be here” Amelie said softly. Gerard let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding. There was the Amelie he knew.

“You seem happier with him” Gerard said in a flat tone.

“But mean..we had…” Amelie began, but she was cut off.

“It was just sex. Nothing more. We have a deal, 6 months through and you get your law firm, I get some more money from Gramps. Don’t think for a second I was falling for you” Gerard said sharply.

Amelie froze, staring at him. He was lying, she knew it, she felt it, she had to believe he was lying. She inhaled the poisonous smoke of tobacco but what killed were Gerard’s words.

“If that’s the lie you want us both to believe, then so be it” Amelie said, her voice full of hurt, as she left him and walked back to the restaurant.

She stopped, causing Gerard to almost say sorry, but Amelie with her back to him stated “If you ever interrupt me smoking again, I’ll burn you”. Her sharp voice, full of pain, caused Gerard to flinch. He didn’t know this side existed with her, as she seemed too sweet. Yet the pain of her apathy made him regret every word.

As Gerard stood outside, his words echoing in his head, he had realized the gravity of what he had done.

He walked back, realizing that Adam and him were no different. He was left wondering, as he sat back in the table and started to eat, whether he should leave the lie or tell her the truth.

The truth was he was falling in love with the woman across him who was in the arms of someone else. Actually, the truth hurt more than anything and filled his mouth with so much regret he couldn’t enjoy the oysters.
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